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Thursday, February 10, 2005

I missed a funny

I was reading my last blog, and I saw where I had the chance to make a funny joke, and missed it. I said that the 13 yr old was the sole teacher....he's the SOLE TKD teacher, and the sifu is the SOUL KF teacher!! HAahahahaha

Also, in ranting about the Great Race, I mistyped that these SHOES piss me of. Meant to say SHOWS. My feet are fine.

Today was another great day in the life of a stay at home dad. Didnt get to return any work calls, but had a wonderful day with teh kids. Went to Mongolian bbq for dinner, then of to the dojo. Kreese, as I hear, has been missing for 2 weeks now, and presumed gone. There is supposed to be another instructor hired, though havent seen him (nor heard of him from the office). Office says they are looking at new teachers. They mentioed various styles, but my guess is: What style we get is like a roll of the guarentees. Had a nice jujitsu class tonight....worked techniques from the bottom up. Adam was back, so I had a partner. Some of these techniques are hard to perform on a 5 ft tall female sensei. After class, Adam left (not feeling well), so I blew of the KF instructor. No one else showed up for class. Would have been nice to have some one on one clas time, but I figure Id let him know how it was to have an expectation, and someone disregard his. I'll try to make KF class tomorow night. Im really leaning towards having a talk with him.
Tonight, the owner lady asked him where all his guys were (students). He said how most of his adult students have "issues" (no arguments there-some are downright fucked up), and werent dependable about showing up for class. I thought "Ya know, I have a kung fu teacher that way too", but kept that one to myself. I hate to sound bold, but although he's been unofficially teaching his friend for a while, he's still operating on a very basic level. Everyone else just just sucks. Bold of me to say, but I feel its true. I show up the most, I train the most, I bring the most to the class , and am constantly having to watch the class get fucked up by either "Ms Thing and the Flirts", or "RomperRoom". This stuff, (while I make no claim of mastery) is coming very easily to me...and the others are holding me back. Very frustrating. Sifu once said that we all are on our own circles(think of a globe......we are all on our own elipse). My circle wants to go faster, but these slower dumass circles are in the way. I think of KF like Leggo - I have some pieces, and now I want more. I've built what I can, and I want to build bigger and better things.

TV RANT: Saturday Night Live was never a favorite of mine, but this latest crew sucks more than they should. They seem castrated. The creator , during an interview, said that we was tired of losing talent, when they leave the show for big movie deals, and start thinking more of themselves than the show. Im guessing he's keeping this cast's balls in his office, and they have to ask or them when they leave. AND - not since the last Survivor have I seem a more uglier collection of hefers. UG !

HEATER RANT: Wow - if I only had known that a cheap heat would more efficiently heat the house (better than the wall furnace), Id have sold a poun of flesh to have it sooner. he heat is immediate, the blue fire is prety (just like havinga self contained fire place), and it heats the entire downstairs - not just the room its in. Also, it heats evenly - the old one, as soon as it turned off, you could feel the cold seep back in. Im very happy with this heater. NOW, if I can just find an air conditioner that does the same thing, but with COLD!!!


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