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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Im so lost without my internet!!!

Let me start by saying that you cannot imagine how small my world becomes when they turn
the internet access off on me. Forgot to pay the bill, then it took 3 days to get it back on.

Things with the boys are going fantastic. No major incidents to report. Logan’s been taking
later naps, but other than that, things have been smooth. Lance has had a few bouts of “I
dont want anything, I just wanna scream”, and those are hard to deal with. But, I put him
down , and let him work it out for 5 minutes, then come back to let him knwo he’s not been
abandoned. After crying that long, he’s either calmer, or worn out enough to sleep. I feel
terrible at doing it that way, but nothing else seems to work. Diaper changed, full belly,
enough burping, warm clothes, snuggly blanket, attention, but nothing makes him happy
(during one of theses periods). At least when he wakes, he’s happy as can be.

The weather was at least 70 today, so we took the kids to the playground when the wife got
home from work. Logan had a blast, running, sliding, and of course, chasing all the pretty
girls. Lance got to sit in a stroller..and took in all the sights. Afterward, we went to Booger
King for dinner.

DOJO NEWS: Things got interesting on Monday. I was the only student to show up for
jujitsu. Sensei and I got a chance to go over some higher level stuff, which was a nice
change. Before class, I overheard a mother complaining to the staff about lack of a
conpetent instructor. he 13 yr old was running class..and while he’s a decent student, he’s no
where near being an instructor. And at 13 yrs old, he shouldn’t be being placed in an
instructor position. Not just for the sake of those he’s teaching, but for his own as
well...that’a a lot of responsibility to ask of a 13 yr old. Anyways, the mother was raising
hell about how the kids just “played” for an hour, instead of learning martial arts. I thought,
finally, somone is catching on, and seeing the man behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz
reference). The only people this woman had to yell at was a 17 yr old girl , who is an
office/day care person, and (as fate woudl have it) the other person was the father of the 13
yr old blackbelt instructor. Theres just no way to tell a proud black father that , while his
son is nice and all, he’s not qualified to be the sole teacher in a TKD class. Wonder if this
lady will cause any ripples in the dojo pond. THEN, again, I must have missed the ghetto
newsletter - cause I was the only who showed up for Kung Fu again. No sifu, so other
students..just me. Im going to miss the goo ftimes, when this guy gets fired for not showing
up for work. I understand that shit happens. Wifes cars break down coming back from NY,
whatever. A person has a resposibility to their family. On the same foot, I have a
resposibility to MY family as well. $85 a month to learn martial arts. ANd clearing my
mind of the day, so I can start the next one fresh and focused. Ok, a bit corny sounding, but
I really do feel centered after a good martial arts class. I have better “next days”.
(Hey Adam - where were ya buddy?)

TV RANT: Chris and John coem in 2nd in the great race. BULLSHIT!!!! GOD, these
shoes piss me off!! They got screwed by AMERICAN AIRLINES, who were more
interested in making a buck than providing creditble information. Then, a friggin train
blocks them from making a mad dash for the finish. Bullshit! Chris and John were my
favorite..they got along, played the game fair, and.ok., I admit it...they were long distance I figure, maybe I stand a chance when John blows it. Chris is such a cutie. In more great race for me. And I’ve had enough Survivor for awhile too. But if
the KF sifu keeps fucking up Thursday night classes, I might end up at home, right in front
of the boob tube. We’ll see.

OK - enough for now. Im off to get some brownies, some Koolaid, and watch Pet Cemetary.
ONe day, I gotta read the book. I knwo Im missing out on so much, just seeing the
move..but King pisses me off too. I usta read him alot, but he’ll spend 3 chapters, going in
detail, about someone who dies, and was inconsequencial to the plot anyways. Best thing to
do if reading any King novel,....start reading about Chapter 3.



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