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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday night

I forgot to mention that, on friday night, I dj'ed a wedding reception. The bride was a former employee of mine. When the told me she was getting married, she asked if I could refer a decent dj. I told her not to worry, then did the job myself, as a gift to the young couple.

Im a bit confused by something in the jujitsu styles Im learning. Hakko Ryu claims to be the "Eigth light", and Kindai Ryu claims to be the "Seventh light". The Kindai website states that the 7th light refers to the "modern era". If so, what the hell does the 8th light refer to? The future? Is this a great art for a sci fi fan, or what? And just what are these lights? What happened to the first thru 6th? How many more are there? At first, I thought they may be like lights in a spectrum, but ROY G BIV has only 7 letters in his name.

Had a really good Kung FU class last Thursday. While going over the 12 level fist (types of punches - from the Lo Han style), sifu showed me that there was more to it than simple punches. He defended a punch with 1 punch, redirected it with a second, locked the attacke rup with a third, and hip-threw them using a forth fist. I thought WOW - all that without grappling, or opening his fists. Pretty spiffy. I also was the only one that he was showing this to, so it kinda made me feel taht he had confidence that I was progressing enough to be shown something that the others weren't ready for.

The kids were great today. I managed to unload the dj equipment fromthe truck, and loaded up the kids for a raod trip. Small drive around, visit to a chinese resteraunt for lunch, then more touring of the neighborhoods. Even though Logan is just sitting down, and not running all over the place, getting him out of the house does wonders for his disposition. Mine too, I admit. I hate feeling penned in .

I was thinking today...I'd really like to write a movie. It would star Paris Hilton, both Olson twins,Jennifer Lopez, Jack Black, Madonna, Ben Afflack and Matt Damon, Matthew Maconahay, Jessica Simpson, and any Baldwin brother. The plot of the film is irrelavent. The purpose, however, would be to get these assholes out of the limelight for about a year, make sure they aren't in any other movie, and would be out of everyones hair . These people remind me of a herpes outbreak (not firsthand knowledge): Just when you though tyou;'ve heard the last of it, BAM..another friggin interview or movie about some shit they did, or would like to do, or what they wore to some party. Enough already. Who are these jackasses that think I cant get thru a day in my humble life without knowing that Jessica did today, or what Paris said at some uppity shindig? We shoudl find these executives, crazy glue their eye lids open, and make them watch reruns of Barney Miller for 10 days straight. (no scratch that - my grandfather actually liked Barney Miller - let's make it 7th Heaven).


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