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Thursday, February 17, 2005

And the tide turns once again

Well, we finally called in a pro to fix the clog. I tried everything I could think of - it turns out we actually DID need that big ass $500 sewer cleaner that the boy and I drooled over (when we went to get that piddly $24 drain snake at Lowes). The inlaws are friends with Alicia's old basketball coach, who is the owner of a plumbing company. They came out, and within a few hours, had the drain workign again. Turns out the clog was only a few feet from the city side. Figures...a few feet further, and it would have been the citys problem to fix. So, after the crew left, I reseated the potty, hooked everything back up again, and VIOLA - working potty and shower again.

DOJO NEWS: Holy shit - back the suck side again. Monday, I didnt even bother showing up. The JJ sensei had the flu, and I figured everyone else was taking it off to enjoy Valentines Day. No biggie. Wednesday sucked bigtime. The sensei is still sick, and no one (and I mean NO ONE) showed up for class. So, I ended up joining the Kung Fu class, which was a complete waste of my time. This class we had the sifu, Ms. Thang, and 2 new late teen jackasses for her to flirt with. After 10 minutes of good class, it turned to 40 minutes of a waste of my fuckin time. This was the very first class, since I started at age 12/13 that I have excused myself, and just left. I wasn't hot - I wasn't pissed...I had just had enough. I think I will observe them when I get the chance, but it's really not a wise idea for me to join in any class of theirs that the little flirty bitch wants to dominate. It's just not worth the frustration.

Logan news: Wow - he's the 2 yr old equivalent of Mt St Helens. He'll be fine for a few hours, then BAM!!! he'll go friggin ballistic, temper tantrum, yelling, pointing his finger at me yelling "BAD!! BAD!!". And it's always over simple things. "Wanna go to the park? Road trip?" He'll say "YEAH!!". "Ok, then we need to get shoes and socks on". NO NO NO NO NO NONNONONONONNOOOOOOO. -------- OR ---- He'll want to go out for food. I'll agree, we;ll start to get ready, and he'll lose it over having to put a jacket on (and it's very cold outside). I tell him "No coat - no food", and he pitches a fit. He's really testing my patience some times. I yelled at him today , in anger, and he started yelling BAD at me. ANd he was right. That little turd actually dragged me to his bedroom, made me sit on his bed, and he started up the timer (for time out). I played along, cause 1. I deserved it, and 2. I was hopign it would difuse the situation...gicin him a sense of power, and control.....the abilty to make things 'right'. It worked. Whent the timer went DING, I said "ok?"......he agreed, and I modeled fo rhim.....I walked up to him, and said "Sorry" and hugged him. And then he was fine. Coats went on, we went to eat. I wish I had that taped.

Lance NEWS: Getting more adorable each day. His new thing it to blow bubbles/give razzberries. Doign it back to him gets the biggest smile from him! Still workign on rollign over....he can get to his side pretty easily, but hasn't gone all the way from back to front yet.

Wife news: You knwo you're not gettign any sympathy (or ANY, if ya get my meaning), when the first thing out of her mouth 1. when she walks in the door from work, and 2. As the last child goes down to sleep, is "I just feel so damn tired (insert body part of the day) is killin me". So much for that back rub I wanted. She actually said today, that she feels sorry for me, in that I don't get much time to myself. It's nice to get some appreciation from time to time. (Or sympathy...which ever gets me fed first!!)

EBAY NEWS: That white belt arrived the other day - it's so old that it is turned grey. At least the auction was $4 total.

Well - 1030pm - off to do laundry, clean the kitchen, and get ready for my bed buddy (Logan has been gettign out of bed, very upset, and sleepign with me in front of the new fireplace). I don't mind the company at just sucks when you've been up with him since 7:30am, only gotten an hour break, finally get everyone down for the night, and have a deadline on when to get "things" done by. I still have to install my stereo in the truck / clean up the yard/ gut the garage / prep both Firebirds for sale, take the black hearse on a decent test run / bla bla bla.

Night all...


  • At 10:19 AM, Blogger Homer Jay said…

    Nice blog. I enjoyed it. Maybe you can come over and help me with some home maintenance issues some time. :)


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