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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The trouble with ME and YOU

Man, I never thought realized that a few works can wrap me up faster than my jujitsu instructor. ME and YOU. Logan, when he wants to come along, or be picked up, will start saying "ME ME ME". This is fine....he understand that to him, me is self. But the other day, he started saying YOU, and pointing to himself. This is where the chaos began. He points at himself and says "You". I point at him and say "you", and he knods his head in agreement. I think - wait a minute - that's not right. I point at myself and say "ME", he points and says "you". This is technically correct, but I still don't think he has the right idea here. At some point here, I managed to place on of my own feet in my mouth , cause what started to coem out of my mouth made no sense, even to me. "No honey, Im ME and Your YOU. When YOU point at YOU, YOU say ME. Not ME as in ME, but as in YOU. You're ME, and Im YOU. No wait...shit...that's not right either!. Im me - Your YOU,,,,,,but when you point at ME, you say YOU". I fainlly gave up. I took his hand, and pointed his own finger at himself, and said "ME". THen I pointed his finger at other people and said "You...YOU....YOU ..and YOU". Hopefully, I didn't damage his for life.

WIFE NEWS: Ok..I admit weak. We all have our moments when, in our quest to stand to a much higher purpose, we stumble on our journey. Last night, well....I finally had enough at not having any. So much for my "turn HER down" attitude. We talked a bit about my lack of action..and I thought I got thru...till she turned me down today during the kids dual nap time. It worked out ok, i guess, cause as soon as she started to explain how "unfair " it was, both the little leprachauns srang back awake and started crying. But...just as you think your topped the list of "shit that dissapointed me today" list, I made the mistake of stopping off at Wendy's. Not the best food Ive ever had there. A few hours later, i decided to ventrue to the local Sonic, for some fries and a few corndogs. They gave me pancake on a stick instead (same fried outside, but a sausage in side, instead of a hotdog). These are very good, but I was planning on going for those tomorrow mourning. I seriously think that anywhere you go to eat, they just dont give a damn about how you want, or what you want. Bla bla bla, $5.89. It would actually be refreshing if one time, after asking "Did you get the part about no pickles?", if the cashier woudl just say " I really dont give a shit. Neither does the cook. And the manager? Shit, her man just walked otu on her, so dont think she be caring bout your needs either. Just be lucky I came to work today at all, cause I damn sure got better things to be doin than listen to you customize your food."

TRUCK NEWS: I finally managed to midofy the truck hood so that both the primary and auxilliary hood latched work. Had to fabricate some metal pieces, but it seems to work and look ok. TO pass state inspection (due next month), both "hood hold down devices" must work. I know I need to buy a new hood, but Im concerned that the body of the truck is warped form the impact of the druck driver, and a new hood wont fit right. Only one way to find out, though. Tomorrow, I'll se if I can escape from the family for a while and work on the stereo. It's been killin me not to have all my "stuff" hooked up. I finally managed to remove the stock radio , and replaced it with my mp3/cd stereo. Now to deal with adding more speakers, a few amps, a sub woofer, an equalizer, and such. I've always had an awesome sounding system in my Firebird, but when the transmission went, I removed everything, and havent installed it yet. Nothign to buy - just need time to run wires, and make it look pretty (or hide it pretty well).

HEARSE NEWS: Holy shit! Gas has now reached over $2 a gallon. Who the hell do they think they are kidding with that 9/10 th BS? "Did you see how expensive gas is today? But at least is was only $2.05 and 9/10ths. Could have been worse, and been $2.06". At this rate, I may never again be able to afford cruising around in my hearses. If you are driving around, and see a man driving a black or gold hearse (440cui and 472cui respectively), and weeping like a's not cause Ive lost a loved's cause the gas was so expensive.

DOJO NEWS: Adam passed his orange belt test. That means that Ive got to get on the ball about preparing for my green belt test soon. The color order is white- yellow- orange- green-blue - brown - brown - brown - then black. But even though we are still in the lower ranks, I think we have learned quite a bit. If this was a karate style, we'd be startign to get geared up for harder techniques. I feel that in jujitsu, although there are harder things for us to learn, we're finally starting to get a feel for the moves becoming "second nature". Before, it was "twist the arm THIS way, or it's wrong" Now, its more like "Twist is THIS way, and it's technique A - twist it the OTHER way, and ..hey, its technique B. Neat."

Im glad taht we have a new instructor at the dojo, but Ive been going over some stuff in my head, and having some problems with what's Ive been reviewing. The new guy has mentioned a few times that, (since his father has passed, and obviously is not a contact for info )the new 'head guy' that lives out of state, has sent him some dvds on the techniques and how to teach them (or something liek that). Now..I dont mind learning stuff I dont know from a brown belt - and I guess Im ok with him laying claim to the kindai ryu name (as part of an inheirited legacy form his dad), but when I think that he's coming to class, and teachign me from a dvd......I started thinking "Burn me a copy". I can learn from dvd too. Dont need a middle man. Gonna have to ponder that a bit.

Hey, if anyone reading this blog of mine takes Kung Fu, PLEASE drop me a line. Id like to get some resources for weapons training, and forns, and things like that. Cant find much on the web, and dont want to buy a bunch of dvds that end up being worthless.

Think I hear the baby crying....see ya'l later


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