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Monday, April 11, 2005

Dojo - back pain - and what a biitch my wife can be

Monday - let’s see what happened today:

The kids wee pretty nice all day - even nap time went off without trouble. The weather
was fair, but turned windy and cool as the day went on. I wanted to take the kids to a
park (and let Logan run wild), but I was afraid that if my back flaired up again, I’d be in we just stayed in. When the wife got home, we went out to Wendy’s for a
quick bite, and I ventured off to the dojo. There has been a bit of discussion on anothe
rblog I read, dealign with taking time off to recover after injury. These last 2 weeks, Ive
been pretty lucky that I was decently well enough to go to Monday’s classes. No one else
has been showing up, and Im fortunate to have 2 very understanding senseis. I perhaps
shoudl have stayed home today, but a part of me really wanted to go. Maybe to stretch a
bit - a bit more than just layign in front of the TV at home. I did some kicks, even impact
stuff with a kick shield. Held up pretty well. Of course, I was taking it easy - Im
stubborn, but not stupid. Only a few times did I get a tinge in the lower back telling me to
slow down. After class, (we wrapped things up early), I was afraid to come home - if I
coem home too early, and Logan is stll awake, putting him to sleep becomes 10 times
harder. So, I went to Walmart - and walked around a bit. Shouldn’t have done that.
Tweaking started in the back - and after I got out of the truck (upon returning home), it
was hard to walk for a bit. It went away after a few minutes, but man - I think I will skip
this weeks Muay Thai class, and see if it has any effect.

On a seperate note : the wife has been doing a wonderful job of cleaning the house.
Clearing out old unused toys, and making room for things we are keeping. She’s been
asking me to take a few things of mine out of the living room. A travel trunk(my magic
show stuff), a DJ speaker, and a few minor things. All of which needed to have space
made for them in the garage. Can’t rearrange the garage, cause the kids area attached to
me at my hip. Only time to clean is when the wife gets home, and by then , my back was
killign me, or I had to head off to the dojo. Last night, after getting both kids down to
bed at a reasonable hour, she told me “no more foollin around” untill I get my things out
of the living room. I translated this into guy language: Next time you want sex, clean the
living room first. I was turned off by this concept, and headed off to watch some tv. So,
tonight, after I get home from the dojo, I ask her if she would mind rubbing my lower
back - cause it started to hurt. She asked if I would mind getting my things out of the
living room like she asked me too. It was funny at first, but what a bitch. I think physical
pain trumps non-removed clutter. I transported all the items to the garage, and was
tempted to kick her new bicylcle out of the garage, to make room for my recently deposed
itmes. But that;s ok - she has to want something from me sometime before I die - and
when she does - BAM - she can kiss my hiney. Time to start looking for that 18 year old
massage therapist.

Kung Fu note: I overheard som ekids talking about Drunken Style tonight Drunken is a
style all to it’s own, but can also be applied to the other animals styles as well. They were
debating whether there was a drunken snake style. This started me thinking - I believe
that while you probably CAN incorporate drunken in the snake style, snake style itself
(when done true to the form), has the same elements of drunken (staggering, swaying,
feigns, and so forth).

On a sad note: The jujitsu instructor is as am impass with the people who own the
school.. She’s tired of their song and dance about advertising to get more people in (to the
jujitsu class). She made the comment tonight that if things don’t get better within the
next few weeks, and’ll have no choice but to move one. This seriously blows. I love the
art - and appreaciate it so much more learning from an older woman. (Meaning if some
old broad can use the techniqies properly, I KNOW they will work if I use them as well).
This wasn’t said out of disrespect - she often uses that phrase herself. She said she’ll see
me to the next rank (green belt), but may leave after that. SO now Im thinking “what the
fuck am I supposed to do?” Im stuck at this place for another year or so -if she leaves
and goes somewhere else, I can afford to pay dual tuitions. Maybe I can get into the class
if she bings me in as an asistant. hmmm - something to think about,


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