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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Speed blogging

Im not sure if I paid the internet bill, and they usually cut it off aroudn midnight, so I'll type fast and stick to basics.

BABY NEWS: Logan is running a slight fever, and has a runny nose. Lance (poor little 6 month old) has the same, with added congestion and a boogery eye to boot. At times like this, I really wish there was a way to take the sickness. Id gladly feel like shit if it ment they felt better. But such is being a parent. (A good one, anyways).

DOJO NEWS: WOW- I attended the first Muay Thai class tonight. Went to class feeling slightly tired, had an awesome class, and left a sweaty heap of confidence. Still not 100% into Muay Thai as "the art for me", but I can hang - the new teacher seems nice, and the cardio workout is liek nothing Ive had recently (but have been dearly needing).

Hearse news: No news - gas is still too expensive.

WORLD NEWS: Terri Shiavo passed at 9am ish today. May she rest in piece. Watching the media about it (before she passed), although Im an opinionated person, Im sure glad the decision was in someone elses hand. That's one decision that I'd want to part of having a hand in.

I also heard today that last rites were given to the Pope.

Off to publish this, and see which little monkey is awake and needs fed/changed/lovin.



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