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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Drawing a blank

Let's see - what to write about tonight. For one thing, in that movie I wanted to shoot (as well as the actors!), I forgot to include Ashton Cutcher. SOOO tired of hearing about him. Hopefully, in a year or two, he'll have faded away like Matthew McConohey did.

The inlaws were finally feelign better, so we went over there today. The boys were behaving great - despite both having colds. Before goign over, we took a trip to the hardware store (or PLAYLAND, as the boy and I like to think of it!!). Bought a metal rod to hang clothes on. I installed 2 shelves in the kids room to hang clothes on, but previously only bought 1 pipe.

Did an Elvis telegram today - felt good to get back into the swing of things. Also will feel good when the money from it pops up in the bank account. Just got a notice last week that I had forgot to renew my business license, and they want $65 to do so. Also got a notice from the student loan people that, although I thought I was caught up, Im a month behind....meaning that I owe for last and THIS month. I just cant seem to get ahead. But - more requests for work have called in - got to turn them into mulla!

No karate today - but Logan decided to put on his gi and try to whoop my behind anyways. I really hope that the small bit that we are doing at this age will stick with him. THat he will want to continue a study of martial arts when he grows up. I'd hate for it to be a passing interest for him. Having been in the arts for as long as I have, and having crosstrained, I hope that it will be a part of his everyday life - not just a sport to him. So many kids take karate , just like they would soccer or baseball. It's good that they get the exposure to the arts, and it's not for everyone, but it's sad when people talk about their kid giving up martial arts just like they would a little league team. Seasons over, time to do something else.

We've started to really try to potty train Logan this week. As the wife has the week off, she has more expericne in doign it,so I let her take lead. Logan went thru a length phase of wanting to pee pee in the potty, but then that damn clog happened. Since then, he's been a bit stand offish regardign the potty. Not scared of it - he's gone on it a few times...rather just not as interested. We've been using big boy underwear with Spiderman, Hulk, and Bob (Sponge Bob AND Bob the Builder) as positive reinforcement for him to want to got pee pee on the potty. Couple of accidents to far, but that's to be expected.

OH OH OH _ I almost forgot - Logan made his first joke on Easter Sunday. (Back note: he had been hoping all over the house for a few days - it's his latest thing to do, and coinsides perfectly with easter). I woke up to his sitting next to me. He taps me on the forehead, and says "Daa - daa...knock knock knock". So, to be funny, I say " Who's there?". I never expected his to make a joke out of it. He says" Bun". (Short for Bunny). Im still in a sleepy haze, so I ask "Bunny who?". He LEAPS into the air, and starts hoppppping all over my blanket yelling "BUN HOP HOP HOP HOP HOP". I almost burst I laughed so hard!!!!!

Another funny thing that Logan has done lately is trying to hide. Not very effectively, but as he cant see me, he considered himself hid. Then, he jumps out and yells BOO!. He was hiding under the couch cushions the other day, and I was playing along........"Hmm. I wonder where Logan is." I look at the cat, and ask "Tigger, have you seen Logan?" The cat meows at me. I then said "Logan, have YOU seen Logan?" From under the cushions comes a small voice which says "no". Again, almost died from laughing so hard!

Well, not much else to talk about tonight. Tomorrow is another day -


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