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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back pain, and interuptions

Here we are again - with me having missed a lot of days (and a lot of good blogging

I was reading another blog (, and read about his
misadventure with a curtain rod. In the spirit of “Im glad they didn’t get that on tape”, I
relate the following act of stupidity....

My back has been killing me. Again. I’ve been taking it easy (cept for that Thursday
night Muay Thai class), but the pain came back with a vengance. I’m starting to think
that I may have cracked my tailbone somehow....but on to the stupid shit..

(STUPID SHIT #1) I finally get both the kids to sleep - and start to get a little romance
going on - and just as the truck topped the hill - BAM - felt like 2 hot spikes shot straight
into my lower back. I’d love to look back on that as some new erotic experience - minus
the leather and whips - but truth is - it fuckin hurt! Talk about ruining a moment.
Anyways, afterward, I put some blankets on the floor , add a heating pad to my back, and
drifted off to an embarrased slumber. About 6am, Logan joins me, and started crying that
he wanted the paci (he of course left it in his bed). He saw daddy stand up, then saw
240lbs of daddy come crashign back to the floor. Pain shot thru the same area - lower
back - right where the butt bone is. I managed to crawl to his bed, recover the paci, get
him back to sleep - ---then it was time

(Insert interuption at this point : Logan woke up screaming, which also woke up the baby)


Ok so Im leaving the Spiderman party, and need to get out of the costume. I pull into a
7-11 parking lot, manage to wiggle thru the front seats, and lay down in the back. (THe
rear seats are folded down). I wiggle and writhe for 10 minutes, trying desperately to get
that friggin zipper down - it wont budge, and I still hurt, so I cant just reach up and grab
it. When I finally got the costume off - and got the regular clothes on, I found out that the
Child Safety Locks were activated. This means that the rear doors won’t open from the
inside. Soooo, I had ot wiggle between the front seats again - and finally was sitting once
again in the drivers seat. If they have a tape of all that, someone is gonna get a hell of a

Due to the waking of the Sith Lords, and my back pain, I continued this entry till the next
day - It’s now Sunday night, around 10:30pm. Back was sore for the entire day - and
magically, around an hour ago, the pressure released. Still tender, but I can move better,
and the pain has definitely lessened. The wife belives that Im having Sciatica - the
pinching of the sciatic nerve in the lower back. I know I have a lot of nerve - but I wish
this one would stop being messed with!

Sometime this week , the new jujitsu instructor had said that he would test me. Im hoping
my back will be ok for the few hip throws that I have to do. But Im seriously rethinking
the Muay Thai class this Thursday. Maybe, if I dont take the class this week, I can get a
better idea of it’s role in the back pain. I sure hope this back pain is a fluke, and not
related to the kickboxing class - I really like it. Not so much as an arts form, but it really
gives me a good cardio workout. On the other hand, it’s not worth it if it’s gonna mess
me up for the next 2-3 days afterwards.

Well - sittign here is one of the positions that my back seems to not want to tolerate as
well, so Im moving downstairs to the couch. Thanks for hanging in there, and reading
this far.


PS. If anyone knows the publisher of the blog "Miracle baby" miraclebaby , please let em know that we're wondering if all is well. They haven't published since Easter.


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