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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Muay Thai - or allergic to Fridays

Well, I stayed home to day from the Muay Thai class. Guess I'll find out in a day or so if it was that ass whooping class that caused my back ahces, or if I' simple allergic to Fridays. I'd say Im at about 80% back to normal with my back. Still gets a bit tender at times, but I can pop it, and release the stress. I even was able to put my shoes on today (in less than 4 minutes each!!) Laugh if you must- it was humbling going from such a "hands on" dad - into a floor crawling 80 year old, who took 20 minutes just to get the baby out of his crib (and other 15 to change the diaper).

I have a chicken telegram tomorrow - cluck cluck!!

A couple that attended the last wedding reception that I DJ'ed liked it so much, that they hired me to thiers on Saturday.

Did our taxes today - if your readign this, and havent done yours - GET R DONE!! H&R Block .com allows people (who make under a certain amount of money) to so their taxes, AND E-file from their web site (FOR FREE).

Now much to report on the kids today - we al have a bad couch (chest congestion) - they are finishing theirs, and gave it to me for fun. SO now, when I cough or sneeze, my ass hurts.

Time to cruize some blogs, and head off to bed.

Nite all


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