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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Logan's speech test

Because , as of 3 weeks ago, Logan had not been linking words (using more than one
word at a time to talk - instead of putting words together), the wife and the pediatrician
decided to arrange a testing for him. Since scheduling that appointment, the kid has been
linking and speaking like a champ! I thought the wife was jumping the gun a bit, due to
his age, but figured that it couldn’t hurt. Sooooo - 8am, we arrive at the testing center.
We had told him that it was a Dr visit, but only to talk. He walks up to the sign in area,
and says HI. They greet him back, and he says TALK. The girl responded by saying
“Are you going to talk to me today?” (She was the Dr.) - Logan says “Just talk - just
talk”. I almost busted out laughing. He was gonna make damn sure that she understood
there would be non of that usual Dr bullshit, like weighing, and needles and such.

THE TESTING: They tested his receptive ability first. This is his ability to understand
what is being said or asked of him. Mind you , he just turned 2 in December. After a
while, they eventually ended the receptive part of the test - cause Logan was testing at the
4 to 5 year old age range. The test is supposed to continue until the child levels off (gets
5 wrong in a row). He just kept pegging the answers, even offering more correct /
relevant info than was requested. SWEET!!!

Then, they tested his ability to use words - his verbal ability. This test ended around the
high 3 year old age range, cause they felt no need to go on (also, by this time, he was
starting to get tired of the process, and getting very fidgity).

As a stay at home dad (after being raised single parented by my mother), I cant tell you
how proud it made me. I guess somewhere between lightsaber fights and singing Blues
Clues songs I must be doing something right as a dad. Before he was born, I had some
doubt - I always knew Id raise a happy kid -I just wasnt sure Id be able to keep up the
educational part of his development. I figured, at some point, a teacher would call me in,
and say somethign like “ He sure is a happy child - dumb as a doorknob, but very happy”.
In all fairness, I do owe a debt of gratitude to Elmo, 3 of the Teletubbies, Bob the Builder,
Darth Vader, and Scooby Doo.

BACK PAIN: Ive had off and on pains. Nothing too terrible - mostly after Ive sat (like
when riding in the car). Today, when it hurt, Ive been able to twist, or stretch, and ease
the pain. Hopefully, it’s on the way out. I was suprised last night, that Sensei Lange
suggested some slow forward rolls - she said that they might expand the lower vertebrae
and ease the tension. Although, i gotta say , sitting here and typing is causing my back to
becoem unhappy- I added a pillow to the seat for cushioning - I wonder if it’s this damn
chair that’s the source of the back ache??

Well, off to stretch out on the floor in front of the boob tube.

Night all


  • At 7:10 AM, Blogger CV said…

    My youngest son did not say many world until he was three and a half - and we went with him to a logoped.
    When he went there the first thing he pointed at a picture and start to say a lot of words, word I even did not know he knew.
    (By the way: your text looks strange in this post. you seems to have a lot of br-tags on wrong places.)


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