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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Splitting headache tonight

Im not sure if it was getting only 3 hours sleep last night (the kids took turns waking up crying), or if it's not getting my Monday break (no dojo), but my head has been ready to explode for the past 4 hours. Took some Tylenol- now just waiting for it to take effect.

Let's see: updates on stuff:

DOJO: THe other night, I was ofended by the new jujitsu teacher - after he declined to show me some of the next belt requirments he described to me how he wanted me to attack. Right foot steps forward - and right hand punches. He explained it like I was some kinda 4 yr old. The next class, I went to the kung fu class instead of hanign around with him. Th ekung fu guy has put some duct tape on the floor, and created 2 joining boxes- not more than 2 ft long by 4 ft wide. He called it a southern boxing ring. In kung fu, Northern styles tended to reach when they strike. They live in forests and hafve lots of room. Southern styles, in cintracts, developed by traveling on boats. Fighting is close up, and learned as to not require a lot of room. It was rather fun - by not having anywhere to retreat to, you had to focus on strong stances and lots of hand work. I'll se if I can get any pics of this, if anyone would like to see it.

BABY NEWS: Had lunch with my mother, who criticized me for Logans lack of beign able to calm down when we are in public. She also criticezes me for "letting" Logan hit me in anger. The time she was referenceing was when we took everyone out for mothers day. Logan was being a turd (he was sick), and he knocked things over (on the table) in anger). I yelled at him, told me he wasn't being nice, and relocated him across the table by his mother. He fought, and as I sat him down, he started swinging. I admit he needs to learn that it's not ok to hit, or strike out in anger. But as I was already puniching him for the other bad behavior, it made no sense to me to make a big deal out of his hitting. He was frustrated, and being only 2, has no other means of expression when he is as angry as he was. He was already crying, screaming, and ..well, you get the point. So - from a nice get together with my mom, I had it reiterated that instead of focusing on the positive that Ive been able to do with the boy, all she has to offer is "how Im not doign it right". I'll be the first to say that I don't need anyones permission - or condoning - or whatever that word is Im thinking of that is slipping away at the moment. As long as my kids are loved and happy, Im doing a good job. But it's a real bitch not having the support of your own mother. She's told me once (that I can remember) that I was doign a great job with the kids. This was after we had it out, and I told her that not once had she ever complimented me on being a good daddy.
TO recap: 1. My mother never compliments me on doign a good job, being a stay at home dad - 2. she stated that "You need to teach him to stop runnign around in public.Not everyone thinks your kid is as cute as you do." 3. The woman who , behind my back, tore me apart to my wife, worrying that I was going to turn into my abusive father, now tells me that I need to smack my kids hand when he's bad, and use force against a 2 yr old to show him who is boss. If ever there was a case of talking out of ones ass, I believe I have witnessed it - over pancakes and french fries at an IHOP.

LOGAN NEWS: Ever the challenge, he's got more energy than 3 of me put together. Really starting to increase vocabulary and link similar concepts. He's started to disappear for a while, and when I check on him, he'll be in his room browsing thru books. So adorable!

LACNE NEWS: While not officially crawlign yet, he's very VERY mobile. If his target is to the front of him, he will turn sideways, when rollll to it. Little booger tried to climb up me the other day, and mooch some chocolate cake.

Well, that's all I can manage for tonight. Gonna go see if chocolate cake will do anytyhing fo rthis headache.

ps. I saw taht Grant (another blogger friend of mine) is on a diet and started posting his weight to his blog. Figured Id do the same, and see if I can lose some weight. For the last week or two, Ive been fluxing between 235 and 240.(pounds). Ehh..then again, maybe I'll think twice about that cake tonight.


  • At 11:42 PM, Blogger Phil said…

    I can sympathize with you... I've got a mother like that. She always points out the negatives. Over the years I've learned just to not talk to her about the kids. It's sad, because I can't ask her for advice on things. I know she has good advice to give, but all she ever doles out is negative criticism -- which is the last thing I need.

  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger Phil said…

    One more thing... You reminded me to write a post about compliments... I had one last week. It'll be on my blog later tonight!


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