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Saturday, May 14, 2005

And the walls didnt fall in on me

Ok - I took the first step in waging the battle of religion with the inlwas. I attended - hold on to your seats for this one - church tonight. It was a nice service, small congregation. Incense must have been 3 for the price of one, cause the priest went heavy on the usage. THis means that the wife won't be able to come.
Flashback - when we first started dating, I wanted to impress the family, so I decided to go to church with them. There are a number of Roman Catholic churches down here (and they belonged to one, of course) - and at the time, only 1 hard to find, and sometiumes not there Byzantine Catholic one. Back to the Roman escapade. I go to church with the future inlwas, and Alicia gets sick cause of all the incense the priest was using. She passes out, and doubles over the pew in front of us. Scary at the time, but funny as hell . So, with that in mind, I think shed better stay clear of this new Byzantine place for the time being.

The experience wasnt as bad as I had thought - the service was the same that I was raised with, even using some of the slovanic in places (Slovanic means Slovak, or from Czekoslovakia - or however the hell you spell it) . My grand parents on moms side were 100% Czec - that means mom was too - and Im 50%. It was good hearing a foreign language from the past ( and one that wasn't friggin Spanish!!). I plan to start attending, and eventually get the boys baptised. Need to find out what kind of groups or activities they have to offer. Mens groups - kids groups. It's a rather small congregation, so they may not have anything. Always thought it'd be neat to be a Knight of Columbus. But, at the time, I lived in Cleveland. Are there Knights of Cleveland? Can you be one if you live in CHesapeake? (ok - dumb joke) But they do wear neat costumes.

COSTUMES: Since I work in costumes, and practice my martial arts in various costumes (uniforms), I wanted to find a good looking "catholic costume". Tore the house apart, and could only find a crappy pair of cargo pants, and soem jeans that I used to work on the car with. SO, Im off to church, and deside to make a detour to a local cheapy store, and get a new "Catholic " costume. Picked up a pair of pleated navy blue dress pants (with belt included) for $10, and a very nice matching polo shirt for $4. Felt much better about being seen in public. When I have the kids, I coulnd't give a shit what I look like - as long as I have enough pockets for everything. But when you don't have any kids with you , it felt good to look good.

I doubt very seriously that Im going to fall victim to the typical brain washing techniques (like the baptists and Witnesess), and start quoting the bible and all that shit. BUT, if I start to become "preachy", someone please let me know.

also stopped off at a local aikido dojo, and got some info from them. I had just missed their bo training class, but I would really like to see their adult class. It's always been stuck in my head "Did i make a mistake by not going here instead of my McDojo". Even though I still have another year to go at the current dojo, I plan to pop in at the aikido dojo on Tuesday, just to watch. I'd really like to find a good judo place, to compliment what I already know. Just don['t want to pay an extra $100 a month for a dojo taht I can only go to 1 or 2 times a week.

FAMILY NEWS: My oldest son in in league with the Dark side of the Force. Ordinarily, Id say that was pretty cool , but he has been amajor pain in the ass today. He has the same cold that I do - and has been overly-tempermental. Today, at Arby's, he refues to share my chocolate shake with me (it was mine ti start with -we always share one). He throw a fit, and squeezed the cup so hard that it all squished out, all over him. Not sure what his malfunction is, but he needs to get over it soon. Temper tantrums combined with a stubborn refusal to listen. Wearing dada's nerves dangerously low.

Well - Im off to cruise the web. Gonna search for any judo dojos around here.



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