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Monday, May 16, 2005

Quick praise for an awesome program

I downloaded a 700 meg file that was a divx avi file. The file refused to open, and my player would jam everytime I double clicked on the avi file. Then, my computer started to run slow, and act retarded. I feared that I had a virus, but a lengthy (it took forever!!) virus scan said all was well. Even my Anti-spyware program said things were clear. But that friggin file refused to be deleted!! I tried renaming it, deleting it, even rebooting in safe mode, but it kept telling me that "File is in use by another program or person". I created a dos boot disk (took 2 hours to even FIND a flopppy disk), but the floppy disk that you can create with the Windows XP drop down menu - DUH- doesn't allow you to access your hard drives. What the fuck goo dis a boot disk that only allows you to access the floppy drive? I dont get it.
Anyways - I searched the web, and found a program that, once installed, will can be scheduled to assasinate any file or folder that you tell it to. You tell the program what needs its ass kicked, then restart your computer. It takes care of business before Windows starts.

It's called MOVEONB.exe I'll try and trace the link for ya'll ----the babies crying gotta go


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