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Friday, May 27, 2005

Sending a message to Hollywood

Ok - tonight was the capper- Ive decided to make a movie - or a tv series - about Martin Luther King Jr. I will play the lead role. Thats right - a 34 yr old overweight white guy. Think anyone would get pissed? They should.

Im getting tired of hollywood turning everything black. I grew up watching The WIld WIld West. The lead character looked nothing like Will Smith. (I love Will- just need to criticize this movie). I like Ving Rahmes, but Kojak weren't black neither. Now I see that a remake of the Honeymooners is being done- with an all black cast. What the hell?

While Im on a movie rant - when dealing with things that I grew up with - either remake them right, or leave them alone. What the hell was that Charlies Angels movie?? Cant wait to see how messed up the Dukes of Hazzard movie is. At least they got a decent Daisy Duke - and Uncle Jessie.

Dojo news: Had a nice Muay Thai class tonight. Having a hard time getting used to POWERING thru a kick, rather than snapping it . I have to keep thinking "Time to go Klingon!".

Business news: Ok --im so frigin lost. There used to be the Yellow Pages. Then it was the Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages. THEN, it Verizon. (They suck - screwed up my ad for the last 5 years - and Im curently in a dispute with them over last years charges, which I refused to pay after they screwed my ad, THen lied about giving me a 50% discount. More on that later---)
Now , I get YELLOW BOOK on my door. Who the hell are they? Are they new? Did they used to be the yellow pages? Anyone advertise with them and have any comments to share?

Kitty news: Tigger is doing much better - hes on meds now for his infection. Now I have to watch the other 2 and see if they have any symptoms. So far - so good.

Logan news: He has this pretend phone (with a dial - which can be set to various people, and they say related phrases), and he keeps following me around, with the dial set to "daddy". He says Dad Dad Dad - then pushes the dial "Ring Ring Hi! Daddy loves you." It would get on my nerves if it didnt warm my heart so much!!

Lance news: That little booger can get around like no ones business. He started tryin to pull his knees under him today. Wont be long, and he'll be crawling all over the place! We went to lunch today at a new place - sat on the patio, so he could watch the traffic go by. He loves motorcycles and semis ("Big bad truck, dada"). He was so good, that after lunch, we all went to the local park to play (as a reward). Fun day with the babies.

QUESTION FOR ANYONE READING: Im trying to type this entry on my laptop. I keep somehow touching the touch=pad, and messing up . Is there anyway to lock out the touch pad?

Hey, I know that there are dads that read along from time to time. Are there any martial artists who read my blog? Anyone out there that doesn't skip over the "dojo news" part, and want more writting on Kung Fu, Jujitsu, or Muay Thai?

SUNDAY, JUNE 12 at 10pm is the first episode of the new season of THE DEAD ZONE on USA Network.

I never favored those bike seats for kids that attach to the back of your bike. I fear wrecking the bike, and in turn, my son as well. BUT - the trail behind taxi wont fit both my sons. When Lance is bigger, it'll be fine. But Lance has to be in the carrier, and although the taxi is built for 2, it wont fit both boys. SO I bought a bike seat (very nice seat/secure - paid $4 on my latest thrift store raid). Hopefully, tomrrow, if it dont rain, I can take both kids on a bike ride around the hood. If it works ok, Id like to start packing them up (during the week), and finding some trails to bike.

Have you seen these commercials that are time progression of a couples life, and they have a Chase credit card for each phase of their life? There is another one for MBNA. The hidden message is that these fuckers have bought up all the possible credit card companies, and will get your money come hell or high water. Before my credit card problems, I used to have several cards, from various companies. I got my statements on time, and at worse had to deal with a $10 late fee. THEN, they all got sucked up. MBNA, FIRST USA, PROVIDIAN, CHASE (which bought out First USA). Then, statements came late, $35 late fees, jumps from 9% to 29% apr. I figure, in a few years, they will all buy up each other, make one big ass massive company called "BENDOVER AND TAKE IT". Credit card companies suck.

Ok - think I ranted enough. These are some things that Ive wanted to blog about fora while, but havent had time.

Im going to finish watching Frequency, and get some sleep.

Nite all

ps. SO far, I managed to go to church 2 weeks in a row. Should have the kids baptised in no time. Took the whole family last time, and things went well. Hard for Logan to deal with an hour service, but we keep him amused. And Alicia didnt feint from the incense.


  • At 6:03 AM, Blogger Chip said…

    On the bike seat: they're absolutely great. We had them on both our bikes and both our kids were in them from the time they could sit up until they got too big. We never had a mishap and the kids really really loved them, plus it was great for us too to be able to take off on our bikes.

    Good luck with church. We actually did get ours to sit relatively still for mass, though they took the K=5 graders out for part of it for a kiddy liturgy, which helped.

  • At 9:28 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    I never liked the bike seats either, but as long as you remember that the little one is along for the ride, and don't take any crazy hard tuns, you'll be fine.

    We used to force the helmet, but now the 3 yr old does not want it sometimes, so we go without for short rides. Daddy hardly ever wears his, either.

  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    And thanks for the comment's over on the truck blog. Great ideas, even if they come form one of 'those hearse guys'.

    just kidding. Thanks for the help.

  • At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Ben said…

    The Yellow Pages is going to die as a business, but in the mean time they seem to be sucking money out of the Local Merchants to pay off the debts from all of these acquisitions. Here is an interesting post about how much is wasted just printing them every year.

    Here is an
    interesting post about the wastage.

    Here is one I wrote recently about why advertisers hate the Yellow Pages.


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