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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dark Side of the Force

Just a small note, to anyone trying to, or who is intending to download the new movie from Bearshare. Besides illegal (had to add that), there are currently 5 different file titles that claim to be the new movie, but are 800meg of porn instead. Don't waste your time. One of the files is a divx file, that will jam up your system. Please refer to the program named a few posts ago to eliminate this file, if it tells you "In use" when you try to delete it.

FAMILY NEWS: Went to the inlaws today for a picnic. Left Lance with them, and took Logan down to the beach (a 5 minute walk from their house). I had Logan in the backpack - and as we were approaching the dune/entrance area, there were 2 ladies walking past. One was older (50's) and the other was in her 30's . The younger was wearing a bikini top, and had a decent rack. All of a sudden, I hear a little voice behind me saying "Hot Momma". I just say "Yep". Then I hear his say "Hot momma's momma". To top this, we get to the beach , and he starts runnign up and down the beach. Right up to a towel that was graced with a fine looking 20 something year old blond, in a hot pink bikini. I'm about 10 ft away, just making sure he doesn't dart into the ocean. He stops, waves at her, and says "Hi", then strikes up a converstaion. He started tellign her about the big bird on his life vest, the birds that were nearby, the boats he sees. I think I may have actually glowed with pride. THAT'S MY BOY!!!!

All are asleep now, so I get to play a bit. Oh, I've finally had time to install all my stereo stuff (or most of it) in the truck. I had removed it from the old firebird when the transmission went bad, and never installed it in the new firebird (The new one leaked a lot, and I was scared it'd short things out). I discovered that my 12inch sub has had better days. It is a Terminator brand, from the late 80's. It used to thump, now it just gives razzberries (much like Lance does). On a whim, I bought a cheapy $20 sub from Walmart. It really thumps. It would do better if I could send more power to it, but as a person very particular about his car stereo components, I gotta say that for $20, this sub was a great deal. I have it in a Walmart bought carpeted enclosure.

ALSO NEW: I bought something tonight that I hope works well. It's an mp3 player/fm transmitter that plugs in your cigarette lighter socket. If you plug in an external mp3 player, it'll transmit the signal to yoru fm band. More importantly, it has a USB port on it, so you can attach those little flash/jump drives. I have a few sd cards that Im not using in my camera - gonna throw some mp3's on one, and see how well this little device works. I'll give a better review once I get to play with it a bit.


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