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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Regarding my new bike seat

Thanks for the posts about the bike seat - I got to try it out the other day, and it worked great! Really had to adjust to the weight distribution variance, but overall, it was a success. I had Logan in the bike seat, and Lance (in his carrier) in the taxi. Hardest thing, next to the balance issue, to get used to is when I get off the bike. My kickstand sucks, so I have to hold the bike at all times (not a bad idea anyways) - oh, and when I get off the bike, I have to watch out that I dont kick Logan. Hook kicks are great for sparring - not so great when you bop your 2 yr old.

I saw something retarded today: a big ass dump truck that had a sign, painted onto the rear of the vehicle, stating DO NOT PUSH. Who the hell are they kidding? I couldn't budge it if I tried! Do they think that Im going to be sitting at a light, as all of a sudden, as a prank, the urge will overcome me to run over and try pushing their truck? duh

Church again tonight - that makes 3 weeks in a row. I done a good thing, by offering to fix a broken gutter on the side of the church. It's a small church, and a gutter hasbeen ripped off of the side, and is dangling down. I didnt want to ask "Hey, where do I sign up for this church at?", so I can start getting credit (redemable for my sons baptisms)....but I think I scored major points when I offered to try and fix the building. (Ive installed gutters before, at home and on my moms house, so it's not a big deal - just need ladder from the back yard, and some screws).

Good food tonight: Went to a new place called Logan's Road House. It's a burger and steak place that was loud as hell and played loud country music. I kept expecting Patrick Swayze to walk around the corner. THe boys loved it - they could yell as loud as they wanted, and it really didnt matter. This was expecially good after an hour of telling them to shhhh. Food was pretty good, but after a while, sensory overload started to take it's toll. I can't deal with loud crowds for along, and I have passed that trait on to my son. Gonna have to try their again, earlier, before the major crowds roll in.
INTERSTING SIDE NOTE: I used to work as a bouncer at a local place called the Boathouse. It was an actual Boat house, on the water, that was turned into a make shift concert hall for various bands. Shortly after ROADHOUSE came out at the theatres, I was working as a bouncer the night The Jeff Heally band played the boathouse. On top of that, they were short security that night, so I got moved from my normal boring ass back wall job, and was put in charge of the bar area. It was sweeeet.

Well, that s about it for tonight. Thanks again to all that posted comments. Please jot somethign down from time to time - makes me feel good that Im not just typin to myself (I already do enough talkign to myself as it is)



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