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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Average Tuesday

Not much to ponder tonight. Both the boys are coming down with a cold (again). Lance has the worst of it.

Today was pretty eventless. We stayed at home all day (until mommy came home). I would have liked to go out, but the weather was cold, and I knew that the kids temperment wouldn't lend itself to being in public for long. Both boys were in pretty nice spirits today, but even so, I thought it best to just stay home and take it easy today.

I made it to both dojos tonight. I end up feeling really good when I get to do that. I get an hour of aikido, then a short rest (while traveling), then an hour of iaido (sword class). Tonight, we warmed up (in the aikido class) with bokken exercises, so tonight I was pretty focused on sword work.

I had a few minor ponderings to write about, but can't think of a single one now. Guess I'll be back later, when they cross my mind again.

Some options cost extra

We've all been aware for some time that the more STUFF you get in a car, the more it costs. And of course, on those TV commercials, they always show the fully loaded model. Recently, Ive started to notice a similarity in toys.

It started a year ago, when we bought a firetruck toy for Logan at a store. It was 4 buttons on the side, took 4 aa batteries, and made sounds. A month later, we came across another one at a thrift store. We picked it up (it was only $1). Same color and everything, but it was a lesser model. It even had the molded plastic area where the battery compartment should have gone, but it was never cut open. The boys liked both trucks.

Yesterday, I went outside to straighten my back garage. Up near the front of the garage, I passed the battery powered jeep I got the boys about a year ago. AS I looked at it, I noticed that it had "features" that should have been there. Like it had a sticker of a CB handle, but the molding indicated that there should have been a "real" handle there. There were holes behind the head lights that could have had wires run to them, but no wires (or bulbs/lights inside). I picked it up new at Walmart, (and compared it to others), so I know that I didn't get a "broke one". (In truth, I noticed this when I took i tout of the box, but I didnt think to blog about it until today - I'm lazy, not dense).

The kids aren't bothered either way, but I wonder what toy companies are thinking. I realize that with big ticket items, more options can boost the price of the product. But these are toys! WHO is the cheap bastard that looked at a molded plastic firetruck, and said "Ya know, I just don't feel like cutting out anymore holes for those siren buttons. Just ship the rest as they are."

I also wonder at what age kids start to notice thing like this. At 3, Logan hasn't a clue about such things. But it won't surpise me if he takes his favorite firtruck to school, and some snot nosed little bastard tries to make him feel bad, because of him having the "lesser model".

And I thought that questions like
  • Does it have air conditioning?
  • Do the seat recline?
  • Does the stereo work?
  • What other features are avaliable on this model?
were only necesary by adults on a car lot.

(Side note: my kids hopefully, will be taught the value of ANY toy - just as I was. I didn' get a lot of toys growign up, but I made DAMN sure that I took good care of what I did get. That's why their room is filled with original 1977 Star Wars toys, and other toys like strolling bowling, Mazinga of the Shogun Warriors, and that football kicker guy that kicks the ball when you POP him on the head.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Odd world we live in

You're my DADA -- You're my Friend!

2 nights ago I had a thought provolking entry about how male parents (non-stay at home dads), in playground situations, can usualy perpetuate the stereotype of the verbally inadequate caveman type - which is why most women won't talk to us (US meaning us full time dads who CAN actually speak in sentences longer than 4 words. As fate would have it, I had to save it as a draft - I was half way through, when I heard Logan crying downstairs. He had woke up, came out to the living room, and was upset. He said "I can't like go sleep my room", which translated means "I don't want to go back to my room to go to sleep". So I layed down with him.

He's been on a kick recently, of giving suprise hugs and kisses, and saying either "You're my dada" or "You're my friend". So after we got the blankets sprawled on his bedroom floor, and suggled up - I whispered "Love ya boy ...You're my friend". He whispered back "You're my dada". The last thing I remember before wakign up the next morning was sayign "Forever and ever". All nights should end like that.

**** A big note of thanks to my Steelers friend (Dad with 2) for holding the door for me while I snuck in the movies ..oops....Gmail. I got the name and account, just haven't piddled with it to see all the neat features is says it has. ***


Logan has really been picky about what movies he'll watch lately. Ones that have ben his favorites are now cast aside. So, the other day, I was stumped what to put on - and popped in Forrest Gump. He LOVED it.
A line in the movie, towards the end, has Forrest asking something like "Are we have a destiny? Or are we just blown about , like on a breeze". Tonight, as Logan lay with the wife on the couch for "prenight night", this movie was on tv. He was fast asleep before that line (near the end of the movie), but the next thing on tv really drove this question home....

Last night I was up WAY too late. Shoulda been in bed, but was up till around 1:30am. As I walked by the tv (wife fast asleep on couch), and was going to turn it off, I saw that the Andy Griffith show was coming on . I used to watch this show as a boy - and only watch it from time to time since growing up. I heard someone refer to the show as "An introspection into the relationship of a single dad and his son". I got to thinking "Im not single, but I AM stay at home. I will watch with "different eyes". See if the show will offer me something different. So I sat down, and watched rom 1:30-2am. The episode centered around Barney Fife, played by Don Knotts. I got to thinking about how funny he was as an actor - not just as the bumbling Barney, but also in films like The Incredible Mr Limpet, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Mr Furley on 3s company, and even as a guest on the Scooby Doo cartoons. The show ended, I turned the tv off, and went to bed.
FLASH FORWARD - tonight, after Gump went off, the news came on saying that Don Knotts had passed away Friday night. Wow. What are the odds? I can only wish that, when my time comes--at that same moment ----someone is thinking about me in a kind light.

Don Knotts (1924-2006). Rest in Peace

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Hey all,
I think I'd like to give gmail a try, but it says that you have to be invited by someone who already has it.

Could someone with a Gmail account send me an invite? Also, could you leave a note in the comment section of this entry saying you did so. I only need one, and would hate to get swapmed with more than I'd need (like just ONE!)



Thursday, February 23, 2006

Follow up on kids songs

I made an mp3 disc of randon songs that I thought the boys would like to hear. None of them were traditional kids songs.

Today, Lance and Logan were sittign on the floor, and I had to step around them to get by. I started to walk around them -then started to sing "All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel - the monkey thought it was all in fun - POP goes the weasel"

They both looked at my like I had lost my friggin mind.

I circled them again, but this time sang "You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby, right round - round round" - and they laughed and sang along.

We're so 80's.

Box from mechanical Deer $35
Laying in wait : free Posted by Picasa

Scaring the shit outta your baby brother: PRICELESS!!! Posted by Picasa

I left the room for 2 seconds to check on Logan, and cem back to find Lance . "Caught with his hand in the cookie box!" Posted by Picasa

Only 3 yrs old, but he looks so much older sitting there. This was taken at Logan's Roadhouse. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Divine Brotherhood of Curl Girl Groupies

Ok - maybe it's cause I live in an my own imaginary world, where I still have a dream shot at Holly Marie Combs or Jenny McCarthy - maybe it's cause I am a stay at home dad, and don't get out much, or maybe it's cause the only conversations I have that aren't with a 3 yr old are with people who are hurling me at the ground (aikido class) - but I never knew that I had joined a brotherhood, simply by -sniff - tuning in and turning on!

I got the "Curl Girl Groupies" from davis21wylie's blog (see comment section of previous entry). He was even kind enough to link to a much better site for Cassie info.

This girl is FINE! I mean Leann Rimes fine! Zingers and Funyuns fine! (Had to throw that one in there!!)

As forlorn as I am that I can't turn on the tv and see my favorite "Curl Girl", at least I can bear this grief by knowing that at least the kids will get fed lunch now (At lunch time, not an hour later like when the Olympics was on).

Logan: "Daddy _ I'm hungry"
Me: "Then go eat something - Cassie and Jessica are on"
(5 minutes later)
Logan: "Daddy - baby try to eat me"
Me: "Dammit - I meant a snack or something, not each other. Look, I changed your poopy diapers when you were a baby - and Lances just 15 minutes ago - give me 20 more uninterupted minutes , and we'll call it even , okay?"

If you Olympic curlign ladies read this - keep up the good work. You've made your way into the hearts of billions of people (guys), who otherwise could haven't cared less about anything on ice besides root beer OR anything not holding a hockey stick!

SCHWING!! OR , as my son puts it "Hot Mommas on tv, da"

Just wondering

When the hell did the ITSY BITSY spider become Incy Wincy? Is there something sexually suggestive or poitically incorrect about Itsy Bitsy anymore?

And another thing - why was everyone on the planet such a putz at the end of 1998? Back in 1983, I jammed to Prince and 1999. Then 1999 came around, and I don't think I even heard that song played once. What happened to all those people who said :

I've SO got to play this when the year 1999 rolls around"


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Music and sons

I've always loved music. Singing, playign instruments, listening to beats and counterbeats, even as far as enjoying the mathematical complexities of certain music. My wife, on the other hand, can't carry a tune in a bucket. It sometimes breaks my heart that she can't sing the kids a lullaby, or even sing to me as I lay my head in her lap.

Lance is quite the jitterbug. Put some music on, and he kicks his feet to the rhythm. A month ago, I heard loud rap music, and went to the kids oom to investigate. Lance had climbed on top of a box in front of their tv (it's on a shelf), turned it on, and changed the station until he was on BET (Black Entertainment Television). They were showing rap videos, and he was shaking that little booty for all it was worth! I bout died laughing.

Today, Logan and I were in his room while Lance napped in the livingroom. We were laying on the floor, and I started to sing something. He said he wanted some cookies. I said Nah, but then started sing the song with "nah"'s instead of the real words - kind alike humming. He started laughing, and I got an idea. I started to "sing" (using the right tunes, but no words - only Nah nah nah's) various tunes to see if he'd recognize them without the words. He pegged quite a few.

The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) - he got this one imediately
I Ran by AFlock of Seagulls
The Power Ranger theme song
Friends in Low Places by garth Brooks
La Grange by ZZ TOP
Allstar by Smashmouth
I've Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

And several more 80's tunes that I've exposed him to (ok - perhaps EXPOSED isn't the right word - specially since Mike is in that countdown)

On a sadder note, I then then sang "children's songs", like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pop goes the weasle, and a few others, and he had no clue. Makes me wonder - how many kids today are actually being exposed to songs that we (as 30-40 somethings) take for granted that "all kids know"? He knows "How nuch is that doggie in the window", because I sing that when a window seperates us. He also knwos The Streak, cause I sing that when he hauls ass (literally and figuratively) round the house after a bath.

Side note: We always say "HEY - YOU GET YOUR CLOTHES ON!" to him, and he started sayign it to us, when we would change our clothes. Today , we were walking thru the mall, just wasting time. He was walking , holding my hand, and baby brother was in a stroller. He wanted to go into a shop that sold unframed painting. One of the painting was of a naked women. He looked at it and said "YOU GET YOUR CLOTHES ON!". I laughed. Then we walked by Victoria Secret. There were several manaquines dressed in skimpy underwear. I waited for it - and waited for it - and it never came. I finally looked down at him, and saw that at the age of 3, my son was just staring into the store, with his mouth hanging open -much the same way I do. I stopped and asked him "What do you thik of all this?"

He looked up at me and said "HOT mommas".

My son!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Just another manic monday

Wish it was Sunday - that's my fun day. My "I don't have to celan dirty diapers day"

The wife had the day off from work today, so we all just hung out together. I made a trip alone (ALONE!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!) to Officemax to make some copies. Picke dup som edvd+r's too. Got a gret deal. They have the Office Max brand -$12 for a 50 pack. I had a coupon that gave me $10 off any purchase over $20. So, for you math challenged (like myself), I bought 2 packs of 50 dvd's (toal of 100) for only $14. Before you crown me an Eiinstein, I should say that this is AFTER buying a 100 pack eariler today at Compusa for $20 (still a good deal). I'm starting to use up my dvd-r's more frequently, now that I have a dvd player that will support them. It sucked having the much sought after APEX (with the secret loophole smenu), and it not be capable of playing burned media. It DOES, however, have an upgradable player inside. Soon as I find a new dvd drive (for the computer) for cheap enough, I can swap it out with the one in the APEX (a stand alone dvd player).

Let's see - I've felt a little heartbroken the last few days - I turn on the tv, I see ice, I see big ass rocks with handles, and then, just as I scan for Cassie or Jessica.......BAM - I get an eyeful of some dude. I've never cared much for the Olympics, and even LESS for Curling, but Cassie Johnson and Jessica Schultz had me telling the boys to "Sit down and be quiet! Can't you see the Olympics are on??" Cassie looks SO MUCH like a girl I dated back in the late 80's (not her though). Carolyn Lees, from Cleveland. Though Cassie is SOO much prettier. (In case Carolyn reads this - I was in love, you bitch. I know we were young, but that's don't excuse you for cheating on me!"

FLASH BACK TO 1985: I thought of her the other day when I was listening to "Glory of Love" on a cd mix I made for the kids. I remember (at least I THINK I remember) the summer of 1985, being in Cleveland on vacation, and going to meet either 1.her for a date or 2. A group of friends (of ours) at a local movie theatre. I was only 14 or 15, so I didn't drive yet. The Karate Kid 2 was in the theatre, and GLORY OF LOVE was on the radio as my mom fumbled around and made me late. As she drove Mach2 (to make up for lost time), theses words came over the radio..

"Just like a knight in shining armor, from a long time ago,
just in time I will save the day, take you to my castle far away"
I remember thinking "Just in time my ass - not if my mom is driving me!

I went over my moms to help her set up a wireless router for her internet. She had installed/set up her cable internet service, and let's just say it was so screwed up that it actually worked. She had all sorts of wrong setting set, and there was a funky settign in her Network Settings folder. It took all my knowledge, 5 reboots, wait - let' see if I can make asong outta it.

To the tune of the 12 days of Christmas
6 invented swear words
5 cold reboots
4 hours of trying
3 migrain headaches
2 "I give up"s
And 1 hour with Cox Cable tech support

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A minor setback

Kinda strange that with days of my filing a counterclaim against my old dojo, I receive notice that they have requested a continuance (due to a scheduling conflict). Their note states that they have been in contact with their attroney, and will advise me when possible.

Truly a matter of schedule conflict?

A strategic retreat to re-examine what they are dealing with?

Just screwing with me?

Got them scared?

I plan to call the court on Monday and see about objecting to their continuance. If they want to sue me, let em bring their ass to court on the day they are supposed to. It's not like they haven't known (considering they filed in early Jan or so) Just a day or two ago notified me - by email. Im glad that the sherrif's office serves an additional warrent, or else this would have come straigh tout of left field. Imagine, being notifed by email that you are being sued - but not given a court date or any further information. When the deputy issued the warrant, he said "This is just a backup - you've probably recieved the other one in the mail by now".


No matter - what I have to say will not be effected by any length of time that they drag this out. I just gotta remember (on Monday) to mail THEM the copy of THEIR summons (by registered mail via USPS).

If anyone is fluent in either battling corrupt martial art dojos, or would like to give any pointers about evidence submission or relative topics (in civil court), please don't leave comments - rather email me off list. Since they have an attorney, chances are they are reading along with you.

I may not have had many jobs since becoming an at home dad - but I'm still a magician - I still have a rabbit up my hat, and a few aces up my sleeves.

Friday, February 17, 2006


What the hell is up with BOGO. It use to be, when I was a kid (and even well into the early 90's) that BOGO meant Buy One Get One. Get One. That means FREE. Buy One Get One Free. Nowadays, all I see on the tv are adds that bastardize this concept. "BOGO- Buy one get one (half off) ". That's not GET ONE. That's "get a discount on the second item". Such a crock.

Te weather held today - slight rain off and on, though. That prevented us from going to the zoo. In the summer, we would have gone anyways - and used umbrellas, but with some of us sick (some getting over beign sick), and how cool it kinda was, I didnt want to chance it.

And speakign of "What a crock of shit" , if you have waaay too much reality in your life, try watching "Numbers". In a previous episode, they looked at the shadows cast by a basketball hoop (in photos) to determine the exact (and I mean EXACT) location of the hoop. They pegged the actual house. I can see using math to tell the city, perhaps, but to pin it down to the exact house...BS!

Tonight, they are using math to find a bullet, in a BIG ASS CITY, that was fired from a handgun into th eair. They don't even know the angle of trajectory. $20 says they somehow will knwo precisely where to find it.

Also, after watching certain tv shows, you start to question others. Like watching Law and Order (legal procedue), and then see another show where the cops mess up an arrest, but get a conviction. Or watching CSI, and then see this bimbo cop on Numbers touch evidence wihout any gloves on (and they are looking for unknown suspects.) Betcha they'd find them a lot faster if they'd stop CONTAMINATING THE FUCKING EVIDENCE!

Having a degree and a background in the criminal justice system can really ruin
some tv shows

Thursday, February 16, 2006

In fairness

Ok - Im a fair person - I received the following email from Steve - Blogger was messed up and woundn't let him leave it as a comment (not my doing- I woudn't know how to block someone if I tried) . As a father, I post this because it's from another father. All gayness aside, a dad is a dad in the eyes of a child.

Shannon, I don't condemn you at all.

I read your post about being a dancer. I thank you for your honesty.
There seems to be a problem with blogger, I can't leave a comment on
your site. Maybe I'm no longer allowed to, I'm not sure, but I send you
this email in good faith, if you would like to copy and paste it to
your blog as a reply, I promise you I will leave you alone. I wish you
no ill will BUT I cannot bow down and accept hostility or condemnation
for my family. I owe it to my own child to stand up for what I believe.
As a father, I am sure you can at least relate to that aspect?

Thank you for your honesty. The gay community is in no way related to
the gay strip club scene, anymore than the straight community is
related to Hooters.

This is my view, I would appreciate it if you would post it on your
blog, I won't go back to see, it's none of my business anymore. As a
family man, I just wish you the best for your family and hope that you
will afford me the same. But this is my view:

The Supreme court struck down sodomy laws. So I am legal (hell, for all
anybody knows I might be celibate, but people - not referring to you-
don't seem to ponder that possibility). I am legal. Period. I am a
taxpayer. Period. I should be able to enroll my child in a school
system funded by MY taxes without having to face condemnation for my
family. Period.

This is America where we, the minority, should be free from tyranny,
oppression or even just hostility from the majority. If an individual
such as your child wants to shout in my child's face that her family is
an abomination, yes that is your right and all I can say is damn you
for wanting an America such as that, but America is based on free
speech so my daughter has to be prepared for such hatred. And like it
or not, that IS hatred.

That's all I can say, this is shaking me up too much. I think you,
within your own family, should be free to condemn. You can tell your
child that homosexuality is wrong and you can raise your child to
believe that, however I disagree that I or my daughter should have to
face that condemnation in a public place supported by my tax dollars.
Whether you like me or not, I am a legal, law abiding taxpayer and that
is supposed to afford me some rights in this country.

Why can't you teach your child tolerance? That doesn't have to equal
acceptance you know. It's just fucking tolerance. Why is that so hard?

I wish you the best Shannon and I'm sorry for getting you upset. I'm a
gay parent and I will continue to visit parent blogs, I have that
right, but I promise you I won't bother you again.

Now, to addreess some of those comments, (not pick them apart) and then I promise, back to the boring stuff.

1. Ok - gay nightclubs aren't the best representation of the gay lifestyle. A flagrant and WOOHOO one, but perhaps not a mean (or mode or median).

2. Freedom of speech, as I refer to it, doesn't cover the right to shout things at another person. Especially children - even coming from children. There IS such a thing as manners. It's ok to speak your mind, but shouting hostilities in antoehrs face is wrong, and posibley illegal.

3. Freedon of speach does, however, extend to my , my kids, and anyother person (you and yours included) the right to disagree. Perhaps openly. We have the right not to like someone because they wear yellow. Im not saying that this is right - but we have the right to like or dislike whoever we want, for whatever reason.

4. My child would probably be the first one sent to the principal office for knocking someoneelses little "darling" on their ass , for yelling and screaming at another person. I hope, one day, to be able to see my child stick up for another child. Handicapped, younger, gay, whatever. Heroics are heroics.

5. Again, disagreement is automatically termed as hate speech (you mention: tyranny, hostility, oppression, shouting in a childs face, abomination, condemn). I knwo that we have enbarassing people who do this, but there seems to be no middle ground. No where for people who have tolerance, just not acceptance. We are label "hate mongers", and told that we "just don't get it". I get it - I tolerate , but dont' accept. At least not for my kids. If not accepting is not "gettign it", so be it. We simply define "getting it" from our own narrow minded perspcetive. But to go aroudn staing that "Im glad that there are at least some people who get it", as Ive seen posted as comments on a blog or two (at least), is an insult to those of us who "get it", but simply disagree. There are those of us out here (perhaps a few) that have made a rational, intellignent, and well thought thru desicion. To say that we don't get it is an insult. Much as offended you would be if we said that YOU don't get it for seeing thing from your perspective.

I noticed that you posted on Father Knows jest, and probably followed my comment back to this blog. I wonder if you would ever have visited, if not for that comment I made. I also wonder if posting about gay topics is why the Visitors numbers quadrupled.

As a father, feel free to stop back as often as you like. Perhaps we should agree to table this topic. It'll make it look that you are not seeking to get attention, and will allow me less of an oportunity to feel bad about pissing off people I've never met. If you dont drop back in - I'll still be here. Being myself.

My final say on this is that , regardless of who we are inside, it's who we are in the eyes of our kids that is the most important.

Warm day today

The weather was beautiful today. It's a shame that we didn't get out in it until later in the day. We stayed home for breakfast, played most of the morning, and then ventured out to the Y. They have a large gymnasium, and it's reserved (from 9am-12noon) for their day care kids. They are not always in the gym - they are mostly in the daycare room, but it's nice when they bring all the kids down there. Today they had about 10-15 kids. Logan ran around with a ball, until he made a new friend. A cute little 4 yr old red headed girl. She was carrying books with her, and they sat down together. She started to read him a story - it was so cute! Lance ended up with 2 little girlfriends, both around 4 or 5. My sons are chick magnets - let's hope it lasts thru college.

One comment to make regarding the day care staff.... I was reminded today why I don't use their daycare during the day. Today, there were 3 staff members in the gym. A youngish boy (around 16 or so), a late teen/early 20 something girl (stocky build), and some 130 year old grumpy woman. The guy was the only one that seemed to do well with the kids. He didn't really play with them, but he seemed pleasant, and the kids responded well to him. The other two - oh man. The 130 year old woman yelled at the kids for runnning around. HELLO! They are kids! They are in a BIG ASS gym. I myself would run around. The other girl was even worse. She kept throwing a rubber soccer ball against the wall (she was about 6 ft away from it), and catching it when it bounced back. But when the little ones saw thiw and did it too (including Logan), she yelled at them not to do that. Then the overgrown yetti started to shoot baskets. If one of those shots had bounced into my kid, I've have opened a kung fu can of whoopass. If you don't want kids to do something fun, DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF THEM! Jackasses.

I turned around to play with Lance for a bit, and when I turned back around, I saw that both the ladies had left. After a while, the guy started to collect all of the balls (they had a shitload of balls out for the kids to play with). Logan ran back and forth, and back and forth - helping get all the balls for the guy. It was good to see him trying to be such a little helper. When the kids went back to their room, we played for a small while longer (in the now vacant gym), then went to Chickfila for lunch (drivethru). Came home, eat and everyone crashed for afternoon nap.

Logan played outside after the wife got home, and Lance and I played inside (Logan was playing with the garden hose!) A short trip to Burger King for dinner (my sons idea of fine dining), and then it was off to aikido class.

Ya knwo , I got to thinking about the recent series of event on the blog, and I remember when a dads list that Im on (this was a few years ago) suddenly became joined by members with alternative lifestyles. Several of the emails back and forth became heated, as words like "unnaccepting" and "Don't get it" were thrown at each other. I also remember telling a bit of what I revealed in that previous post. It was an attempt to make peace - to show that there was a middle ground - to try and make all welcome. I elaborated a lot more on my blog, and in reflection, kinda feel bad that I did. I guess not that bad - it'll be a documentation of how I felt on the matter (or odd thing's Ive done), and the kids will get a kick out of it later when they read and understand it. But I started to wonder how much of what I posted as out of "wanting the kids to know" and how much was out of trying to explain myself. I don't mind, but I also dont feel I need to. I'm left with a bad feeling about it - kinda like after saying "I cant be a racist - I have black friends". It can totally true, but coming out, it sounds like a flimsy defense. Anyways, I hope I've not lost and readers over what I posted. I knwo I can at least not worry about language that I use - if Dad Gone Mad can say cocksucker all the time, and still be a goodfellow, I got nothing to worry about (side note: he really does, I admit, have a fantastic writting style - and a great blog to follow).

Ive added a new link to the sidebar - Dad Bloggers. It's a collaborative effort by various online dads, about parenting topics. Kind alike a collection of short stories and essays.

Holy smokes

Tuesday, I had 71 hits for the site. Wednesday, I had 80! This is pretty high, considering average for my site is about 20 a day.

Thanks again to those who chimed in their support for the freedom of expression. Im glad that some of you get it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back to the hot topic

I really don't like addressing hot topics on a blog (kinda) - not because I don't like spouting off about issues that I feel strongly about, but because it too easily becomes a stage for someone elses play. But, as this is indeed an issue that my children will have to deal with (as is organized religion, though a seperate topic), let's endeavor to retouch on the topic. When my kids read this (when they are older), hopefully it will allow them an insight to myself .

Short Story first:
I always wanted to go into law enforcment. My plan was to get a degree, get experience from local Polie depts, and apply for a federal level position. Unfortunately, at the time I was preparing/prepared to do this (the work part - I already had the degrees), there was a hiring freeze on. SO no matter how good I was, I wan't going to get hired. And when they opened up the flood gates, I'd be competing with everyone who had "extra" time to prepare their resume, as well as all the minority hiring requiments (and Im pretty much a white guy).

I started working as a male dancer - in straight bars. The pay was good - the job was awesome - and it really allowed me to psychologically tie up some "loose ends", as I really wasn't the guy that girls chased after until then.

Long story short, I expected to find that all the bars were dens of drug users and escaped mental patients. Much to my suprise, night after night, I found that they were just people. Some druggies and alcoholics (of course), but for the most part, just normal people dealign with day to day issues - and looking for a momentary escape. My view of people changed.

The base pay when I danced was only about $15. The rest of your income was tips. So if no one showed up (ladies), you got $15 for all your hard work. That sucked. I was contacted by a local gay bar, and asked if I would like to dance a night or two (on male dancer night). I really didnt know what to think. Great - a fag bar. Then, they told me that the base pay was goign to be $40. I reconsidered - and confirmed that all state and local laws would be strictly adhered to.

*In Virginia, no touching at all is allowed between the dancer and the customer. All tips are HAND to HAND only. A marked, and physically divided stage area is also required - which means no leaving the dance floor and performing lap dances.

I figured, when I dance - I dance. Not that I was very good at it, but I really didnt care "who" was looking. I never saw myself as a "sex object", even in the straight bars. I felt that I was an entertainer - if you watched me dance around in overalls and a straw hat (to Thank God Im a Country Boy), and were entertained - great!

After my first night, a strange thing happened - and no, I didn't turn gay. The nameless "fags" became real people. Also, I should really mention that the first night I danced, I was very weary of the customers - afraid of being propositioned or whatever. The second night (and each time after that), I started carrying my Beretta. (I have a concealed permit). Not because I was afraid of the customers - but because I was afraid of some stupid ass 4th grade educated red neck trying to kick my ass as I went from bar to car. It wasn't the gays that I was worried about, but all the ignorant fuckers that weren't. I sure didnt want to get jumped outside the bar by a group of Billy Bobs, who didn't realize how straight I was, and could provide references!

I also noticed, by being in that environment, how lopsided non-gays were with respect to tolerance. By this I mean that gays can call each otehr gay - or fag- or make any joke they want (much the same argument can be made for blacks who call each other nigger). I straight guy, in a gay environment, if accepted by the community, can also be viewed in humor over names. But as soon as I was out of that environment (and in a college enviroment, where you'd expect more tolerance), I was a gay basher for daring to use words like "Fruit loop" and "fag".

I really feel bad for anyone caught in a situation where they don't have the support (moral) of their family. It bothers me to see the gay lifestyle almost glorified to children who do not have a sense of who they really are, and will give anything a try. It bothers me to hear of children disowned by their parents for choosing a lifestyle other than what the parent thinks is "the right one".

I don't think that mainstreaming gays in the media or movies are going to make the average american parent feel any better about their kids saying that they are gay. We all have hope and dreams for our kids. Grow up to be a good person, to be healthy, to be successful. Being gay is rarely one of them.

I also feel that the issue is seriously lopsided in temrs of open discussion by anyone other than Pro gay activists and Religious people. There's an entire middle demographic of people who have feelings one way or another, that are NOT based on religious doctrine. I don't want my kid to be gay. Not because the bible told me so, or the church told me so. I simply don't want it. ANd Im sure that there are others out there who feel the same, and wil not toe a Bible as their reasoning. The media doesn't seem to know what to do with this class of people. We don't sell papers, I guess.

There are things that I am aware of as an adult (being gay, wife swapping, open sexual relationships) that are all of a sexual nature, that I just don't want my kid exposed to. At least until they are of an age that I (the parent) feel not only THEY are prepared to learn of it, but that "I" as a parent am ready to discuss with my kids. Every topic has it's time - I hope that trying to properly choose the time of these topics' exposure to my kids - makes me a caring and concerned father.
TO Steve - ya, you ruffled my feathers a bit, but Im a big boy . No hard feelings here. I even stopped by your blog to check it out.

Now - while artfully avoiding any topic that deals with Childcare and Pet care, let's add sexualy prefernces to the bonfire of "Shit to avoid". I'll get back to all that dull stuff, like using the line from Rush Hour in drivethru yesterday :

Word of Wisdom

A copy of a recent email from Furuya Sensei, the head instructor of a BIG BIG Aikido dojo in California, for your mental enjoyment. (There's also a Yahoo group you can join, if interested - he is the moderator)

Some people do not listen. Some listen but do not hear. Some hear but do not
understand. Some understand, but do not pay attention. Some people pay attention, but
do not remember. Some people remember but do not apply what they know.

Please take a moment to think about what is "true" listening. . . It is very important in your

Moving on

My thanks for those who commented in support of me, and saw that I wasn't trying to condemn. Let's move on to other topics that are less likely to attract problematic visitors.

Here's a bit of a legal question for anyone who knows:
When a company is organized as a Non Profit Organization or is Incorporated, are they legally obligated to supply information such as "Registered Agent contact information" upon request?

What an amazing coincidence, that today, I finally receive an email from the old dojo. The sender (owners wife) made several incorrect statements. She had told me, at an earlier date, that she previously worked in collections. With that said, I could tell that letter was not written "to" me, but rather "at" me. I have no doubt that a copy of that letter will find it's way to court (by them). I have prepared a response letter, and am currently reviewing it for spelling, accuracy, and politness. Last thing I want to do it to provide them with any ammo to use against me.

Not much going on today that I can blog about. The inlaws took Logan for the day. He's been so managable recently. I guess all that bad attitude stemmed from being still sick. Lance and I took the day to just hang out and bond. Lunch from McDonalds, nap time, small road trip. It was a much needed time together. When the wife came home, we all went to the inlaws for dinner and the pick up Logan. He had a great day with them, even got to go to Mt Trashmore's playground.

Well, that's about all for now. I have so much more to share about the old dojo and the pending lawsuit - it pains me no tto be able to share it. Trust me, after March 6th, there's gonna be a whole lot of bloggin going on about not only my experiences at the dojo, but also about the hearing and decision.

Counter strike

Well, called the old dojo today, and they refused to give me the head contacts name, the name of the registered agent, and ANY other information. They demanded that I fax a request for it, and they'd "look it over". I even asked "So you are refusing to provide me with the registered agents name and address?" They responded "yes".

So, I hit a wall on that attempt, but it was worth a try.

My blog - my reply

Ok - let's see if I can address these in order..

I hardly consider that I was "ranting". Discussing a topic, giving my perspective (one sided as it may be), but hardly ranting. If you want a rant, I'll bring up reverse discrimination and unfair protection under the law based on sexual preference. If a hetro gets into a fight with a homo over a parking space (and neither is aware of where the other guy like to stick little Pepito), the hetro will be charged with a hate crime, rahter than simple assault.
But, I digress - back to my replies -
As far an I know, it was not just the high schools that were required to post those signs. May be wrong here - I'll Google it later.

Free to condemn - hmmm - lets talk abou ttat one for a bit - Im not sure who said it, but I remember a quote that said "Freedom of speech is not only for speech that you like, but for even that which you disagree with". While I dont condone spreading hate , I DO feel that my child shoudl have a right to express his feelings, and state whether he sees somethign as right or wrong, IRREGARDLESS of whether you feel it is or not. Gays can be free to express their CHOICE - (we'l get back to this one in a sec too), but those of differing opinions will be punished for "hurting someones feelings".

Suicide rate: the loss of a child is a tragedy, regardless of any factor (like sexual preference). Ho wabout this - rather than blaming society (as many minorities do when looking to shirk responcibility), lets perhaps look at the factor of them choosing to follow a non-normal sexual lifestyle that causes them problems. Many people want to do shit that aint quite right in societies eyes - they need to deal with it, not chance society so they can be freaks.

CHOICE: Saying that people are "born gay" is the biggest crock of shit since "Read my lips - no new taxes". And exposing this variant lifestyle to teens and preteens only sets the stage for exploration and later regret. Wanna be gay? Fine. Be gay . Have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up about out. I'd like to bang Pam Anderson, but I don't wear that on a teeshirt, or march in any "I bang Pam" parades, or whine and blame society for not accpeting me when I "make others and teens aware" that this is something that they might want to explore. I dont get any extra protection under the law when a conflict arrises that may not hav anything to do with my choice for Mr Peppi and Pam.

I am truly sorry that free thinkers like myself, who express an opinion contracry to yours, is the reason to harbor your child in private school.

So much for open explorative discussion. Aint this a bitch - I can openly brag about fucking another guy up the ass (and demand societal acceptance), but get slammed for talking about how I feel it isn't a good thing to choose to do.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Happy Heart Day"

the only way that Logan would let me take down the Christmas tree (which was done only last week) was by explaining that Happy Heart Day was coming. He can't say Valentine, so I put it in simpler words. He agreed that we needed to prepare for Heart Day, the tree came down,. and my son now understands "kinda' that when a new holiday comes, we put all the old stuff away.

The boys and I met my mom for lunch. Genghis Khan Mongolian Barbeque. I highly recommend it. What suicked though was that they were charging their dinner price ($8.95) all day long (instead of a $5.95 lunch time price). But, I splurged and we all had a great lunch.

I was at a complete loss of what to get the wife for Heart Day, so figured the sentimental path was the best to travel. I boght some stationary from Walmart, and had each of the boys color it - so each had a card for mommy. I traced their hands and feet on each of their respective papers, and then let them color away with crayons.

In the past, Valentines Day was a BIG BIG BIG money maker for me. Booking singing telegrams as cupid, Elvis, a teddy bear or in a tux. I regret to inform that this year, I either simply didnt get to return as many calls as I would have liked to, and that no one booked anything. One year, I made enough to buy myself a Vhs-c AND a mini-dv camcorder. There are definite drawbacks to being the stay at home parent. Gotta plan better for next year.

Can't think of much else right now - I'll try to get pics of the art work the kids did for their mommy. I'll leave this page open - go browse the web, and pop back when I think of somethign worth reading/writting about.

** Ya know, every time that I post a comment on my own blog, and have to enter that "verification" code (and enter it wrong) , I feel like the Wiggles when that damn door of theirs won't open for them, even after they prove that it's THEIR house they want to get into.

*Ok a browse over at Father Knows Jest (see link to the right) brings up a socially relavant issue to discuss. Homosexuality, and children's awareness of it. I remember a few weeks back, that the California school system was being sued by a couple of teachers. The skool system had decided to post signs in all their classroom that stated (I paraphrase here) - "This is a safe zone to be yourself", and it had words around the center text (Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, ect). Ok, I was able to link the actual sign - click above to see it. Anyway, the main admin person was on tv, doing an interview, and was asked :
"What about the rights of students who feel that those sexual preferences are wrong? What will happen to them if they speak up? Are they also safe to be themselves?"

The answer was a resounding (and questionable) (again, I paraphrase here)"Yes. As long as nothing is said in an antagonistic manner"

I really don't belive that this will be the case. I'd bet anything that the first person (for either personal or religious reasons) that speaks up and says "It's wrong to be gay" will be suspended.

Secondly, what right does the school systen have to condone ANY sexual orientation, even that of mainstream "straight". I understand them wanting to make kids who need help feel that they have a safe place to be. But I feel that that may also be takign away the rights of those who think, maybe, gay is wrong. If gay truly is "predestined", then why does it seem that they are promoting a sexual preference of any type to children who have no idea who they themselves are? Kids will want to be an astronaut one day, and a doctor the next. The last thing I want, as a parent, is for my child to think that "gay" is on the table as a possibility of who they "really may be". Dont' misunderstand me - If my kids turn out gay (while I'll be disappointed and self blaming), I'll accept them as the children that I love. But that doens't mean that I want anyone glorifiy it to them. I wouldn't want anyone glorlifying serial killing, even though it may also be predetermined. (Dont' get pissy - Im got saying that beign gay is the same as beign a serial killer) What I AM sayign is that I belive it to be the job of the school to bring into the awareness of my children those topics, job fields, educational issues and "things" that are most appropriate and socially accepted for their appropriate age range. Children are always trying to define themselves - to "discover " who they are. If he's gay, he's gay - but Im sure as hell not planting the seed of possibility in his head. And neither should any educational system.

On a side note - the same amount of social unacceptance could be said years ago, about couples with "mixed" children. Why would someone want to put their kids through that, some may have asked. But today, it seems that "mixed" people are everythere on tv. I dare say, that mixed race people are even a sought after commodity with regards to marketing and advertisment, as they appleal to various targeted socio-economic/ethnic audiences. Any think that one day, we'll look back at gays and wonder what all the fuss was over back in the early years of 2000?

After a quick potty break, and time to think more: 2 things
1. In a way, I support gay marriage, because if you look at it, it deon'st really undermine family values so much as it Really sticks it to the insurance companies. Ant they've been sticking it to US for years now.
2. For the average american parent, I think that homosexuality is in the same category as heart attackes and fat car crashes - you know that they are a reality, that they happen, you just pray that they never happen to you involving your kids.


Phil over at A Family Runs Through It has a post about the new Curious George movie. Critics, it seems, are putting the movie down because it is a "children's Movie", and doesn't appeal to a wider age-ranged audience. I think - FINALLY a film that's for kids, and someone has to stomp on it for not being adult enough.

The other day, Logan (3 yrs old) wanted to watch a movie, but shot down every selection that I offered. "Bad guys in that movie, Da". Even an innocent Babar movie had Rhinos as the bad guys (although they DO make friends).

As a parent, I'm really hard pressed to name any movie that doens't have some sort of bad guy in it. (Besides those boring Young Einstein videos - yuck!)

Also, I've noticed too often how "adult humor" find it's way into childen's movies. Can anyone name the kids movie that the following came from...

" Bi-otch was like WHAT! and i was like LATA ON!"

On a side note, I get tired of voice overs being people who are "popular" at the time. Like Cameron Diaz as the voice of Princess Fiona in Shrek. I personally cant stand cameron. She as hot in the Mask, and now looks like some uninflated flat chested floosey. Hey, my font is shrinking!! I wouldn't mind, cent I watched Alice in wonderland and am now looking out for when things get very large or very small.


Well, bout time for me to end this one. Before my font shrinks to nothing. Night all.

Happy Valentines Day

To one and all,

and even YOU Jen, regardless how much you think this holiday sucks!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Guess Im not a goodfellow -

I guess considering my open affliation with the Dark Side of the Force, I've been labeled a BAD Fellow.
Been seeing (from a few blogs that I follow) that a new multi-dad blog site is opeing tomorrow (Feb 14th). The BlogFathers. Sounds like an interesting venture, and I wish them well. Also wish I had been picked to be a contributor - kinda feels like gradeskool all over, when all the COOL kids got picked before I was. Best wishes to all the "cooler than me" who got picked. In sweathog terms - "Up your nose with a rubber hose!"


No offense to the new Welches tv commercial girl, but she just isn't as cute as the previous one. Emily Mae Young

While browsing Keiths blog , I saw songs on his sidebar from LAST.FM I followed the link, ad installed a pluygin into my Winamp. It's supposed to send the title and artist of what songs I listen to - and makes a collection for others to see, and to make nfriends base on musical tastes. Not really sure what the hell it does, but I downloaded/installed it and figured Id give it a try. I'll update on where it's fun or sucks.

Ok - 15 minutes later - It allows you to show what music that you are listening to on your pc, and the site allows others to listen to a 30 second previous of that particular song. One thing I see that Keith and I share in common is listenign to Allison Krauss (with or without Union Station). Not the most attractive girl on the planet, but DAMN is she don't have the most beautiful voice Ive ever heard. **FLASH BACK TO 1988.......

I used to work at McDonalds in high skool. Military Circle shopping center in Norfolk Virginia. I worked the drive thru, and we had these headsets to not only talk to the otuside car, but to each other as well. One day at work, I was the person in the isolation booth taking the orders- and another person was actually putting the food in the bags and sending them to my isolation room via a conveyer belt that ran over the lobby area and connected my room to the main register/food area.

The girl that was my back up person that day was a girl from my high skool. Mary Lamere (la-meer). Very pretty girl (white/asian mix, If I remember right) - Long black hair, highly intelligent, and very personable. Although we were aware of each other, there was never a "spark" or even the slightest hint of anything more than being passing aquaintences. But that day in drive thru, I fell in love. Her voice was one of the softest, sweetest voices I've ever heard. Nothing ever became of that day - we were friends who worked together, and often said Hello to each other at skool, but it was definitely something that I filed in my memory under "Things to remember when you need to smile".

***BACK TO 2006***

Ok - Im really stuck back in 1988 - but I'll be back in a short while.

(short time passes)

Ok - back now. I just got to thinking that if anyone from my old skool tried to find me, I dont think Ive ever listed (on this blog) where I attended school. Just for (findability), I attended Saint Stanislaus (St. Stans) in Cleveland, Ohio from 1977-1984. I then attended Lake Taylor Hign school from 1984-1988. For next time, maybe some old school memories would be nice to post. Like what a jackass Mr Fish (the soccer coach / chemisty teacher) was. He didnt give a damn about yoru grades, so me made the class fun. Fun, that is, until test time, when you got slammed after not knowing the material. And unless you plaed in the precious "Summer leauge", you got shit on when it came to the soccer team. I got much better grades second semester after transfering to Mr Evans class, and felt 10 times better once the season ended and I didn't have to sit the bench anymore. Some of the kids were such asskissers - just to get play time.

Although I went to Lake Taylor , there was a local church that put on teen dances. St Pius. We (the guys) LOVED to go to Puis dances. Once dance, I was dancing with a pretty girl that I had a crush on (Penny Corleto). I broke out what, at the time, was a witty way of winning her heart. It ended up being an embarrasing moment, and sucha cornball line that I never used it again. We wer dancing to "Never gonna dance again" by the then NOT-gay George Micheal. I whispered in her ear "You knwo, I guilt. Guilty for beign crazy about you". No reaction. She finished the dance, and never spoke to me agian. At first , I was heartbroken. Then I was bitter. Still am to this day. I've not spoke to her (heard from her) since that day, and truly Never danced again, the way I danced with youuuuuuuu. Ohhh oh.

OTHER 80's skool stuff: I remember seeing flyers put up in the hall saying that the Rep was looking for an actor to play Charlie Brown in a stage production. (REP was short for Norfolk Performing Arts Reperitory Company). It was the weighted credit "acting/singing/ dancing" class . A magnet kinda thing. I auditioned, and got the part. Later, had a showdown with Dr Parola, the then head of the program. Don't remember much of what the showdown was over, just that we were seriously clashing. Mostly cause he promised that I wouldn't have to take those friggin Ballet lessons, and then forced me to. I remember goign twice - thinking "This is SOOO fuckin uncool", and never going back. I later dropped REP from my schedule. It was later headed up by the wife of the Principal (Hindmarsh). LOVED him - hated her. She was the typical "Off broadway" snob that schrieked "OFF WITH HER HEAD" when she didnt get her way. We spoke only a few times, and disliked each other every time.

At our school, we woudl be allowed to dress up in costumes for Halloween. I once borrowed a lettermans jacket from a female friends boy friend (he played football), put on a wolf mask, and became TEENWOLF. To make this sweeter (if anyone has seen the movie), I anointed my then good friend (now wife) with a nickname that many would coem to know her as ... BOOF!
(Side note - I could have worn my OWN damn letternmans jacket, if that prick Mr Fish hadn't given it to some stumbling, clumbsy oaf instead of me. I actually DID letter - in academics, but not till later. Come to think of it, I never did get that letter. Maybe I'll contact the school about that. Might be nice to show the boys when they get older.

Guess that's it for now. We trudged thru "Suck my big toe for not picking me", neat/lame computer/blog stuff, and a brisk walk down memory lane (with a brief stop over at McDonalds so I could remember how sweet Mary's voice was)

Night all

You can't make up funnier shit than this


Dick Cheney
accidentally shot and wounded a companion during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, spraying the fellow hunter in the face and chest with shotgun pellets.


First thing I thought was: They forgot to caplitalize the Q in Dan's name - but then I saw it said "fellow hunter".

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lance takes first steps

On saturday evening, we went over the inlaws. After a while of playing, Lance became the center of attention. He has been (for weeks now) standing up on his own, then either plopping down on his butt, or forward onto his hands and knees. Over and over again. We've (the wife and I) been tryign to get him to take those precious first steps. Exspecially when we're both together, so neither of us miss it.

The wife and MIL were tyring to encourage him, and he just kept plopping down. So I knelt beside him, got him to stand up ."You need to start walking, bubba". I took one foot in each of my hands (while he was standing), and made him take a step on each foot. "Now you do it".

And damn if he didn't. He took about 5 steps, and was laughing so hard that he plopped down. He stood back up, facing back towards me, and took a few more steps. The room errupted in applause.

One of the neatest things, besides that the wife and I were there for this event, was that Logan was there too. He has had a large part in helpign baby to walk. He's constantly grabbing poor little Lance from behind, and "making" him walk, while supporting him. As Lance was taking his second step, Logan was close by, and I started yelling "LOGAN, COME HERE! BABY'S WALKING ! BABY'S WALKING!" Logan got to me by the time Lance was on his 2nd or 3rd step, so he got to see it as well.

WEATHER NEWS: Had occasionsl snow flurries today. It's gotten rather cold too. Hi's in the 40's - lows in the 20's.

Dojo news: I have more news regarding the upcoming lawsuit from my former dojo. Not sure if they have tapped into this blog, so I'm afraid Im going to have to keep the rest of my card close to the vest. I will update when I can.

Thinkin stuff: Try not to pull your thinkin bone on these....just some things that have crossed my mind recently.

1. I believe that babies will primarily have the same blood type as the mother. In some cases (not as rare as I previously thought, so the wife tells me), the blood type will conflict, and a drug is necessary to make peace. WIthout this drug, the mothers body will perceive the fetus as a foreign invasion, and try to destroy it. With this in mind, when an egg is fertiled with sperm, and the fertilized egg is then placed in a surrogate , so they try to match the blood type of the biological mother and the surrogate mother?

2. In the case of a surrogate mother, when the fertilized egg was donated from both the fathers sperm and the mothers egg (not biologically connected to the surrogate), what effect/influence, with regards to race and ethnicity, does this have on a child? Has there ever been a black surrogate for a white family? If so, although this childs biological makeup is white (from white parents), can this child apply for college grants that are only for African Americans? After all, he CAN prove that he was "born" from a black mother.

Nothing racist - just whimsical thoughts on biology and such.

Ok - there's a commerical for a new truck or suv or somethign like that. Starts off with a wife kissing her husband goodbye as he leaved the house. He walked to the edge of the yard, and DROPS like a brick - they live on a plataue. Parachute opens, and he floats down to the truck. I thinking:
1. How's he get back home? He cant drive up there - if he COULD, he'd have parked it up there in the first palce.
2. How long would it take me to get up that friggin cliff? The wife kinda does something fo rme. If we were lovers, would I have enough time to climb up before it was dark , and hubby was climbing up after work?

I saw a big sign ( in BIG LETTERS) on the back of a dump truck the other day - it read "DO NOT PUSH". Who the hell are they talking to ? The Incredible Hulk? Do they think I might feel the urge to "goose" it along at a stop light??


The kids and I are gettign better. Less green ooze fom our noses, but it's still there - so we're still takling medicine. Logan hates taking his. Lance loves it. Also, as far as attitude problems, Logan has really turned around from what I wrote in previous posts. Must have been all that sickness that had him on a short fuse. Not to say that it was ALL to be blamed on a cold, but the last days, he's been virtually no problem at all.

I got an email from the author of a blog called Father Knows Jest. I've added a link on the right - please check him out.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


If only my cars ran an much as our noses are recently. Then again, in a way, I guess is does. Strange oozing fluid dripping or running out at ackward times.

Both the boys have a cold again. I hope it's not that friggin virus again. They have had mild temperatures - nothing that has alarmed me, or caused concern. I say temperatrue, but I really mean that I have been feeling their foreheads, and they have felt (off and on) slightly warm. A day ago (or so), the baby was very sleepy. He was alert - conscious - just didnt want to play much. He just wanted to be held and sleep (don't we all?).

Wednesday, at the Y, I got on the treadmill for some running. I saw that it had a preprogramed selection called "Firefighter training program". I gave it a try. 1 mile and my ass was kicked! I had only a small bit more to go, but I had to hit the STOP button like a sissy. I normally run 1-2 miles, with the elevation at 1. Speed usually is about 5 or 6. At the 1 mile mark, the incline was at 8, and the speed was at 6. Screw the stair stepper - Im trying this one again! It'll help when I don't have a stuffed up nose, and can breathe better.
* At one point, I was so damn tird - with sweat flying off of me, that I almost started swearing at the little flashign lights on the display. "Come on , you son of a bitch - dont just flash - ADVANCE!! Im runnin my ass off here!!"

Today was pretty non-eventful. Late wake up with the kids (cause everyone is sick). THere's always an ackward period around 10am. We're up - we want breakfast - but if we wait just 30 minutes, we can get LUNCH food from Chickfila, and not left over breakfast stuff. Today, we decided to drive REALLY slow, and take a tour of the entire Walmart/Kohls/Chickfila parking lot. Got home with some delicious Chickfina food, then held the baby while he napped. Logan had different ideas, and kept coming in and out of the room with whatever loud toy he found in his bedroom.

Logan has been acting
strange lately, regarding movie selection. He's started to throw tantrums over certain movies (for our rest time). It's not the REST part that he spazzes over, as Ive played movies for other times too. But he's started to HATE what used to be his favorite. Lord of the Rings (The RING movie), Rush Hour 1 and 2 ( "Words coem out my mouth?" movie), Bladerunner, Star Wars, even the Karate Kid. He get freaked, and runs to his room - begging me to change the movie. He says that "bad guys" are in the movie, and that they scare him. He even freaked over "Baby's day out" and "Air Bud". THese last 2 are not favorites (they were first timers), but that goes to show that even child oriented cartoons can set him off. BUT, he'll watch Tom and Jerry, Lazy Town, and Dora (and Diego). Ive come to realize that every friggin movie or cartoon has bad guys in it.

* No - im not looking for suggestions for non-bad guy movies. It's just a ploy, an act, a phase ( I HOPE), and my son will have to learn to suck it up and be a man. If dad wants to watch the Karate Kid, then he will have to remember the 40 times that we watched it before, and he LOVED it. He'll have to remember our recent arguments (where he WON), as I tried in vain to tell him that Darth Vader is the Bad guy. Accoding to him, I must be out of my tree to think this.

Well, off to see that the rest of you in blogland have been writing tonight,

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Word verification

Something neat just happened - after all those times of trying in vain to make some sense out of those randomly generated letter for Blog Word Verification, it finally happened --- kinda.




My apologees to At Home Daddy

I just realized that, when I created that Blogroll on the sidebar, that I entered a specific post on yoru site as the url, and NOT the main blog url. Ive been checking in on your blog ever few days since Dec 30th, and not seen any new entries - cause I was using the link that I had unknowingly sabotaged.


ps. I fixed the link

Lost program

I need help finding a program to download. I think I posted about it a while back, but cant remember the name of it - and cant find it on my computer after having to reinstall Windows Xp after my recent mobo/cpu upgrade.

It's a program that allows you to snatch web sites from online, and saves them to your harddrive - so you can view them offline. It is also wonderful for creating a back up of your blog.

Can anyone recommend a free-downloadable program to do this? Anyone remember what the hell "I" suggested?!


Saturday, February 04, 2006

In a bad place

Today was a great day. All went well for most of the day. It was a great temperature outside, so after meeting my mom for lunch (with both Darth babies in tow), and a return home for a nap, I planned on taking the kids to a park or at least on a bike ride.

For our afternoon movie (Naptime for Lance, and rest time for Logan and I), we watched Forrest GUmp. Logna loved it, expecially when Forrest is told to "RUN, Forrest... RUNNNN". I wanted to go somewhere after our rest where he could let loose and haul much ass. As we were gearing up to leave, the wife called and suggested we all go to Mt Trashmore (a local park with a BIG ASS HILL in the middle). It seemed perfect. I got the kids ready - she came home from work and picked us up. She had mentioned that her "stroller group" (a bunch of women who live locally and chat by email and phone on a Yahoo group) was going to be there. I didnt think much of it. She can take Lance in the stroller , and I can run around with Logan.

We get to the hill, and it turns out only one stroller friend is there. So she starts off on a stroller walk with her friend, with Logan and I in tow. WHen I saw the route they were planning to take, I suggested to Logan that we run up the hill, and catch them when they complete their loop aroudn the lake. He wanted to walk with momma. SO we followed. But the path (the loop aroudn the lake), starts off on a side walk next to the main road. I wanted him to hold my hand, and he threw a friggin fit. Screaming, yelling, kicking - calling me all sorts of growling nast names. SO I told him that he was going either to the hill with me, or gonna sit in the car. This sent him over the edge. He starts kicking the shit out of me, screaming , and telling me that he's a cop, and Im the bad guy - and he hates me. I had picked him up to transport him, and he screamed in my ear - so damn loud that I snatched him in front and covered his face with my hand before I knew I had done so. Scared me. I tried to calm him (I of course let his face go), tried to talk to him - he was sure that I was an asshole, and he wanted momma. So much for my taking pictures of my son bounding up the hill like Logan Gump. So much for our peacful day without any trouble. I confirmed with him that he wanted momma - and we walked to catch her. If he wanted her so Goddamned bad - he coudl have her - and she could have him.

She had doubles back when she saw we were in pursuit, and her and her friend returned to the parkign lot. On the way (as we all traveled to return to the parkign lot we started off in), we passed a playground that was under construction. I say "Under construction not out of a guess - but because of the BIG ASS 4 ft tall orange construction fencing surrounding it to keep people out. Into the center runs Logan. I figured it was her job to wrangle him - I was done. I was fuming too. My wife bailed on our group venture to the park - and my son turned on my like he actually knew my dark nature.

I told them to go on without me, I was going to the car. Got the keys - and sat there. A few minutes later, they (my family - the other woman had left) come to the car, and she tells me "Im taking them over to the playground". As they walked away, I realized that she meant that very same playground with the STAY THE FUCK OUT construction fencing. Not just that its a bad idea to play in there, but it could also be dangerous - if they are workign on stuff, that means stuff can break and hurt my kids. SO I get out of the car and start yelling at her. I try to reason, but am thinking "Where's your fuckin head?!"

They come back and say that they are going to walk up on the hill. At this point, they could have walked out in the lake for all I cared. I was so pissed off.

We went to Pizza Hutt afterwards, and then home. Havent said much to eithe rof them. (Poor Lance - I tried to make sure I played with him at meal, and didnt give him attitude.) I made Logan sit with the Emporess, and paid most attention to Lance. When we go thome, and it was Logans night time, he started crying askign me to come lay down with him. I refused. Felt bad about that, bt Im still pissy about what happened. I knwo that he loves his momma - and that he's only 3 - but this really put a whoopass on my feelings. I went from being a proud father to feelign like a shit on nanny.

Better not stay up too late - tomorrow I at least get a few hours of aloen time if I made my mouring aikido class.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What a fruitcake

My wife , sleeping on the couch, just freaked and hid her head under the covers. When I asked what was here problem, she said that she was hiding - from hairballs and things like that. I hope our insurance covers this sort of thing.

For those just tuning in

TO give more info about the upcoming lawsuit --

I joined a dojo - signed a 2 year contract - the place was less than adequate. I'll post more later.
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