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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Warm day today

The weather was beautiful today. It's a shame that we didn't get out in it until later in the day. We stayed home for breakfast, played most of the morning, and then ventured out to the Y. They have a large gymnasium, and it's reserved (from 9am-12noon) for their day care kids. They are not always in the gym - they are mostly in the daycare room, but it's nice when they bring all the kids down there. Today they had about 10-15 kids. Logan ran around with a ball, until he made a new friend. A cute little 4 yr old red headed girl. She was carrying books with her, and they sat down together. She started to read him a story - it was so cute! Lance ended up with 2 little girlfriends, both around 4 or 5. My sons are chick magnets - let's hope it lasts thru college.

One comment to make regarding the day care staff.... I was reminded today why I don't use their daycare during the day. Today, there were 3 staff members in the gym. A youngish boy (around 16 or so), a late teen/early 20 something girl (stocky build), and some 130 year old grumpy woman. The guy was the only one that seemed to do well with the kids. He didn't really play with them, but he seemed pleasant, and the kids responded well to him. The other two - oh man. The 130 year old woman yelled at the kids for runnning around. HELLO! They are kids! They are in a BIG ASS gym. I myself would run around. The other girl was even worse. She kept throwing a rubber soccer ball against the wall (she was about 6 ft away from it), and catching it when it bounced back. But when the little ones saw thiw and did it too (including Logan), she yelled at them not to do that. Then the overgrown yetti started to shoot baskets. If one of those shots had bounced into my kid, I've have opened a kung fu can of whoopass. If you don't want kids to do something fun, DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF THEM! Jackasses.

I turned around to play with Lance for a bit, and when I turned back around, I saw that both the ladies had left. After a while, the guy started to collect all of the balls (they had a shitload of balls out for the kids to play with). Logan ran back and forth, and back and forth - helping get all the balls for the guy. It was good to see him trying to be such a little helper. When the kids went back to their room, we played for a small while longer (in the now vacant gym), then went to Chickfila for lunch (drivethru). Came home, eat and everyone crashed for afternoon nap.

Logan played outside after the wife got home, and Lance and I played inside (Logan was playing with the garden hose!) A short trip to Burger King for dinner (my sons idea of fine dining), and then it was off to aikido class.

Ya knwo , I got to thinking about the recent series of event on the blog, and I remember when a dads list that Im on (this was a few years ago) suddenly became joined by members with alternative lifestyles. Several of the emails back and forth became heated, as words like "unnaccepting" and "Don't get it" were thrown at each other. I also remember telling a bit of what I revealed in that previous post. It was an attempt to make peace - to show that there was a middle ground - to try and make all welcome. I elaborated a lot more on my blog, and in reflection, kinda feel bad that I did. I guess not that bad - it'll be a documentation of how I felt on the matter (or odd thing's Ive done), and the kids will get a kick out of it later when they read and understand it. But I started to wonder how much of what I posted as out of "wanting the kids to know" and how much was out of trying to explain myself. I don't mind, but I also dont feel I need to. I'm left with a bad feeling about it - kinda like after saying "I cant be a racist - I have black friends". It can totally true, but coming out, it sounds like a flimsy defense. Anyways, I hope I've not lost and readers over what I posted. I knwo I can at least not worry about language that I use - if Dad Gone Mad can say cocksucker all the time, and still be a goodfellow, I got nothing to worry about (side note: he really does, I admit, have a fantastic writting style - and a great blog to follow).

Ive added a new link to the sidebar - Dad Bloggers. It's a collaborative effort by various online dads, about parenting topics. Kind alike a collection of short stories and essays.


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