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Monday, February 13, 2006

Guess Im not a goodfellow -

I guess considering my open affliation with the Dark Side of the Force, I've been labeled a BAD Fellow.
Been seeing (from a few blogs that I follow) that a new multi-dad blog site is opeing tomorrow (Feb 14th). The BlogFathers. Sounds like an interesting venture, and I wish them well. Also wish I had been picked to be a contributor - kinda feels like gradeskool all over, when all the COOL kids got picked before I was. Best wishes to all the "cooler than me" who got picked. In sweathog terms - "Up your nose with a rubber hose!"


No offense to the new Welches tv commercial girl, but she just isn't as cute as the previous one. Emily Mae Young

While browsing Keiths blog , I saw songs on his sidebar from LAST.FM I followed the link, ad installed a pluygin into my Winamp. It's supposed to send the title and artist of what songs I listen to - and makes a collection for others to see, and to make nfriends base on musical tastes. Not really sure what the hell it does, but I downloaded/installed it and figured Id give it a try. I'll update on where it's fun or sucks.

Ok - 15 minutes later - It allows you to show what music that you are listening to on your pc, and the site allows others to listen to a 30 second previous of that particular song. One thing I see that Keith and I share in common is listenign to Allison Krauss (with or without Union Station). Not the most attractive girl on the planet, but DAMN is she don't have the most beautiful voice Ive ever heard. **FLASH BACK TO 1988.......

I used to work at McDonalds in high skool. Military Circle shopping center in Norfolk Virginia. I worked the drive thru, and we had these headsets to not only talk to the otuside car, but to each other as well. One day at work, I was the person in the isolation booth taking the orders- and another person was actually putting the food in the bags and sending them to my isolation room via a conveyer belt that ran over the lobby area and connected my room to the main register/food area.

The girl that was my back up person that day was a girl from my high skool. Mary Lamere (la-meer). Very pretty girl (white/asian mix, If I remember right) - Long black hair, highly intelligent, and very personable. Although we were aware of each other, there was never a "spark" or even the slightest hint of anything more than being passing aquaintences. But that day in drive thru, I fell in love. Her voice was one of the softest, sweetest voices I've ever heard. Nothing ever became of that day - we were friends who worked together, and often said Hello to each other at skool, but it was definitely something that I filed in my memory under "Things to remember when you need to smile".

***BACK TO 2006***

Ok - Im really stuck back in 1988 - but I'll be back in a short while.

(short time passes)

Ok - back now. I just got to thinking that if anyone from my old skool tried to find me, I dont think Ive ever listed (on this blog) where I attended school. Just for (findability), I attended Saint Stanislaus (St. Stans) in Cleveland, Ohio from 1977-1984. I then attended Lake Taylor Hign school from 1984-1988. For next time, maybe some old school memories would be nice to post. Like what a jackass Mr Fish (the soccer coach / chemisty teacher) was. He didnt give a damn about yoru grades, so me made the class fun. Fun, that is, until test time, when you got slammed after not knowing the material. And unless you plaed in the precious "Summer leauge", you got shit on when it came to the soccer team. I got much better grades second semester after transfering to Mr Evans class, and felt 10 times better once the season ended and I didn't have to sit the bench anymore. Some of the kids were such asskissers - just to get play time.

Although I went to Lake Taylor , there was a local church that put on teen dances. St Pius. We (the guys) LOVED to go to Puis dances. Once dance, I was dancing with a pretty girl that I had a crush on (Penny Corleto). I broke out what, at the time, was a witty way of winning her heart. It ended up being an embarrasing moment, and sucha cornball line that I never used it again. We wer dancing to "Never gonna dance again" by the then NOT-gay George Micheal. I whispered in her ear "You knwo, I guilt. Guilty for beign crazy about you". No reaction. She finished the dance, and never spoke to me agian. At first , I was heartbroken. Then I was bitter. Still am to this day. I've not spoke to her (heard from her) since that day, and truly Never danced again, the way I danced with youuuuuuuu. Ohhh oh.

OTHER 80's skool stuff: I remember seeing flyers put up in the hall saying that the Rep was looking for an actor to play Charlie Brown in a stage production. (REP was short for Norfolk Performing Arts Reperitory Company). It was the weighted credit "acting/singing/ dancing" class . A magnet kinda thing. I auditioned, and got the part. Later, had a showdown with Dr Parola, the then head of the program. Don't remember much of what the showdown was over, just that we were seriously clashing. Mostly cause he promised that I wouldn't have to take those friggin Ballet lessons, and then forced me to. I remember goign twice - thinking "This is SOOO fuckin uncool", and never going back. I later dropped REP from my schedule. It was later headed up by the wife of the Principal (Hindmarsh). LOVED him - hated her. She was the typical "Off broadway" snob that schrieked "OFF WITH HER HEAD" when she didnt get her way. We spoke only a few times, and disliked each other every time.

At our school, we woudl be allowed to dress up in costumes for Halloween. I once borrowed a lettermans jacket from a female friends boy friend (he played football), put on a wolf mask, and became TEENWOLF. To make this sweeter (if anyone has seen the movie), I anointed my then good friend (now wife) with a nickname that many would coem to know her as ... BOOF!
(Side note - I could have worn my OWN damn letternmans jacket, if that prick Mr Fish hadn't given it to some stumbling, clumbsy oaf instead of me. I actually DID letter - in academics, but not till later. Come to think of it, I never did get that letter. Maybe I'll contact the school about that. Might be nice to show the boys when they get older.

Guess that's it for now. We trudged thru "Suck my big toe for not picking me", neat/lame computer/blog stuff, and a brisk walk down memory lane (with a brief stop over at McDonalds so I could remember how sweet Mary's voice was)

Night all


  • At 1:55 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    Shannon, head over to DadBloggers... They're looking for contributors... Once a month is all. It's a nice group of dads, and we're focusing just on fatherhood. None of the drinking, swearing, women and other non-parent things you'll read on those other multi-dad blogs.

  • At 2:01 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    Also, I stuck a graphic on my blog that updates once a week with the top-played artists on my iTunes. It's surprising to me to see what I tend to listen to over the long-haul.

    Another comment about that BlogFathers site... Looks like more of the same with the "cool dads" (only in their own minds). It actually reminds me of the worst kind of junior high clique. But if I want to read real, honest, practical advice about being a father, there are a whole bunch of other blogs to read first. Why waste time on that drunk dad crap?

  • At 2:59 PM, Blogger The Green Family said… 1988 my husband used to work at the putt putt in back of military circle mall. Small world!

  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger Darth Daddy said…

    Small world indeed. I used to frequent that Putt Putt around the 85-88 time frame. We'd walk from there over to the arcade a few doors down. Sure wish I could have gotten a few of those BIG animal statues when the Putt Putt closed down. Im sure the neighbors would LOVE a 20 ft tall giraffe pearing over the fence at them!

  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger KC said…

    I think is reasonably cool, though I enjoy the "recommendations" found at Pandora quite a bit more. Pandora has improved a lot in the last year or so. Check it out - they have a free and paid version of their service.


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