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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Moving on

My thanks for those who commented in support of me, and saw that I wasn't trying to condemn. Let's move on to other topics that are less likely to attract problematic visitors.

Here's a bit of a legal question for anyone who knows:
When a company is organized as a Non Profit Organization or is Incorporated, are they legally obligated to supply information such as "Registered Agent contact information" upon request?

What an amazing coincidence, that today, I finally receive an email from the old dojo. The sender (owners wife) made several incorrect statements. She had told me, at an earlier date, that she previously worked in collections. With that said, I could tell that letter was not written "to" me, but rather "at" me. I have no doubt that a copy of that letter will find it's way to court (by them). I have prepared a response letter, and am currently reviewing it for spelling, accuracy, and politness. Last thing I want to do it to provide them with any ammo to use against me.

Not much going on today that I can blog about. The inlaws took Logan for the day. He's been so managable recently. I guess all that bad attitude stemmed from being still sick. Lance and I took the day to just hang out and bond. Lunch from McDonalds, nap time, small road trip. It was a much needed time together. When the wife came home, we all went to the inlaws for dinner and the pick up Logan. He had a great day with them, even got to go to Mt Trashmore's playground.

Well, that's about all for now. I have so much more to share about the old dojo and the pending lawsuit - it pains me no tto be able to share it. Trust me, after March 6th, there's gonna be a whole lot of bloggin going on about not only my experiences at the dojo, but also about the hearing and decision.


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