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Monday, February 20, 2006

Just another manic monday

Wish it was Sunday - that's my fun day. My "I don't have to celan dirty diapers day"

The wife had the day off from work today, so we all just hung out together. I made a trip alone (ALONE!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!) to Officemax to make some copies. Picke dup som edvd+r's too. Got a gret deal. They have the Office Max brand -$12 for a 50 pack. I had a coupon that gave me $10 off any purchase over $20. So, for you math challenged (like myself), I bought 2 packs of 50 dvd's (toal of 100) for only $14. Before you crown me an Eiinstein, I should say that this is AFTER buying a 100 pack eariler today at Compusa for $20 (still a good deal). I'm starting to use up my dvd-r's more frequently, now that I have a dvd player that will support them. It sucked having the much sought after APEX (with the secret loophole smenu), and it not be capable of playing burned media. It DOES, however, have an upgradable player inside. Soon as I find a new dvd drive (for the computer) for cheap enough, I can swap it out with the one in the APEX (a stand alone dvd player).

Let's see - I've felt a little heartbroken the last few days - I turn on the tv, I see ice, I see big ass rocks with handles, and then, just as I scan for Cassie or Jessica.......BAM - I get an eyeful of some dude. I've never cared much for the Olympics, and even LESS for Curling, but Cassie Johnson and Jessica Schultz had me telling the boys to "Sit down and be quiet! Can't you see the Olympics are on??" Cassie looks SO MUCH like a girl I dated back in the late 80's (not her though). Carolyn Lees, from Cleveland. Though Cassie is SOO much prettier. (In case Carolyn reads this - I was in love, you bitch. I know we were young, but that's don't excuse you for cheating on me!"

FLASH BACK TO 1985: I thought of her the other day when I was listening to "Glory of Love" on a cd mix I made for the kids. I remember (at least I THINK I remember) the summer of 1985, being in Cleveland on vacation, and going to meet either 1.her for a date or 2. A group of friends (of ours) at a local movie theatre. I was only 14 or 15, so I didn't drive yet. The Karate Kid 2 was in the theatre, and GLORY OF LOVE was on the radio as my mom fumbled around and made me late. As she drove Mach2 (to make up for lost time), theses words came over the radio..

"Just like a knight in shining armor, from a long time ago,
just in time I will save the day, take you to my castle far away"
I remember thinking "Just in time my ass - not if my mom is driving me!

I went over my moms to help her set up a wireless router for her internet. She had installed/set up her cable internet service, and let's just say it was so screwed up that it actually worked. She had all sorts of wrong setting set, and there was a funky settign in her Network Settings folder. It took all my knowledge, 5 reboots, wait - let' see if I can make asong outta it.

To the tune of the 12 days of Christmas
6 invented swear words
5 cold reboots
4 hours of trying
3 migrain headaches
2 "I give up"s
And 1 hour with Cox Cable tech support


  • At 11:18 PM, Blogger davis21wylie said…

    Hey, certainly a resemblance to Cassie J., but you're right, the Skip is way prettier.

  • At 11:47 PM, Blogger Darth Daddy said…

    Ya know, after I wrote that part, I tried to find a picture of Carolyn on Google, and couldn't. No big suprise really - they probably don't have computers in that part of the trailer park yet (ba da CHING!)

    But seriously, I'll see if I can find an old picture of her. Just came across one of anothe rex and I at the beach today. My 3 yr old was goign thru a "random picture" photo album I made a while back, and there it was - Stacy and I at the beach. Hard to tell if the wife was jelous or indifferent. Guess I'll find out if she sneaks under the covers with me tonight!



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