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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

This should buy me at least 15 minutes! Posted by Hello

Nap time!! Nap time!! YEAY!!!

The demon is in humble repose. We started with a really good day - the wife has an all day college class, so it's just the baby and me. He was in a really great mood, and active, and playful - until she came home from skool for lunch. We went out for a quick bite, afterwards the child was possessed by the dark side of the Force! Me got mean - started screaming, kickick, hitting. As soon as we came home, he was informed it as nap time. 2 minutes worth of crying and screaming, and he was otu like light. He really should have gone down earlier - but I let him stay up, in case Al wanted to get lunch (which she did). We'll see when he returns -if the nap did him any good.

Dad's Mail list : really tamed down now. Moderator stepped in, and put an end to things. New topic is stage moms and what music our kids like. However, in true fashion, the topic of opera (a neutral topic) was raised, with Madame Butterfly being the specific one named. Here we gay again.

The hearse: Oh boy - bad, then great. I put the new plugs in, and it wouldn't start! Dammit! Almost put the old plugs back in - then I checked for gas. Just like Billy Bob Thorton in Sling Blade "Ya got any gas in it?" - um..well......duh, no I didn't. I disconnected the fuel line to the carb, and stuck it in a bowl. Turned the key and no gas came out. Either fuel pump, or no gas. I put gas in, and it starts fine now. (And I feel really stupid!). I took it on a maiden voyage last night - around the neighborhood. Everytime I passed my street, and was going to return home, I stepped on it, and kept going. After cruising for about 20 minutes, I returned home - turned the car off. Then back on- IT STARTED!! YEAY!! I figure a few more test runs, and I'll be really to try it with the baby in the back.

Gas: Youch - I thought that the gas guage on the blk hearse was broke. I had added about 5 gallons whenI started fixing it up, and the needle never moved. That is why I didn't knwo it was out of gas. So, I added another 5 gallons - and this time the needle went from dead to just on the EMPTY mark. That tank has got to be a monster if 5 gallons barely budges the needle! I may need to take out loans if I plan to drive it more than 3 bloacks a day.

Well....the beast still sleeps - and I got a bit of time to do "stuff" - I'm off to to it.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Ruffled feathers

Behold the rain held out! I got to be Scooby Do, and then went to a different party to set up a moonwalk - and no rain! It can rain tomorrow if it likes (and it is supposed to). I have spark plugs ready to go in the bl hearse. Probably do that after posting this.

About the title - I had a really good day. I worked, made money for the family, the baby went with the Emperess to her parents house, and I got some work around the house done. All was well. Then I read my email - and man, I turned evil. The Stay at Home Dad's list had a new member, who it seems, is trying to incite arguments by bringing up "gay" topics, and seing who will "bite". I am more than capable of verbal Judo in the "multicultural, multiethhnic, multiwhatever" topic. After the attack from the staff at ODU, my scars run deep , as does my pool of knowledge. Seems like he don't give a damn about talking about kids - he wants to find out who's gay (like him, Im guessing - he never really said for sure). This jackass (CmePO) posting loaded questions, and his couterpart (R2Duh2) fueling the fire - it's like having had a puppy run over - then someone wants to talk about the best tires to run things over with. And I don't know whether Im addicted to my email (so i check it often) - or if everyone else was uninterested/dumbfounded to what was going on. So, I decided to jump in the thick of it, and stand my ground. It worked me up - quite a bit. ok - the fruit loops now have too much blog space here - I'll move on.
DARTH Logan - it's amazing , as a father, the things that he recalls - that I wouldn't think he would. A few months ago (I stopped ) I would show him the screaming HULK doll (when we were at Walmart). He seemed frightened of it, so I stopped showing it to him. Instead, I showed him the Spiderman doll that talks, and his eyes light up. I only showe this doll to him once or twice. He has a small spiderman doll (non electronic). Yesterday, the wife said he will hunt that doll down - until he finds it - press it's tummy, then get very upset that he won't talk or light up his eyes. How cute!! I hat eto spoil him - but when she told me that , I wantd to run out and pick up the other doll (and I still just might!)
30 minutes into Monday - all are alseep - feathers are unruffling - Good night Grandpa - Good night John Boy - Good night Grant.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Emperess, and Baby Darth Logan Posted by Hello

Self Portrait - I know I know-- I really need a shave and a haircut. As soon as someone calls for Elvis or Batman - the beard is gone. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Damn Rain!!

This off and on rain is a real pain. Not peekaboo funny, but costing me money.

I had a $370 party today - that got whittled down to a $100 party due to all the rain. Moonwalk cancelations, party cancelations - this sucks. It fainally stopped for awhile - everyone is sleeping, so I thought I'd go tinker with the hearse - but NO. AS soon as I got into doing something, the bottom fell out once more. Hopefully, tomorow will be more predictable .
Earlier, we went to Mogolian BBQ - met my mom up there. Logan is now refusing (and I mean kicking and screaming) to sit in high chairs. At 18 months, he has declared his independence, and wants to be a BIG boy, and sit in a chair like daddy. Only problem is h'se too short to do so (most times). So, we've been getting booths whenever possible - he can sit,stand, move around a little - and still be containted. He's so good when we are out. The staff always play with him wherever we go....sometimes even holding his hand and taking him for a small walk around the resteraunt. He's the hit of the party.
We started going through some of his many toys tonight - trying to figure which ones he never paid much attention to, so we can either pack them away - or pass them on. We are being a bit selective - we don't want the second baby just to have "Logan Approved Toys" in case his/her interest runs differently.
I think the rain let up - I've got 8 brand new, gapped spark plugs to put in the hearse. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Another step towards victory today. Bought and installed a $12 voltage regulator, and the volts are now up to 14.4, from 12.1 Usually, a few steps ago, I would give up - having tried my best, and have it hauled off to a mechanic. But this time - BAM - I think I got it.
Now for the stupid sh*t I've dealt with today. Long John Silvers has tray liners that have a $5 off coupon for Advance auto. I went in and asked for a tray liner - it was like pulling teeth! Totally pissed me off. SO, I came back later - with 2 seperate orders, both for HERE, seperate tray for each. I ordered an ear of corn (52 cents) and 2 hushpuppies (33 cents), and I GOT MY DAMN COUPONS! Then it's off to Karate class- what a waste of time. This place is starting to present as much challange to me as chewing gum does. In all fairness, we had 4 new people tonight, so we "had" to start at the beginning - just wish there were more higher ranking belts to learn from (and spar). I'm still wearing a white belt, and a headband with the konji for "Ronin" on it. It's a subtle protest. I'm actually green belt now, but I was refused to test for purple. I disagreed with the test results for green as well, although he passed me. I should (by equivalent) be ranked at around 1 to 3 belts below black in this system. Instead, I'm feeling like a pee-on, good for taching the lower ranks, and got tossed a bone for my trouble. I will continue to wear the white belt in protest, and will only wear my newly aquired rank of green at the test for purple (the next color up). I gotta (GOTTA) find a karate place around somewhere! This Tae Kwon Do shit is starting to bug me.
THE BABY: Here I am - 3rd topic, and finally getting to the baby (Logan). He was a doll today (for me, at least). We all went to McDonalds to lunch, where he ate an entire cheeseburger. This is a big first, not because he eat the whole thing, but because this was the first time we gave him the whole thing to hold and eat. Normally, we break it up for him - not this time. He dug in like a pro! Later, I slipped away to a junk yard for a few hours - I found the holy grail of station wagons - the fold away rear-facing gunner seat! Screw your SUV - my hearse will have tail gunner positions - hope the kids will like that if we take it on field trips! The car can (once installed) carry 8 (living or dead) upright seated people.
Well - Im pooped. Hard hot day at the salvage yard - boring martial sport class - food and auto parts morons grating on my nerves like a cheese grater - I quit. Thursday is oficially fired - I will hold auditions for Friday first thing tomorrow mourning.

Snooooooozin  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Rainy day. Alicia had her first college class (working towards a MS.ed), so she was gone most of the day. The Imperial Dark Lord and I pretty much just hung out in the house today. We laughed, we cried...we laughed some more. Worked on new words for him -as well as blocks, flash cards, colors, alphabet, all that stuff.
After the wife got home, we all went to Applebees for food. Then to a hardware store (I need more stuff for back seat of Black hearse). After they both went to sleep, I snuck outside with my tool kit and a drill, and installed the upper part of the back seat. I'm starting the car daily now, just to make sure. I still got a power problem, but a minor one. The alternator charges the battery at 12 volts, not 14 like it should. A new $11 voltage regulator may solve that. I'm losing power somewhere, but at least it's keeping the battery alive. Tomorrow, I may take her on a test run thru the neighborhood. She sounds strong -and looks good. I hope I got the air/fuel mixture right on the carb. I think I got it, cause it don't shoot out balls of fire anymore (seriously!). Maybe it's just jelous of the paint job.
BTW: On Ebay, I found another person with a 77 Chrysler, like mine (no neat paint job though). $3500 for it. He claims that it is the only running one of 3 left. The other 2 are in junk yards on the east coast. Guess he overlooked one. (I think he's full of it and trying to up the price - but it's neat to consider).
Well - Im soaked from working inside the hearse (sweaty) - it's shower time and off to bed.

HiiiiiYA - what a kick!

This post is actually a day late, but on Tuesday, for the first time, I actually felt the baby kick (the unborn one that is- my privates still recall how Logan can kick). I put my hand on her tummy and "pow pow" 2 kicks. She has felt them for a while, and even Logan has. He lays on her chest for nite nite time, and a few times, the unborn has kicked him. Logan sat up, looked at her belly, and started laughing!! Then he poked at it a few times. Siblings. I guess it's a sign of things to come - "He's touching me!".

Monday, June 21, 2004

Logan and Dada Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father's Day

Until Logan came along (and soon the new baby as well) , I really had no use for the day. Now - I can't imagine a more perfect holiday. I celebrate everyday that I am I daddy - but a day when other people regocnize the work I do - that's cool!
We started the day a bit unusually - Alicia and Logan left quite early to meet her parents for church. They were going to go for breakfast afterwards, and I was under specific instructions from the Lord to sleep in late. But allowances can always be made for food! I met them at the Pancake place - sat in a booth with the munchkin between us. He's really had a beef with highchairs lately - he wants to sit in the booth or chair like a big boy. He behaves, so we accomodate him.
After breakfast, we came home for a big of a rest - then it was off to Walmart. Snacks and more snacks!! The inlaws were having a picnic at 2pm, so we shopped before hand and headed over. Darth Logan only got a 4 minute nap - but was an angel for the whole day. He played outside, tried to pet the fishie in the pond - saw the turtle that has taken up residency in thier pond - played with the dog, and made the rounds seein family members (Great Grampa Morrow, Great Uncle Chuck, and Great Aunt Carolyn). My mom was also there, so he had to grandmas to play with.
When he had had enough of visiting (playing with them), it was a flattering "back to dear old dad". He wanted a horsey ride, so I obliged. I had an IcyHot patch on my lower back (from my junk yard visit the day before) - and my knees ached on their hard wood floor- but Darth Logan rode - all over the house. We ended up going for about 6-7 seperate rides. Then, he brought me my shoes and his shoes - and wanted to go for a walk. okey dokey a walk it is. We walked hand in hand for a few houses, then I hoisted him on my shoulders. This is where it got really fun. Two houses had sprinklers on watering their yards - we ran thru aboth of em! When we got thru both of them, we turned around and did it again! What a blast!
Later, as we came home, he drifted off to sleep, and we put him in his crib for the night.
A little bit ago, he let out a scream that scared me and all the cats - they ran one way - I ran the other! A nightmare I guess. I was standing up in his crib very upset. I told him it was ok - that dada was there. He said "uh huh" - I held him for a while - and he drifted back to sleep. He awoke slightly as I set him back in bed - so I sang "Turaluralura" to him - that did the trick. What a father's day - spending a wonderful time with the guy who made it all happen - and all worth while - my son.
The wife is asleep - Darth Logan is too - as is baby Darth Not Born Yet. As for myself - the Force is with me.

Yesterday's blog

A belated-blog. Yesterday was hot and stuffy. I went to a local junk yard and picked up a back seat for the hearse. Will probably install it over the next week. Got new seatblets with it too - all for $20.

Friday, June 18, 2004

1977 Chrysler Town and Country Hearse - the new family car-  Posted by Hello

Summer heat

Man- it's was a hot one today. Spent most of the day inside, playing with the baby. We ventured out a few times - thank goodness I bought that $30 do it yourself Airconditioning refill kit from Walmart! Too muggy for backyard or playgrounds - we just went out to eat, and to buy another Voltage Meter (I blew the last one up). Found a really good sale at Harbor Freight Tools - voltage meter for $3.99 ( I bought 2 just in case)
I installed the new alternator in the black hearse - connected all the wires I could find (I found an extra one - no idea where it goes). The voltage meter fluxes a bit, but the battery stays a little above 12volts , even when the radio and headlights are on. I do belive I found the trouble - 4 starters and a new set of battery wires later, that is. Anyways - I need to adjust the carb, and take it for a spin tomorrow - too hot today - too hot to push it home in case it breaks down! If I fixed it - really fixed it - it's off to the junk yard to get back seats. Darth Logan will soon be transported in style.
(On a side note - it's not just the coolness of the car that I'm attracted to. It's built on the frame of a 77 Town and Country (station wagon- they have since evolved into minivans) - so there is a safety factor involved. The car is made of steel - with steel bumpers - and shoudl be much safer than my Firebird. It drives great - just like a station wagon. And statistically--- hell, when's the last time you ever heard of a person dying IN a hearse!? Carried by one afterward - but not IN one. And no better way to scare off potential car theives than by scaring the hell out of them! No car alarm needed (but I got one anyways).
I'll try to post a picture of the black beast.
The baby's alseep - the wife's asleep and I um zzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I'm supposed to show him the way - often it is he who shows me the way. Posted by Hello

Martial Sports and my trip to Advance Auto Parts

Whoever includes Tae Kwon Do as a martial art is either someone who has never taken it, or a disallusioned practitioner who wants to be included with the ranks of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.. After taking much more traditional forms, that actually had a rich history, traditionas, and taught defense - I can conclude that either 1. TKD be called a martial sport, not art or 2. Simply sport - the martial is debatable. Man I miss Kajukenpo - or jujitsu - or aikido or kobudo.
THE HEARSE UPDATE: Took the battery and the Alternator to Advance tonight - they tested the battery - said it was good. Looked at the Alternator, and said "It's shot - here-- have a new one". I said "Um ok...thank you". Then I got the hell out of dodge. Wasn't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. (I may have bought the old one there, and they recognized it - but I didnt have a receipt - they didn't ask - I didn't tell.) So - I come home and put both back in. Car starts fine, but alternator guage still don't work. Thn the lights dim - and it won't restart. Dunno. Maybe the old battery was so low that the alternator woulnd't charge it? I put the battery on the charger, and will mess with it in the daylight tomorrow. There are 2 connectors taht can attach to the back of the alternator - and I got 3 wires to attach there. Maybe this is messing things up somehow.
WIFE UPDATE: I think I need a vacation. She's on summer vacation from skool - which means the way "I" had things (a system of smoothly flowing ways for the Baby and I) is now shot to hell. Can't say much - she's pregnant - so I ask if she needs anything, and try to stay out of her way most of the time. When I sense short temper - I snatch the baby from the crosshairs, and we (Darth Logan and I) go for a drive to somewhere - ANYWHERE!!
She said that Logan went down for a nap without too much trouble - but when he woke up, he was rich with the dark side of the force. I guess it's just terrible 2 time - and Daddy is better at distracting him away from it. (Yeay Daddy!)
Well- that's where I'm at tonight - questionable vehicle, snoozing dark sider, and a wife asleep in the living room(bearing Darth baby #2).

The wife and Baby Darth Logan. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

That damn hearse!!

I'm starting to feel like I've ben kicked in the nuts by this thing too many times. One of the few things passed down to my by my stepfather (deceased) is his warped sense of humor, cleverly deguised as a rare 1977 Crystler Town and Country hearse. Black - with red/yellow/blue flames on the hood. The beast had mechanical problems, and has sat for a while, but I hate to get rid of it. It's an heirloom - it really really cool looking - and has something that most hearses don't have (but I dearly need to make it a family car) - a back seat. It has braces on it, as it was modified to hold a casket, but I can easily fabricate a legal backseat. Logan is 1.5yrs old, and can ride up front in my 1969 Caddy hearse - but when the new baby come, we need a family car. I'd rather be caught dead in the back of my hearse than seen alive driving a sissy minivan. So there is a great deal of pressure from the wife to "Make it run" or "Make is go away".
It is having power problems. I replaced the starter, the battery cables, and the startr relay. I think I narrowed it down to the alternator and/or the voltage regulator. Tomorrow, I'll replace both - and may even get a new battery, to eliminate all doubt of it's worthiness. I can see so much potential in this car - we even took it out of state on a camping trip a long while back (before the babies started to arrive). I want sooo much to be the cool dad - with the awesome ride. If this next "fix it" attempt fails, I'm afraid it's off to Ebay. Sell it if I can - and maybe buy someone elses problem, and see what I can do with it.
I've driven the baby around in the 69 Caddy hearse - and he loved it! With no back seat, he can legally sit up front ( in his car seat). When he was younger, it was turned backwards - and he was right at my elbow, watching me drive. When he reached 1 yr old, I turned it around , and he could see everything! Big BIG windsheild, and interier - it's 23 ft long.
Anyways - the baby was an angel today - we went shopping for training pants (he actually went peepee in th potty - --the room, not the commode part - but he's getting close!)

SO continue the cronicles of Darth Daddy, and his voyage of salvage of the death mobile named Paul.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

First Post

Baby Darth Logan is sleeping - the wife is also asleep - the newcomer (Darth Not Born Yet) maya be dancing for all I know (I can never get that heartbeat monitor to work right).

Thus begins the rants and captured thoughts of A Stay At Home Dad.
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