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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Better as the sun goes down

Had a really nice night at the dojo. Didn't do anything spectacular, but it was enough to clear my mind. Tonight, I arrived 30 minutes early, but didnt feel like dealing with anyone, so I waited for the judo guy to arrive. Class time came and went, so I decided to leave - but returned a video to Sifu first. As we talked, judo guy came in. He was a little late, but I was so glad to see him. I am really getting into judo.

Tonight, we did a simple review of techniques covered so far. Ippon saonagi, osoto gari, ogoshi, and a few others I cant spell or remember the names of. We did them across the mat, first only to load, then again wih full execution. Again, I was nervous unil I got flung (ippon seonage), then everything was fine.

We worked on some ground techniques - a scarf hold, and 2 escapes/counters to it. Our randori tonight was light, so it could focus on what we were learning. Excellent teacher.

When we were done, the jujitsu teacher came over, so I toyed with him a bit. No nice o me to pick on the elderly, but the way I see it : If he's wearing a black belt, he's fair game. His techniques are non-commited, so it's easy to resist his throws. Also, I've been working on not only counter balancing a move, but also making it lead into a move of my own. IT's sweet to resist a shoulder throw, and as soon as they ease up ...BAM, you reverse it and hip throw them instead. Sweet.

All this good karate stuff is helping my weight stay down around 232. I got up to around 235, and I got worried, but it went back down. My next goal: get it under 230.

Thats all for tonight - I need a shower and some sleep.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sorry ---more Monday ranting

Adding insult to injury is Chartway Federal Credit Union. I received my credit card statement in the mail, informing me that I was behind on the payments. I was, but was unaware of it. They have over 25 local locations, but not a one that you can make a payment at. Also received Friday were 2 letters - one stating that my account was closed, another stating that they would take my house, my car , or my first bron child if they didnt get their money.

This morning, I contact them by phone, and they say "Come on down". We enter the bank, put our name on the list, and wait ---and wait--and wait----20 minutes later, they call us up, to ask for details on why we are there..THEN they tell us to have a seat again. Almost an hour later (Lance is getting fussy and Logan is past hyper, and running ALL OVER the place). I stand at the counter for 5 minutes, being ignored,when finally I seize conrol of the sign in sheet. I refused to let anyone else sign in - and they suddenly realized I was there. I asked what the problem was - they had helped over 10 people who came in after me. She said that my name was placed in line, and I had to wait my turn. I bitched, so she went to get the list (to show me I was in line)--and guess what.....I wasn't. Between them asking for info, and my turning around to walk away, they had conveniently "lost" my info. We would have waited all day if i hadn't complained.

We go in, sit down, explain our problem--she takes my "get it current" payment, processes it, then gets on the phone. She tells me that she's very sory, but the account is closed. No shit. I ask her to have it "reopened". Sorry, Im afraid.... bla bla bla. They tell me that I can reappy. Why reapply? The info is the same...address, phone, all same same. They just wanted to be a pain in the ass. I informed her that, if I no longer had an active acount, that I was no longer bound by the terms and conditions of the card holder contract. They would get paid the balance of the account, over time, and I would not accept any interest charges added. She started arguing, I argued back - Logan started to be a brat, I started to yell at Logan, Lance started to cry - it was a scene. I finally calmed Logan and Lance down, told the "lady" that she was useless, and were done. We left, and got some pizza for lunch.

Im no where near close to doing anything rash--or losing it-- or doing anything to harm anyone or the kids. But man, all this bullshit bearing down feels like a lead weighted vest. As if not bringing any money (due to being with the kids all the time) isnt bad enough, now I've got to contend with ignorant fast food service, and banks that treat me not like " a member of the community they serve", but an annoyance to be "filed". I have bad credit (due to disagreements with Discover and Bank One), losing this card is inconvenient and a set back. Not that I use the card recklessly - just got gas and lunches with the kids.

The kids are now --think Ill slip upstairs and see if I can return some work calls.


Booger King Update

Just spent some time writting, proofreading, and refining my letter to the owner. Tomorrow, I'll get the owners mailing address or fax. (And yes, I left out all the cussing/nasty names that my blog included).

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Alright - got some time to myself, and Im at the big computer, so I can blog my little heart out. Lance almost became an only child today, as my patience with Logan neared its end. I love that boy dearly, but man, he sure can be a lot to deal with lately.

DOJO NEWS: The jujitsu guy didnt show up for Saturday practice, and since the4 judo guy doesn't have keys yet, practice was cancelled. That sucked! I was really looking forward to it. Knowing that all these judo moves are a part of jujitsu, I have a new found admiration for not only judo, but also it's parent art (jujitsu). I knew that there was more to learn (from Sensei Lang), but man! I never thought there was so much. And how fun it was! The arrival of Sensei Raisa (Raise-ah) have almost caused me to stop bitching so much about my McDojo. Im getting the workout that Ive been wanting, being more pyhsical that I had hoped for, and leave each night with a sense of accomplishment. It's hard ot think that only a mere few months ago, Adam and I were practicing hip throws and foot sweeps with such caution - not wanting to do it wrong. Now, hell, it's balls to the wall .We are still holding back (exercising control), and have respect for the person being thrown, but it's so much easier now. Easier to execute the move, and easier to be thrown. The first time you are the uke (victim) of a hip throww or a shoulder throw, you freak! OH SHIT is the first thing and the last thing that comes to mind. After a few times, you learn how to fall properly, and it becomes old hat. Well- I say Old Hat, but each class, there is STILL some fear before I get flung the first time. After that - Im fine.

KUNG FU: I finally FINALLY!! got to borrow some videos from Sifu. After watching 1 of 3, Ive found that all these "Chinese wrist locks" are the same thing Ive already covered in jujitsu. I was hoping to learn something new. Still got 2 tapes to go, and those say that they are advanced....we'll see.

BOOGER KING RANT: Today was the last straw with these fuckwits at Burger King (Indian River Road, Chesapeake, VA). This is the same one Ive commented on before. We (the whole family) walk in today, hoping to pick up the last set of Star Wars kids toys. But alas, the whole store is changed, and now is decorated in Fantastic Four. No biggie bout the F4, but this means that they didnt give out all the toys. There was no "week 6" set distributed. We go in, and immediately I see that it's the Bitch manager from hell behind the counter.

SOME BACKGROUND: This bitch has given us attitude from day one. We started going ther eas a family, and then just the baby(s) and me for lunch. When you order a breakfast combo, the cost represents that it comes with coffee. If you want pop, it's extra. So, being the thrift guy I am, I order it with coffee, and then put pop (soda) in it. After a few times, this bitch hands us our cups with coffee already in it. Mind you, everyone else has to pour their own. So, we take the cups, go over to the drink stand, pour out the coffe, and get some Dr Pepper. If I had thought fast enough, Id have asked "Decaf or regular", then wanted the opposite of what she said. ZAPPP back to the present.

Today, we wait for 4 mintues for the drive through girl to walk over and take our order. 1 guy on grill, 1 girl walking aimlessly, one bitch manager looking grumpy as ever, and this drive thru girl running both drivethru and front counter. Needless to say, al this girl wants to do it push buttons, and take our money. No questions...dont fuck with her, just stick to her speedy format. We ask "What star wars toys do you have left?" This sets her off, as she walks away , and takes an order in drivethru. She looks back over, and ask the guy to show us the toys. He reaches into the box, and pulls out 4 that we already have, and 1 that we dont. Girl walks back to drivethru. As she is walking, I asked if there were any other kinds, or if any Darth Vaders were in the box. She ignores us, takes another order, tthis...this bitch huffs, strolls over to the box, picks up one, tosses it on the counter, and says "Look - what ever ones he said are there are there". Underlying message "I dont give a fuck, bout you and your kids toys".

Sooo-- we order, and I make it a point to tell her that I dont want my bun smooooshed. The last few times, it looked like someone sat on it. This further pisses her off. She takes the money, and the kids and I get a seat. The wife overhears the manager telling the guy to "watch us". The guys responded "Yeah - it's a sippy cup". That means that bitch manager was telling the employee to watch us, like we were stealing drinks. Anyone who has kids knows that, in an all you can drink place, pouring a little into a sippy cuy is hardly an act of theft. The employee must have felt likewise.

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown. Tomorrow, I plan on contacting the owner and gicin ghim a piece of my mind (what I can spare). I plan to ask if the managers and employees are trained to be so rude, if they just don tlike us, or if its a racial thing that they just cant stand white people. Maybe even forward a letter to the newspaper.

IN ADDITION: We o to Walmart later, and get 3 bolws off of the clerance isle. 2 Princess, 1 Schrek. They sell sets for $5 (bowl, plate and cup), and these represented a broken set. Each was 50 cents. The Schrek one didnt scan, but shoudl have been priced the same. We get to teh front, and the tiny schrek bowl rings up as $5. I explain that it was clearanced, and how the whole SET costs that much, and it should be 50 cents. She looks at me with the SAME DAMN "I dont give a fuck" attitude, and says "So do you want it?". I said "Hell yeah I ant it - for 50 cents, like it shoudl be". Without skipping a beat, she unscans it, and goes on to the rest of our things. I was ready to throttle this biotch, but figured a 50cent bowl wasnt worth it. Logan was already pushing be to my brink, and I didnt want to go to jail for hellraising in a Walmart.

I'll say it here for the world to see - Im as getting so fucking sick and tired of dealing with minority cashiers who have no sense of what Customer Service means. Sometimes, there are questions that arise....either make a decision , or call a manager. This pissy attitude, or worse...when they dont even acknowledge that they heard me, is pissing me off! Imagine checking out at the register, asking "ho wmuch is this", and being completely ignored. You can ask it over and over, and there is no response. Like you dont even exist. They, when they damn well feel ready to, they take the item, turn to someone, ask them about the party they went to last night, and eventually have them get a price for you. It's demeaning to have some 17 year old, $5 an hour ghetto queen treat my and my family as if we are an imposition, as if we are bothering them by needing to pick up diapers, or wanting to get my son a set of happy meal toys. I just dont get it.

PS : if anyone is still here, remember the other day when that nice guy manager went in back and came back with a Vader for Lance/me? THink about it - if he had opened a new box of toys, he'd have brought them up for us to get - we were getting about 6 already. If he didnt get it out of a new box, then they WERE hording the Vaders, and he must have known where the stash was (and was nice enough to give us one).

Ok - Im all ranted out. On a good note, in an effort to get rid of some more fleas (we already treated the cats with Advantage, and have noted a significant decrease in flea bites), we emptied the boy's room, sprinkled it with carpet/flea powder. We let it sit for a few hours (during our illfated Walmart trip), and the vacumed. Since we already had the room gutted, we went thru all the toys, and weeded out the unused ones. There is still a toy store in their room, but there is SOO MUCH more space, and they can actually get to and play with the toys they have. Logan was in 7th Heaven , since he thought all those "lost" toys were new ones. I even set up an eisle for Logan to draw on.

Well, the wife has ALL DAY LONG college courses tomorrow, so it's back to Daddy As Usual for me. So much for my summer break.

Thanks for listening....


Friday, June 24, 2005


The kids are napping, and the wife isnt interesting in being frisky, so a-blogging I will go.

Thanks to all who comented on the pics. Im just glad that there wasnt an accident/emergency that would send my camera to the shark infested deep.

Spoke too soon - Lance woke up.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Future Seal team leader in him element. Posted by Hello

Swimming at the Y Posted by Hello

Mr Personality!! Posted by Hello

Wow - cant believe I caught this one. In focus and everything.  Posted by Hello

"But I was going into Tashi Station to pick up some power converters!!" (Note the Han Solo gun). Posted by Hello

Always good to see him smile. It lets me know Im doing my job good.  Posted by Hello

A very nice Wednesday

The wife had neither work nor skool (college) today, so she was home for us to do the "family thing" today. Logan woke me up around 6:30am, and Lance followed suit about 15 minutes later.

The wife decided that it might be nice to go to the Y and let the kids swim a bit. I agreed, and of we went. When we got there, it had just opened up - cept for the big ass CLOSED sign on the gate to the kiddie pool. They had just changed a filter or something, and needed to make everyone wait about 30 minutes before going in. So we played in the "bigger kid" area for a while. The finally opened the kiddie pool area, but the water was too cold, so back to the big kid area we went.

Then it was of to Boogier King, where we got a bunch of new Star Wars toys. For 60 cents each, they cant be beat. They are the perfect size for either Logan or Lance to play with.

We came home, took a nap - wellllll, the kids did -the wife and I went over some judo moves, if ya get my meaning. Aft everyone woke up, there was time for a neighborhood bike ride, before it was DOJO TIME for daddy.

DOJO NEWS: Decent class tonight. I really REALLY like this new judo teacher. He explains moves, demonstrates, has effective drill techniques that are helping me out, and is very patient. There were only 3 of us there tonight, and the other guy bailed after 30 minutes. Tonight, we worked on gacha gatame. This is, for anyone who might remember, that friggin arm lock (from the ground) that Kreese used to get me into so easily. He showed me 3 ways to enter the move - to set the other person up and get them in place to apply the move. Then, we had a few 3 minute matches (from the ground), during which I tried to apply this technique (and did several time - YEAY ME!). Of course, he LET me apply the technique, and THAT is the mark of a good sensei. I know that I am a beginner, and not very skilled, but I need these little moments of encouragement to keep me going.

The kung fu Sifu - hold on to your seats - ACTUALLY lent me some movies. Not those cool whoopass movies that he always says he will - but its a start. After the judo class, I asked him if any Shaolin animal styles favored the same grabs and locks that I was using in jujitsu. He gave me 3 vhs tapes on a mixed tiger/dragon/eagle style. I forgot the name, but I will post a review after I watch them.

WORTH MENTIONING: I have, officially, turned over for his playing pleasure, my entire 50 some piece collection of original Star Wars action figures to Logan. I was 7 when I got my first set of figures from my Uncle (now deceased). And now, the adventures will live on. I did, however, take away my original Luke figure. The Vader and Ben figures still also have their original lightsabers, but Luke is the only one with that itty bitty little plactic tip still attached. SO he will be set aside. Oh - I DO have all the original weapons, but wil horde these untiil he is old enough. He is young, and can use his imaginiation. Earlier, I witnessed 5 stormtroppers, 1 biker scout, and Darth Vader driving around my living room in Ecto 1. Vader had just fought a battle with Ben atop the roof of a Ghostbuster playset building, and apparently needed to go cruising with some homies. (All my ships are on his ceiling, in battle scenes, dangling from fishing line).

Ok nuf for tonight. Off to grab a bowl of cereal and watch the Twilight Zone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fathers Day part 2- Turn for the worse

Aw man - the mourning was soo cool, and then BAM - everything started to turn to shit.

1. After waking up from a nap (tat he fought tooth and nail NOT to take), we geared up and headed over to the YMCA to swim. We arrived at 2:45, and found ot they were closing at 3. There was a chemical imbalance in the big pool, and they were shutting down early. SHIT! Supposed to be open till 6 or 8. Would have made sense to shut down the big pool, and only allow parents and kids in the baby pool, but nooooo - snot nose little teen lifeguard pricks decided "screw it dude, lets go home - we have , like, stuff to sucks". So, we played in the water for 15 minutes, I bitched for an additional 10 minutes, then we left. THere is another Y, about a 20 minute drive, that has a better kidie pool (so Im told), but it was too far to go not knowing if THEY were open. ALso, we were running very low on Arab Ass Kissing Juice.

2. On the way home, I decided it was time to get some lunch. The wife wasnt due home or another 4-5-? hours, so it was time to eat. Tere is a Booger King (not our usual one) across from a Wendies. We went in, and got ignored at the front counter for about 5 minutes. Finally, a girl comes up and asks what we want. "Do you have the same offer as the other BK'S? 2 Toys or $1.29?" I get a 'wat the fuk' look, and she walks away, back to drive thru, and takes somone elses order. I yell at her, she returns, and says that they do not have that offer. I ask "Do you have any Vaders? What ones DO you have?". She steps back, looks under the counter, and says "ohh we ran outta toys. We aint gots none". By this time, Logan had spotted a crown, last one left and FREEEEE - so I asked her if we could have the crown. Again, she walks of and starts talking to a coworker. I sai "Oh hell no se didnt just walk away - I waitedtoo goddamned long here to be ignored". She returns, again disgusted that I didnt just say "Whopper please", gets me the crown, an we leave. We head over toWendies for some nugets and fries to take home. Amused Logan, content Lance, very very pissed daddy.

3. Wendies was actualy good. Hot fries, soft nuggets. Logan ate his 5, and hen mooched 2 or 3 of mine.

4. Wife comes home early, about an hour or so later, and she wants to go out to eat. My mom also wanted to take us out fo Fathers Day, so we call her, and meet up at RuddFuckers. (Actual name FuddRuckers, but they pissed me off once, and the name has never been the same since). Logan was on hyper mode - but the food was good, and the meal was mostly pleasant. Afterwards, we go to Walmart, whre Logan spews up his cheese sandwich, a few nuggets, and LOTS of fruit punch. The people came to clean it up, and they were SOO nice to Logan. THey asked him if he was ok- if he felt better. I made sure he didnt feel bad about it (but was still embarrased about it). **Intersting point to make - if this happens to you, dont tell the first white lady worker you see. White ladies tend to be bitchy and non-sympathetic to your parental plight. Black women , and even men (not teens), tend to be much nicer towards you AND your kid. I knwow I bitch alot about minorities, but I gotta give credit where it is due - they were so damn nice to Logan.

5. Dont really have a 5. After Walmart, we came home, and Logan was fine (cept for being hyper) until bed time. ok ok ok - 5 would be that I got a nice backrub, and not nookie.


Move ahead to Monday - new day and everything went fine. The wife had no work or skool today, so she helped out with the kids a bit. We wet to Chickfila for lunch, revisited Walmart for all the stuff we forgot after the fast exit we made, then came home so I could go to the dojo.

DOJO NEWS: The owners have decided to move the dojo - about 6 blocks closer to me than its current location. No biggie there. They said that they plan to be IN the new place by the 30th, with no down time . The Judo guy wasnt there, so I streched and piddled for an hour, then JUDO guy arrrived. I was glad to see him. I explained abou my cold (gone now) , and apologized or missing that last class ( didnt have he chance to wish him luck). Never did get it clear, but I think he succedded in getting his nidan (which upgraded his teacher ranking).

We learned some new drills, whihc not only built up a killer sweat, but also are very beneficial in refining my technique/speed on several throws and foot sweeps. When it came time to randori (actual sparring, I got winded twice, and had to rest. Actually, I started to cough and dry heave. ) . Hate it when that happens. Gotta figure out if its that I ate too close to going , that I ate at all, if its by breathing, my second hand smoke inhalation bronchitis, my weight or if Im still too damn fat/old to be hoofing it like I am. In my head , Im still that 12 yr old boy, taking it all in, and loving it!

The owners kid suprised me tonight ---he was over with a few kids, working in tournament stuff(TKD), when he walked over, shook hands with and bowed to both me an the Judo sensei. I must say, I was impressed. Now THIS is how a top ranking person is supposed to act. Whether its a world known martial artists, a respected teacher, or a bum off the street---the head of the school should approach and greet anyone who eners the dojo. Just a matter of ediquete. But, with a father who sets no example, I realize it can be hard or a 13 yr old boy to know how to act. Today was a step in the right direction.

Well, Im off to ice my right knee (I tried hip throw, and came down with him) and cruise some blogs. Catch ya all later.


PS> THe Clorox bath wand has GOT to have the most ignorant, male demeaning commercial on tv at the moment. It just came on, so I thought Id menion it . It shows a guy cleaing the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper. And instructs wifes to educate their husbands..they can clean so much beter if you'd only buy them this sissy ass sponge on a stick. Morons.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day 2005

Happy Father's Day to everyone. The wife has a day long college class, so it's day 9 straight with no break. BUT - so far, so good---it's 11am, and already we've gotten breakfast at Burger King, got Darth Daddy his very own Darth Vader Hpy Meal toy!!-Went for an hour long bike ride --visited a yard sale (nothing good though), and am now watching Big Daddy on dvd. The pool at the YMCA (or, the "Club" as we call it - it sounds so much more elite) opens in an hour, so if they arent sleeping, it's off to the swiming pool. I found a really nice front baby pack for Lance, at the thrift store, for $5. It's secure, lightweight, and I wil try taking Lance in the pool with me this time. (He was in the pool with me before, but not in a pack). With a front pack that is "pool capable", Im gonna try and take both kids at the same time . We'll see how that goes.

Well, Lance wants the toy he dropped, and Logan wants to put on his Batman costume, so I gotta run.


Friday, June 17, 2005

The wife claimes they had CRAZY HAIR DAY at skool. I think she has an Elmo fetish , which isnt entirely a bad thing! Posted by Hello

Looks like I either caught them on a porn site, or Googling for DoodleBops Posted by Hello

Darth Lance in his crib Posted by Hello

My little mechanic Posted by Hello

Logan at a recent Indian Festival Posted by Hello

Final thoughts

I am down to 232lbs, and working hard not to blow it by eating too much through the day. I think the combination of the judo and muay thai classes are paying off.

The song I sang from Tiffany was "Could have been", but "All this time" is a good one too.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fleas, 80's music, hulk poop, and Pass the Cold please

I think I read somewhere that you can email your text to yoru blog, and it will post as if you entered it normally. Gonna have to check that out. It still takes for granted that I can actualy GET to a computer during the day.

Let's see-----Fleas - what a pain in the ass. I treated 2 of our 3 cats with Advantage (Only had 2 tubes leftover). Even treated the living room carpet with fleas powder (bad bug powder, as Logan calls it), but these relentless little bastards are hanging tough. I get a bad alergic reaction after popping a few with my nails. Sooo- Ive been waging war with an old plastic container (Egg drop soup container), filled with water. It's so much easier to just drop em in, and swish em around. No squishies on the nails means no sneezing and reaction. We told Logan that daddy was making bug soup, and not to touch it.

Odd, but these fleas have brought up an interesting topic - bugs. We often make a distinction of BAD or GOOD bugs. I want my son to be able to SPLAT a bad bug with the best of em, but I also dont want him WACKING a poor Flutterby or lightening bug. We both have a fond admiration and respect for Dragon flies and Mantisis.

80's Music - Ive been watching this show on TV called HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME. Tey are bring on 5 80's music stars per show, and having them sing the song that made them famous, and then a remake (their version) of a popular more recent song. So far, they ALL suck. Flat notes, too much effort, not enough, Ive been to karaoke bars that have had drunk people sing songs better than these original artists. Yeeesh.

Hulk poop: Ok - one day, while changing Logan's diaper, I commented that he had green poop - I called it HULK POOP. Now, when he has to poop, he calls it HULK POOP as well. Regardless of color. This has actually helped, as well as dropped catpured fleas in the toilet. We are now potty training Logan, who has been doing a fabulous job the last 2 weeks. He gets up, takes off his diaper, and demands "wear". He says: "dad - potty-hulk poop!" Or "Dad - peepee potty - pee pee on bad bugs"(reference the dopped fleas above).

PASS THE COLD: The wife, being a teacher, is privy to any and all cold viruses going aroun. She brought one home, that has haunted the family for about a week now. I thought it was gone, and then BAM - I got hit hard. Throbbing head - sick to the stomache- dizzy- fever - and the most draining feeling Ive ever had. It hit me Monday, just before dojo time - recinded Tuesday, and then kicked my ass on Wednesday. I ended up missing dojo both Monday and Wednesday (Sorry Adam!!). Made it to Muay Thai tonight - awesome workout.

I thought it was gone, but Logan whined alot today, and then threw up a lot after I left for dojo tonight. Hope he's better tomorow.

YMCA--Oh yeah! They have new rules regarding child watch. No longer have to call 24 hours in advance...just show up, and em off. After the crappy sick feeling went away on Monday and Tuesday, I took the kids to the YMCA for swimming. Monday,I dropped Lance off, and took Logan to the pool. He loved it, but complained that he wanted to play (in the child watch area) like Lance did. Sooooo Tuesday, I traded off. I dropped off Logan, and took Lance swimming - he had a blast!! After about a half hour, I dropped off Lance, and took Logan to the outside pool. Success. Upon returning, Lance was screaming - we must have left him there too long. I have this fantastic belly pack for Lance - I dont want to ruin it - so I think I'll pick up a cheapy one at the thrift store for the pool. Still plan to do the SWITCH to give them each "daddy time", but I also want to see how smoothly having both at the baby pool will be. (The baby pool is about 1ft-1.5ft deep, and fenced in.)

BREASTFEEDING in public: Wow - a major topic in the news lately. I feel the same way about breastfeeding in public as I do about short short on teens wih words on the back. Do what you want,but dont bitch at me or staring. When a woman has a baby, her breast enlarge to produce milk. Sweet! But why is it never those awesome looking babes that want to whip it out in public? Never a business woman with silky long brown hair, long legs, and a rack that would make anyone want to breast feed until they were 30. It's always some boney ass looking trailer park ho. You look out of curiosity, like watching a car accident (morbid curiosity), but then fear that your eyes might burn from actually catching a glimps of a flabby mammary gland. YUCK!

BTW _ I, of course, was the only guy in the baby pool area. Some moms were nice, most just ignored me. Even saw a few Queens "holding court". (By queen, I mean the one almighty socccer mom that's ass is always being kissed. She is he center of all the attention, and al the moms gather around HER. I didnt mean queen as in a gay guy).

POWER DARK SIDE: Battling the forces of darkness (I actually mean ethnics - Ive only been to one Booger King with an all white staff), my little Jedi contingency finally achieved sucess on Tuesday!!!! Despite the effort of ignorant staf members, backdealing managers, and timing---we obtained a Darth Vader Happy Meal toy! Darth Logan danced or joy, as did I - right there in the lobby. We had been trying since they started with these toys to get a Darth Vader. They only come 5 per box (packed with shitloads of other figures), and I swear the managers and staff were pocketing them for themselves. Check out Ebay - you can get $20 for one. Considering how often we eat there - they sure turned grumpy as shit towards us recently. Kinda like " We gota our own problems - fuck yours". Any other place may have set one aside for the cute little boy - but not ours! We finall walked in at the right time - they had just opened up a new box - and got busy with something else. They didnt have time to snatch the Vaders - and a new employee was nice enough to chekc the box or us (after the managers told us that they didnt have any). BINGO - found one. Im not bitching cause they would treat us special - they treated us rude. Id ask "Any Vaders?" they'd say "No - are you going to order anything else?" No pleasant conversation or anything...Kinda like "Cut the shit - order the food, and move on". Only through repeated bugging did I find out that they open new boxes on Sunday and Tuesday - and that each box contains 5 Vaders.

HELEN HUNT: How can she go from looking so damn hot in Mad About You, to wretched in As good as it gets AND Pay it forward. She didnt age well. But, for all of us Helen fans, theres always Leelee Sobeisky(sp??). A very cute young looking Helen Hunt .

Ok - hitting the botom of the barel on things to blog about. If you were here, Id be happy to put in a dvd, and pass the Root Beer (Barqs). Since ya'll are in cyberland, I'll have a mug in your honor. Here's to bein a Dad.


PS Dont forget , Fathers Day in on Sunday. The wife is finishin up her college degree, and will be away at classes all day on Sunday. Another Fathers day spent with the kids - sounds apropriate (although I really could use a day off soon!!!). Come to think of it, I think she did this to me last year too - hmmmm.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

3am posting

I ventured downstairs - just had a weird feeling. I snuck in the kids room, and Logan started laughing in his sleep. Lance started to toss and flop around, and after a few minutes, woke up. Wonder if they can sense me - I knwo I was silent as a ninja.

I had to pick Lance up, and take him to the living room. I started to sing to him - and figured Id write down the songs that came to mind.
1. Are you lonesome to night - Elvis - Logan loved this song when I sang him to sleep with it.
2. Forever in bluejeans - Neil Diamond
3. All this time - Tiffany
4. Favorite things - Sound of Music -
5. Love out of nothing at all - Air Supply
6. Smurf boat - this is anothe reason I wanted to make a quick post. Around 1980 (I was 10), there were 2 albums that came out (cassette as well), that had songs by the Smurfs. One had this sweet song on it called "Smurf Boat". I forgot some of the words, but its a song that stuck with me all these years. If anyone has a copy of it, please let me know. I'll try to post the lyrics later, at least as much as I can remember.


Nap, Dr visit, followed by another nap

Whooboy! I finally made it upstairs, and now have access to my faster computer and my split keyboard!! Now I will only mispell things half a much as usual (which is still pretty bad).

FAMILY NEWS: We finally had enough of our pediatricians. Tidewater Children's Associates (located behind Chesapeake General Hospital) had pissed us off for the last time. Everytime we bring our kids there, they take everyone (and I mean EVERYONE before us). They have a hidden policy (during the week) to take older kids first, so they may be able to get back to skool. THis sucks when you have a sick 2 yr old, who can contain his energy only 10 minutes - before the actual WAIT becomes worse than what I brought him in for. The last time we went, and I shit you not, they made us wait 3.5-4 hours to be seen. I was pissed! Thought they were goin to call the cops on me. We immediately called out insurance, and changed to someone else. We were told that we'd have to wait till the beginning of the next month to go somewhre else. The new month started, so we went to the new Dr's today.

We originally had an appt for Lance , for his 6th month check up and shots (even though he is now 8 months old). The appt was for today (friday). Wednesday night, after returning home form a whoopass night at judo, I didnt get much cleep . The baby has a bit of a couch, and kept waking up every few hours (He is in the same room as Logan - so if we let him cry, I will have 2 kids to deal with ). Anyways, Logan woke up with an upset stomache, and started crying. He threw up, so I got him out of his bed, and took him tothe kitch to clean him up. The wife changed his sheets, and after a while of holding him, he fell back asleep. Thursday mourning was horrible. I felt like a truck ran me over (no sleep and physically worn down)----and Logan was whiny/clingy due to his being sick. He eventually threw up twice more before the wife got home. I called and got Logan an appt for the 30 minute time block right before Lances visit.
* Worth noting - Alicia always takes off of work for Dr visits when she knows they are scheduled (as opposed to emergency visits that I may device on - on the fly). So the old Dr's rules of taking the older kids first sucked fo rher. She also had to get back to skool, and they were not only fucking with hew job, but my sick kid. (I will now remain calm and not repeat the names I called the old Drs).

Today (Friday), we went to the new Drs (Chesapeake Pediatraics) , and were WOWED! at what a difference. The waiting room was so much kid friendlier, easyer to contain my over active kid, the staff was so much nicer, and after leaving (with some reservation that it was our first visit- and things may change next time), we were glad that we picked these new people. They said that Lance was fine (and he got his shots), and that Logan was fine, and probably getting over a cold virus. They took samples for Strep that came back negative.

DOJO: I was so drained Thursday night that I couldnt even stay awake. I didnt go to Muay Thai - Id have had nothing to give. Wednesday night, in contrast, was great. We had 4 people for the judo class (teacher included). The overall intensity of that class was less than the preious classes (just the sensei and me), but it was nice to have more people to try techniques on. After class, I stayed after a while chatting with a classmate.

*Note to Adam: Thanks for taking the time to listen, and to offer some insight into your home life and your world. You are the only real friend that my "karate" venture has produced, and I value your insight and your time. If I seem pissy sometimes, it's cause I really wish there was not time ...for practice, or even for just grabbing a bite to eat after class. I hope that any distance between us (and I mean SOOOO mean this in a non-gay way) is because of scheduling and time restrictions, and not because of something stupid that I may have said .
PS. Didya notice now long it took for "everyone else" to leave the dojo that night? I tell ya, there something going on there.

I think Im goin to start carrying around a mini tape recorder. There are SO many tings that happen throughout the day (that I want to blog about), and now that I sit here, I can only think of a few.
OHOHOHOH - I remember one. The other day (I think I blogged about this already) , it was muggy, but we went to the zoo anyways. I had Lance in a belly pack, a back pack for Logan (when he gets tired), and a big ass patio umbrella attached to my back providin shade (This of course turned me into a Twighlight Zone looking mix of Boba Fett and Mary Poppins.). That day , there were tons of skool kids running around. At the end of our zoo visit, Logan wanted to run around the fountains at the front of the zoo. They have about 10 ground level spouts of water that the kids can run thru. ANd run thru them he did! Logan was all over the place - running from one spout to another. Flash forward to today - the wife is talking to a fellow teacher, who happened to have a class at the zoo taht day. She mentions the fountains, and how the kids werent permitted to play in them...UNTIL this little blond haired HYPER BOY got everyone riled up, by racing around like his ass was on fire, and having a blast. Eventually, the teachers allowed their skool kids to play as well. The teacher continues, that HYPER boy was thre with his dad---a big guy with another baby in a front pack. (HEY_ THAT"S ME!!!). Guess no matter where we go, we just have entirely too much fun to blend into any crowd.

I raise a glass of apple juice to my son - Here's to living outside the box!!

Ok - enough for tonight. Time to either go to bed, or raid the fridge.

OH - -----From all the workign out, Ive lost 5 lbs. Down to 235 now.

Also, while at the thrift store today, we came across a fire engine bed. They wanted $60 for it, but the tag was removed, which normally indicated that someone purchased it. They couldn tell us if it HAD been bought, or if kids tore the tag off. SO, they said to come back at 9am tomorrow, when they open, and it would be ratagged (and we could buy it). 2 stupid things that come to mind:1. Why couldn't they just sell it to us at the close of busniess today (when we were there). 2. Watch those pricks not only reTAG the bed, but REPRICE the bed as well. If they do, and we dont get it, it's not the end of the world. He already has a race car bed. But he sure is into firemen/firetrucks lately----and eventually, Lance will need a todler bed too. We'll see in the mourning.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hot and muggy again!!

Took the kids to the zoo today - it went ok, but Im afraid the heat took it's toll. No one got sick, but we all got slightly overheated. Even with all the drinks I brought, and splashing everyone down at each water fountain we came across.

Another fun night at the dojo. Adam and I worked on our jujitsu stuff for an hour, then took the judo class. Tonight wasnt as whoopass as Monday was, but it was fulfilling. Built up a killer sweat, and got a good workout. Also got to work foot sweeps a bit more. They are starting to become more comfortable. Also, Im getting better at maintaining my balance while forcing the sweep.

The fleas have established a foothold in the house, and are now mobilizing for battle. Ive been prety lucky, having hairy legs (I can detect them before they bite). Logan hasnt been so lucky. Poor boy is really getting tore up. Gonna have to treat the rugs wih flea powder tomorrow (let it sit while we go to eat or something, then vacume it when we get home).

Although they prefer you call 24 hours in advance, I think I will take the kids over to the YMCa tomorrow. If they can fit Lance in, I can take Logan to the outside pool. I prefer the inside pool (less sun), but they have some really wierd ass pool hours. EX: the pool is open to the publis from 6-7pm, and only the deep end.

If the number 2 pencil is the most widely used pencil, why is it still #2, and not #1?

When someone recreates a scene, they call it a reinactment. But when it happened the original time, they never call it an actment.

I know I had a few other thoughts I wanted to blog about, but I cant think of any right now. Better head of to bed.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hot and muggy

Its Tuesday - and I had to install the window air conditioner yesterday. In defiance of all my hard effort , just as I plugged it in, it started to rain outside (cooling things down). I figured screw it, and ran it anyways.

DOJO STUFF: knowing that Sensei Lang (jujitsu) is on vacation made it hard to even bother going to the dojo on Monday. Knowing that there would be no one to train with - no one to hold pads for me - no one to practice with - sucks. But, after a 20 minute delay (and a shared bowl of chocolate ice cream with Darth Logan), I went anyways. Figured Id stretch a bit, kick the bag a bit - bla bla bla. If nothing else, it'd get me out of the house for a while. Im soo glad I went. I found out that the "judo guy" has been retained as a teacher. Good. Prior to this, he was just a guy "trying the place out". Sucks to really like someone who leaves. But, it seems he will be around for a while. Anyways - we worked together for an hour - he taught me some basic judo sweeps and throws, then we "sparred". First, we matched from a kneeling position. I did Ok, but almost always ended up on the bottom. I could tell he was patient with me, trying to give me time to figure out what to do. We also matched froma standing position - I id much better than our first time a week ago or so. I atempted more techniques - commited more to completing once starting a move....not bad for a beginner. Being the only adult interested in taking such a beating (that judo has to offer), I have a state champion judo instructor, and all the private lessons my spirit (and body) can handle. Sweeeet. Just wish they had better mats. The floor is covered with those foam squares that day care centers commonly have in their "play area". Neat to spar on - shitty to be thrown on. Specially when your partner hurdles you with an ippon seionage (over the shoulder throw). I hit that ground so damnhard that I needed a minute to get myself together. His technique was sweet - he idnt do it out of lack of control - or trying to be a bad ass - it was just an effective technique done really damn good.

Daddy news: I fulfilled a desire of mine today, that makes my childhood come full circle. I played an old 33 record of mine (Burl Ives - tells 4 stories, followed by a song for each). I loved this album as a child (it was released in 1969, a year before I was born). Sad to say I lost the original, but found it on Ebay, and snatched it up (complete with read along booklet). While Burl told the stories, I read along out loud, and Logan was facinated. I looked over at Lance (8 months old)- he was playing on a blanket , and he was just staring at me, listening to me and Burl. After each story, we all danced to the following song, after which Logan would demand we all clap. THIS is the reason I have kept that outdated record player, right next to the dvd player.

When I was young, I had my own little record player, and a selection of kiddie 33s and 45s. It taught me how to work electronic stuff - it also taught me that you needed to take care of your stuff. A lesson Im trying/hopingto instill in Logan. Although, we DO live in an age where daddy burns his own cds, and can make a backup copy in 45 seconds. We've come a long way since records . Hell, I remember trying to make a cassette copy of a new Madonna tape - by putting to tape players speaker -to -mike, and letting it play/record. (This of course was prior to dual cassette decks).

Well, enough to night - have to flea comb the cat, or else get eaten alive tonight.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Found while blog hopping

"Sunday, April 3
After much introspection and contemplation, I realize that I don't miss blogging at all.
For now, at least, I don't need it or want it, so sjm is officially on hiatus.
I haven't even been keeping up with my regular reads!"

I thought to myself - WOW - I cant imagine not blogging. I dont always get time to blog as much or as frequent as I want/need to, but now that Im doing it, I can't imagine not being able to rant - or share - or vent- or just document what happened in my life that day.

Here'e to hoping that all of you out there keep the fire burning ---and never run out of steam. I realize that I may have only 2 or 3 readers,and infrequent to boot------but it helps to know I have occasional visitors. It's also important for me to be able to share in others blogs - so I feel the world is larger than just this 12x12 living room (with scooby Doo crackers all over the floor). Update your sies - even if its to say you are tired, and will share more later. Even a one liner can act as a much needed rope to those of us needing to escape for a while.


Catching up

Im on the laptop - so I cant type too much wihtout becoming really really upset .

Wednesday: Judo guy was back - but my Jj teacher was not. The beginning of June must mark the start of her "vacation". Hope she returns. Anyways, judo guy and the other JJ teacher were there - so we drilled and went for 2 minute matches. It was a blast. Im starting to do judo better - have a better idea of where to grip, and balance issues for footsweeps and throws.

Thursday: Muay Thai class - again, kickin much ass. I bought a pair of paded gloves (really nice) from Ebay for $15 shipped ---and I found a pair of non-padded ones at the thrift store for $4, so Im set for equipment.

Friday: Non-eventful - just relaxed, as did the kids.

Saturday (TODAY)- after what seemed forever, we FINALLY got out of the house for a while. Went to a local park that was holding a Native American Festival. The boy (Logan) got to makea hat with a feather in it, AND ride a pony. Lance was carried around in his mommie's belly pouch, and people commented that he was a little papoos.

They took turns tonight, seeing who could stay awake the longest. Logan won. Kinda. He stayed up till midnight (laying on the floor under a blanket with me), watching the Mummy. He seemed comforted that the monster was frightened off by a cat. (We have 3). Of course, after he went to bed, Darth Lance woke up, and needed held for about 20 minutes. Regardless who won, I think they both have managed to guarentee that daddy wasn't gonna get any tonight. (I wonder, sometimes, if mommy deosnt put them up to it...hmmmmmm).

Ive managed to attend church for a whole month--even endeared myself to it by repairing it. No parades though - not even a thanks. My plan is to let the priest bring up baptising the kids, so it wont look as if that's all im after.

Well - off to bed - night all.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Wel, yesterday I fixed the gutters of the church. Today, I had to work on ground level. After a fun day with the kids (really, no problems today-just a fun day), I had to take an old couch from the garage, transport it to my moms house, and throw out her old one. While I was there, figured Id mow her the forest she calls a back yard. She's been saying that she can get the mower to start - I found out the problem - you have to pull that cord thingy.

Anyways,, picked up pizza for supper (I was greeted by the biggest smiles from Darth Logan - he LOVES pizza (and loves daddy when he brings it home!!).

RANT OF THE DAY: Im watching tv, and theres this commercial for an attorney - speciallizing in reducing IRS tax debt. They show thhis blue collar construction worker, and he says " I owed the IRS 2 million in back taxes. THey froze my assets and all my accounts. But after I hired thefirm of BLABLABLA, I was able to settle that debt for pennies on the dollar.". Ok, Im not math wizard, but I figure it is mathematically impossible to OWE the IRS more than you actually MADE (gross). SO , this asshole had to have pulled in over 2 mill, and he's bitching about having to pay his taxes. What a putz.

The bike seat is working out great - took the boys for a long bike ride today - Lance fell asleep in the taxi, and Logan got enough fresh air to make nap time much easier.

Cant think of anything else to write - see ya'll tomorow.
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