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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Alright - got some time to myself, and Im at the big computer, so I can blog my little heart out. Lance almost became an only child today, as my patience with Logan neared its end. I love that boy dearly, but man, he sure can be a lot to deal with lately.

DOJO NEWS: The jujitsu guy didnt show up for Saturday practice, and since the4 judo guy doesn't have keys yet, practice was cancelled. That sucked! I was really looking forward to it. Knowing that all these judo moves are a part of jujitsu, I have a new found admiration for not only judo, but also it's parent art (jujitsu). I knew that there was more to learn (from Sensei Lang), but man! I never thought there was so much. And how fun it was! The arrival of Sensei Raisa (Raise-ah) have almost caused me to stop bitching so much about my McDojo. Im getting the workout that Ive been wanting, being more pyhsical that I had hoped for, and leave each night with a sense of accomplishment. It's hard ot think that only a mere few months ago, Adam and I were practicing hip throws and foot sweeps with such caution - not wanting to do it wrong. Now, hell, it's balls to the wall .We are still holding back (exercising control), and have respect for the person being thrown, but it's so much easier now. Easier to execute the move, and easier to be thrown. The first time you are the uke (victim) of a hip throww or a shoulder throw, you freak! OH SHIT is the first thing and the last thing that comes to mind. After a few times, you learn how to fall properly, and it becomes old hat. Well- I say Old Hat, but each class, there is STILL some fear before I get flung the first time. After that - Im fine.

KUNG FU: I finally FINALLY!! got to borrow some videos from Sifu. After watching 1 of 3, Ive found that all these "Chinese wrist locks" are the same thing Ive already covered in jujitsu. I was hoping to learn something new. Still got 2 tapes to go, and those say that they are advanced....we'll see.

BOOGER KING RANT: Today was the last straw with these fuckwits at Burger King (Indian River Road, Chesapeake, VA). This is the same one Ive commented on before. We (the whole family) walk in today, hoping to pick up the last set of Star Wars kids toys. But alas, the whole store is changed, and now is decorated in Fantastic Four. No biggie bout the F4, but this means that they didnt give out all the toys. There was no "week 6" set distributed. We go in, and immediately I see that it's the Bitch manager from hell behind the counter.

SOME BACKGROUND: This bitch has given us attitude from day one. We started going ther eas a family, and then just the baby(s) and me for lunch. When you order a breakfast combo, the cost represents that it comes with coffee. If you want pop, it's extra. So, being the thrift guy I am, I order it with coffee, and then put pop (soda) in it. After a few times, this bitch hands us our cups with coffee already in it. Mind you, everyone else has to pour their own. So, we take the cups, go over to the drink stand, pour out the coffe, and get some Dr Pepper. If I had thought fast enough, Id have asked "Decaf or regular", then wanted the opposite of what she said. ZAPPP back to the present.

Today, we wait for 4 mintues for the drive through girl to walk over and take our order. 1 guy on grill, 1 girl walking aimlessly, one bitch manager looking grumpy as ever, and this drive thru girl running both drivethru and front counter. Needless to say, al this girl wants to do it push buttons, and take our money. No questions...dont fuck with her, just stick to her speedy format. We ask "What star wars toys do you have left?" This sets her off, as she walks away , and takes an order in drivethru. She looks back over, and ask the guy to show us the toys. He reaches into the box, and pulls out 4 that we already have, and 1 that we dont. Girl walks back to drivethru. As she is walking, I asked if there were any other kinds, or if any Darth Vaders were in the box. She ignores us, takes another order, tthis...this bitch huffs, strolls over to the box, picks up one, tosses it on the counter, and says "Look - what ever ones he said are there are there". Underlying message "I dont give a fuck, bout you and your kids toys".

Sooo-- we order, and I make it a point to tell her that I dont want my bun smooooshed. The last few times, it looked like someone sat on it. This further pisses her off. She takes the money, and the kids and I get a seat. The wife overhears the manager telling the guy to "watch us". The guys responded "Yeah - it's a sippy cup". That means that bitch manager was telling the employee to watch us, like we were stealing drinks. Anyone who has kids knows that, in an all you can drink place, pouring a little into a sippy cuy is hardly an act of theft. The employee must have felt likewise.

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown. Tomorrow, I plan on contacting the owner and gicin ghim a piece of my mind (what I can spare). I plan to ask if the managers and employees are trained to be so rude, if they just don tlike us, or if its a racial thing that they just cant stand white people. Maybe even forward a letter to the newspaper.

IN ADDITION: We o to Walmart later, and get 3 bolws off of the clerance isle. 2 Princess, 1 Schrek. They sell sets for $5 (bowl, plate and cup), and these represented a broken set. Each was 50 cents. The Schrek one didnt scan, but shoudl have been priced the same. We get to teh front, and the tiny schrek bowl rings up as $5. I explain that it was clearanced, and how the whole SET costs that much, and it should be 50 cents. She looks at me with the SAME DAMN "I dont give a fuck" attitude, and says "So do you want it?". I said "Hell yeah I ant it - for 50 cents, like it shoudl be". Without skipping a beat, she unscans it, and goes on to the rest of our things. I was ready to throttle this biotch, but figured a 50cent bowl wasnt worth it. Logan was already pushing be to my brink, and I didnt want to go to jail for hellraising in a Walmart.

I'll say it here for the world to see - Im as getting so fucking sick and tired of dealing with minority cashiers who have no sense of what Customer Service means. Sometimes, there are questions that arise....either make a decision , or call a manager. This pissy attitude, or worse...when they dont even acknowledge that they heard me, is pissing me off! Imagine checking out at the register, asking "ho wmuch is this", and being completely ignored. You can ask it over and over, and there is no response. Like you dont even exist. They, when they damn well feel ready to, they take the item, turn to someone, ask them about the party they went to last night, and eventually have them get a price for you. It's demeaning to have some 17 year old, $5 an hour ghetto queen treat my and my family as if we are an imposition, as if we are bothering them by needing to pick up diapers, or wanting to get my son a set of happy meal toys. I just dont get it.

PS : if anyone is still here, remember the other day when that nice guy manager went in back and came back with a Vader for Lance/me? THink about it - if he had opened a new box of toys, he'd have brought them up for us to get - we were getting about 6 already. If he didnt get it out of a new box, then they WERE hording the Vaders, and he must have known where the stash was (and was nice enough to give us one).

Ok - Im all ranted out. On a good note, in an effort to get rid of some more fleas (we already treated the cats with Advantage, and have noted a significant decrease in flea bites), we emptied the boy's room, sprinkled it with carpet/flea powder. We let it sit for a few hours (during our illfated Walmart trip), and the vacumed. Since we already had the room gutted, we went thru all the toys, and weeded out the unused ones. There is still a toy store in their room, but there is SOO MUCH more space, and they can actually get to and play with the toys they have. Logan was in 7th Heaven , since he thought all those "lost" toys were new ones. I even set up an eisle for Logan to draw on.

Well, the wife has ALL DAY LONG college courses tomorrow, so it's back to Daddy As Usual for me. So much for my summer break.

Thanks for listening....



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