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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A very nice Wednesday

The wife had neither work nor skool (college) today, so she was home for us to do the "family thing" today. Logan woke me up around 6:30am, and Lance followed suit about 15 minutes later.

The wife decided that it might be nice to go to the Y and let the kids swim a bit. I agreed, and of we went. When we got there, it had just opened up - cept for the big ass CLOSED sign on the gate to the kiddie pool. They had just changed a filter or something, and needed to make everyone wait about 30 minutes before going in. So we played in the "bigger kid" area for a while. The finally opened the kiddie pool area, but the water was too cold, so back to the big kid area we went.

Then it was of to Boogier King, where we got a bunch of new Star Wars toys. For 60 cents each, they cant be beat. They are the perfect size for either Logan or Lance to play with.

We came home, took a nap - wellllll, the kids did -the wife and I went over some judo moves, if ya get my meaning. Aft everyone woke up, there was time for a neighborhood bike ride, before it was DOJO TIME for daddy.

DOJO NEWS: Decent class tonight. I really REALLY like this new judo teacher. He explains moves, demonstrates, has effective drill techniques that are helping me out, and is very patient. There were only 3 of us there tonight, and the other guy bailed after 30 minutes. Tonight, we worked on gacha gatame. This is, for anyone who might remember, that friggin arm lock (from the ground) that Kreese used to get me into so easily. He showed me 3 ways to enter the move - to set the other person up and get them in place to apply the move. Then, we had a few 3 minute matches (from the ground), during which I tried to apply this technique (and did several time - YEAY ME!). Of course, he LET me apply the technique, and THAT is the mark of a good sensei. I know that I am a beginner, and not very skilled, but I need these little moments of encouragement to keep me going.

The kung fu Sifu - hold on to your seats - ACTUALLY lent me some movies. Not those cool whoopass movies that he always says he will - but its a start. After the judo class, I asked him if any Shaolin animal styles favored the same grabs and locks that I was using in jujitsu. He gave me 3 vhs tapes on a mixed tiger/dragon/eagle style. I forgot the name, but I will post a review after I watch them.

WORTH MENTIONING: I have, officially, turned over for his playing pleasure, my entire 50 some piece collection of original Star Wars action figures to Logan. I was 7 when I got my first set of figures from my Uncle (now deceased). And now, the adventures will live on. I did, however, take away my original Luke figure. The Vader and Ben figures still also have their original lightsabers, but Luke is the only one with that itty bitty little plactic tip still attached. SO he will be set aside. Oh - I DO have all the original weapons, but wil horde these untiil he is old enough. He is young, and can use his imaginiation. Earlier, I witnessed 5 stormtroppers, 1 biker scout, and Darth Vader driving around my living room in Ecto 1. Vader had just fought a battle with Ben atop the roof of a Ghostbuster playset building, and apparently needed to go cruising with some homies. (All my ships are on his ceiling, in battle scenes, dangling from fishing line).

Ok nuf for tonight. Off to grab a bowl of cereal and watch the Twilight Zone.


  • At 11:25 AM, Blogger Butterfly said…

    That's a big move, handing down those treasures. It's cool that your son will have his own adventures with them so many years after you did.


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