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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fathers Day part 2- Turn for the worse

Aw man - the mourning was soo cool, and then BAM - everything started to turn to shit.

1. After waking up from a nap (tat he fought tooth and nail NOT to take), we geared up and headed over to the YMCA to swim. We arrived at 2:45, and found ot they were closing at 3. There was a chemical imbalance in the big pool, and they were shutting down early. SHIT! Supposed to be open till 6 or 8. Would have made sense to shut down the big pool, and only allow parents and kids in the baby pool, but nooooo - snot nose little teen lifeguard pricks decided "screw it dude, lets go home - we have , like, stuff to sucks". So, we played in the water for 15 minutes, I bitched for an additional 10 minutes, then we left. THere is another Y, about a 20 minute drive, that has a better kidie pool (so Im told), but it was too far to go not knowing if THEY were open. ALso, we were running very low on Arab Ass Kissing Juice.

2. On the way home, I decided it was time to get some lunch. The wife wasnt due home or another 4-5-? hours, so it was time to eat. Tere is a Booger King (not our usual one) across from a Wendies. We went in, and got ignored at the front counter for about 5 minutes. Finally, a girl comes up and asks what we want. "Do you have the same offer as the other BK'S? 2 Toys or $1.29?" I get a 'wat the fuk' look, and she walks away, back to drive thru, and takes somone elses order. I yell at her, she returns, and says that they do not have that offer. I ask "Do you have any Vaders? What ones DO you have?". She steps back, looks under the counter, and says "ohh we ran outta toys. We aint gots none". By this time, Logan had spotted a crown, last one left and FREEEEE - so I asked her if we could have the crown. Again, she walks of and starts talking to a coworker. I sai "Oh hell no se didnt just walk away - I waitedtoo goddamned long here to be ignored". She returns, again disgusted that I didnt just say "Whopper please", gets me the crown, an we leave. We head over toWendies for some nugets and fries to take home. Amused Logan, content Lance, very very pissed daddy.

3. Wendies was actualy good. Hot fries, soft nuggets. Logan ate his 5, and hen mooched 2 or 3 of mine.

4. Wife comes home early, about an hour or so later, and she wants to go out to eat. My mom also wanted to take us out fo Fathers Day, so we call her, and meet up at RuddFuckers. (Actual name FuddRuckers, but they pissed me off once, and the name has never been the same since). Logan was on hyper mode - but the food was good, and the meal was mostly pleasant. Afterwards, we go to Walmart, whre Logan spews up his cheese sandwich, a few nuggets, and LOTS of fruit punch. The people came to clean it up, and they were SOO nice to Logan. THey asked him if he was ok- if he felt better. I made sure he didnt feel bad about it (but was still embarrased about it). **Intersting point to make - if this happens to you, dont tell the first white lady worker you see. White ladies tend to be bitchy and non-sympathetic to your parental plight. Black women , and even men (not teens), tend to be much nicer towards you AND your kid. I knwow I bitch alot about minorities, but I gotta give credit where it is due - they were so damn nice to Logan.

5. Dont really have a 5. After Walmart, we came home, and Logan was fine (cept for being hyper) until bed time. ok ok ok - 5 would be that I got a nice backrub, and not nookie.


Move ahead to Monday - new day and everything went fine. The wife had no work or skool today, so she helped out with the kids a bit. We wet to Chickfila for lunch, revisited Walmart for all the stuff we forgot after the fast exit we made, then came home so I could go to the dojo.

DOJO NEWS: The owners have decided to move the dojo - about 6 blocks closer to me than its current location. No biggie there. They said that they plan to be IN the new place by the 30th, with no down time . The Judo guy wasnt there, so I streched and piddled for an hour, then JUDO guy arrrived. I was glad to see him. I explained abou my cold (gone now) , and apologized or missing that last class ( didnt have he chance to wish him luck). Never did get it clear, but I think he succedded in getting his nidan (which upgraded his teacher ranking).

We learned some new drills, whihc not only built up a killer sweat, but also are very beneficial in refining my technique/speed on several throws and foot sweeps. When it came time to randori (actual sparring, I got winded twice, and had to rest. Actually, I started to cough and dry heave. ) . Hate it when that happens. Gotta figure out if its that I ate too close to going , that I ate at all, if its by breathing, my second hand smoke inhalation bronchitis, my weight or if Im still too damn fat/old to be hoofing it like I am. In my head , Im still that 12 yr old boy, taking it all in, and loving it!

The owners kid suprised me tonight ---he was over with a few kids, working in tournament stuff(TKD), when he walked over, shook hands with and bowed to both me an the Judo sensei. I must say, I was impressed. Now THIS is how a top ranking person is supposed to act. Whether its a world known martial artists, a respected teacher, or a bum off the street---the head of the school should approach and greet anyone who eners the dojo. Just a matter of ediquete. But, with a father who sets no example, I realize it can be hard or a 13 yr old boy to know how to act. Today was a step in the right direction.

Well, Im off to ice my right knee (I tried hip throw, and came down with him) and cruise some blogs. Catch ya all later.


PS> THe Clorox bath wand has GOT to have the most ignorant, male demeaning commercial on tv at the moment. It just came on, so I thought Id menion it . It shows a guy cleaing the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper. And instructs wifes to educate their husbands..they can clean so much beter if you'd only buy them this sissy ass sponge on a stick. Morons.


  • At 8:10 PM, Blogger Butterfly said…

    Hmmmm, I beg to differ. I'd be lucky if my hubby used a wad of tp....but his attempts as breaking gender bias seem to lean more toward the kitchen area of the house.


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