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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Nap, Dr visit, followed by another nap

Whooboy! I finally made it upstairs, and now have access to my faster computer and my split keyboard!! Now I will only mispell things half a much as usual (which is still pretty bad).

FAMILY NEWS: We finally had enough of our pediatricians. Tidewater Children's Associates (located behind Chesapeake General Hospital) had pissed us off for the last time. Everytime we bring our kids there, they take everyone (and I mean EVERYONE before us). They have a hidden policy (during the week) to take older kids first, so they may be able to get back to skool. THis sucks when you have a sick 2 yr old, who can contain his energy only 10 minutes - before the actual WAIT becomes worse than what I brought him in for. The last time we went, and I shit you not, they made us wait 3.5-4 hours to be seen. I was pissed! Thought they were goin to call the cops on me. We immediately called out insurance, and changed to someone else. We were told that we'd have to wait till the beginning of the next month to go somewhre else. The new month started, so we went to the new Dr's today.

We originally had an appt for Lance , for his 6th month check up and shots (even though he is now 8 months old). The appt was for today (friday). Wednesday night, after returning home form a whoopass night at judo, I didnt get much cleep . The baby has a bit of a couch, and kept waking up every few hours (He is in the same room as Logan - so if we let him cry, I will have 2 kids to deal with ). Anyways, Logan woke up with an upset stomache, and started crying. He threw up, so I got him out of his bed, and took him tothe kitch to clean him up. The wife changed his sheets, and after a while of holding him, he fell back asleep. Thursday mourning was horrible. I felt like a truck ran me over (no sleep and physically worn down)----and Logan was whiny/clingy due to his being sick. He eventually threw up twice more before the wife got home. I called and got Logan an appt for the 30 minute time block right before Lances visit.
* Worth noting - Alicia always takes off of work for Dr visits when she knows they are scheduled (as opposed to emergency visits that I may device on - on the fly). So the old Dr's rules of taking the older kids first sucked fo rher. She also had to get back to skool, and they were not only fucking with hew job, but my sick kid. (I will now remain calm and not repeat the names I called the old Drs).

Today (Friday), we went to the new Drs (Chesapeake Pediatraics) , and were WOWED! at what a difference. The waiting room was so much kid friendlier, easyer to contain my over active kid, the staff was so much nicer, and after leaving (with some reservation that it was our first visit- and things may change next time), we were glad that we picked these new people. They said that Lance was fine (and he got his shots), and that Logan was fine, and probably getting over a cold virus. They took samples for Strep that came back negative.

DOJO: I was so drained Thursday night that I couldnt even stay awake. I didnt go to Muay Thai - Id have had nothing to give. Wednesday night, in contrast, was great. We had 4 people for the judo class (teacher included). The overall intensity of that class was less than the preious classes (just the sensei and me), but it was nice to have more people to try techniques on. After class, I stayed after a while chatting with a classmate.

*Note to Adam: Thanks for taking the time to listen, and to offer some insight into your home life and your world. You are the only real friend that my "karate" venture has produced, and I value your insight and your time. If I seem pissy sometimes, it's cause I really wish there was not time ...for practice, or even for just grabbing a bite to eat after class. I hope that any distance between us (and I mean SOOOO mean this in a non-gay way) is because of scheduling and time restrictions, and not because of something stupid that I may have said .
PS. Didya notice now long it took for "everyone else" to leave the dojo that night? I tell ya, there something going on there.

I think Im goin to start carrying around a mini tape recorder. There are SO many tings that happen throughout the day (that I want to blog about), and now that I sit here, I can only think of a few.
OHOHOHOH - I remember one. The other day (I think I blogged about this already) , it was muggy, but we went to the zoo anyways. I had Lance in a belly pack, a back pack for Logan (when he gets tired), and a big ass patio umbrella attached to my back providin shade (This of course turned me into a Twighlight Zone looking mix of Boba Fett and Mary Poppins.). That day , there were tons of skool kids running around. At the end of our zoo visit, Logan wanted to run around the fountains at the front of the zoo. They have about 10 ground level spouts of water that the kids can run thru. ANd run thru them he did! Logan was all over the place - running from one spout to another. Flash forward to today - the wife is talking to a fellow teacher, who happened to have a class at the zoo taht day. She mentions the fountains, and how the kids werent permitted to play in them...UNTIL this little blond haired HYPER BOY got everyone riled up, by racing around like his ass was on fire, and having a blast. Eventually, the teachers allowed their skool kids to play as well. The teacher continues, that HYPER boy was thre with his dad---a big guy with another baby in a front pack. (HEY_ THAT"S ME!!!). Guess no matter where we go, we just have entirely too much fun to blend into any crowd.

I raise a glass of apple juice to my son - Here's to living outside the box!!

Ok - enough for tonight. Time to either go to bed, or raid the fridge.

OH - -----From all the workign out, Ive lost 5 lbs. Down to 235 now.

Also, while at the thrift store today, we came across a fire engine bed. They wanted $60 for it, but the tag was removed, which normally indicated that someone purchased it. They couldn tell us if it HAD been bought, or if kids tore the tag off. SO, they said to come back at 9am tomorrow, when they open, and it would be ratagged (and we could buy it). 2 stupid things that come to mind:1. Why couldn't they just sell it to us at the close of busniess today (when we were there). 2. Watch those pricks not only reTAG the bed, but REPRICE the bed as well. If they do, and we dont get it, it's not the end of the world. He already has a race car bed. But he sure is into firemen/firetrucks lately----and eventually, Lance will need a todler bed too. We'll see in the mourning.



  • At 5:45 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    The last trip to our pedia? Much like your old one. They emptied the waiting room 3 times before taking the kids. The kids and I waited more than two hours past our appt time.

    And they told us to come in early, so that we could be seen quicker! Glad we waited THAT hour, too.

    Never happened before, better never happen again. Love the dr, but I'll get DarthDaddy to whoop some front office butt if ir does.

  • At 5:46 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    Wow! I had forgotten about that, now your post has me ready to yell at them some more...

  • At 12:03 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    I'm jealous of your weight loss. I'm stuck at 240... Trying to do it mostly through diet change, which is VERY HARD as I have serious cravings for Coke and pizza.

    I never have time to work out, but try to walk as much as possible.

    It's a real Catch-22. If I could just drop the 40 pounds, I'd have more energy. If I had more energy, I could drop the 40 pounds! Sheesh!


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