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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hot and muggy again!!

Took the kids to the zoo today - it went ok, but Im afraid the heat took it's toll. No one got sick, but we all got slightly overheated. Even with all the drinks I brought, and splashing everyone down at each water fountain we came across.

Another fun night at the dojo. Adam and I worked on our jujitsu stuff for an hour, then took the judo class. Tonight wasnt as whoopass as Monday was, but it was fulfilling. Built up a killer sweat, and got a good workout. Also got to work foot sweeps a bit more. They are starting to become more comfortable. Also, Im getting better at maintaining my balance while forcing the sweep.

The fleas have established a foothold in the house, and are now mobilizing for battle. Ive been prety lucky, having hairy legs (I can detect them before they bite). Logan hasnt been so lucky. Poor boy is really getting tore up. Gonna have to treat the rugs wih flea powder tomorrow (let it sit while we go to eat or something, then vacume it when we get home).

Although they prefer you call 24 hours in advance, I think I will take the kids over to the YMCa tomorrow. If they can fit Lance in, I can take Logan to the outside pool. I prefer the inside pool (less sun), but they have some really wierd ass pool hours. EX: the pool is open to the publis from 6-7pm, and only the deep end.

If the number 2 pencil is the most widely used pencil, why is it still #2, and not #1?

When someone recreates a scene, they call it a reinactment. But when it happened the original time, they never call it an actment.

I know I had a few other thoughts I wanted to blog about, but I cant think of any right now. Better head of to bed.


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