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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hot and muggy

Its Tuesday - and I had to install the window air conditioner yesterday. In defiance of all my hard effort , just as I plugged it in, it started to rain outside (cooling things down). I figured screw it, and ran it anyways.

DOJO STUFF: knowing that Sensei Lang (jujitsu) is on vacation made it hard to even bother going to the dojo on Monday. Knowing that there would be no one to train with - no one to hold pads for me - no one to practice with - sucks. But, after a 20 minute delay (and a shared bowl of chocolate ice cream with Darth Logan), I went anyways. Figured Id stretch a bit, kick the bag a bit - bla bla bla. If nothing else, it'd get me out of the house for a while. Im soo glad I went. I found out that the "judo guy" has been retained as a teacher. Good. Prior to this, he was just a guy "trying the place out". Sucks to really like someone who leaves. But, it seems he will be around for a while. Anyways - we worked together for an hour - he taught me some basic judo sweeps and throws, then we "sparred". First, we matched from a kneeling position. I did Ok, but almost always ended up on the bottom. I could tell he was patient with me, trying to give me time to figure out what to do. We also matched froma standing position - I id much better than our first time a week ago or so. I atempted more techniques - commited more to completing once starting a move....not bad for a beginner. Being the only adult interested in taking such a beating (that judo has to offer), I have a state champion judo instructor, and all the private lessons my spirit (and body) can handle. Sweeeet. Just wish they had better mats. The floor is covered with those foam squares that day care centers commonly have in their "play area". Neat to spar on - shitty to be thrown on. Specially when your partner hurdles you with an ippon seionage (over the shoulder throw). I hit that ground so damnhard that I needed a minute to get myself together. His technique was sweet - he idnt do it out of lack of control - or trying to be a bad ass - it was just an effective technique done really damn good.

Daddy news: I fulfilled a desire of mine today, that makes my childhood come full circle. I played an old 33 record of mine (Burl Ives - tells 4 stories, followed by a song for each). I loved this album as a child (it was released in 1969, a year before I was born). Sad to say I lost the original, but found it on Ebay, and snatched it up (complete with read along booklet). While Burl told the stories, I read along out loud, and Logan was facinated. I looked over at Lance (8 months old)- he was playing on a blanket , and he was just staring at me, listening to me and Burl. After each story, we all danced to the following song, after which Logan would demand we all clap. THIS is the reason I have kept that outdated record player, right next to the dvd player.

When I was young, I had my own little record player, and a selection of kiddie 33s and 45s. It taught me how to work electronic stuff - it also taught me that you needed to take care of your stuff. A lesson Im trying/hopingto instill in Logan. Although, we DO live in an age where daddy burns his own cds, and can make a backup copy in 45 seconds. We've come a long way since records . Hell, I remember trying to make a cassette copy of a new Madonna tape - by putting to tape players speaker -to -mike, and letting it play/record. (This of course was prior to dual cassette decks).

Well, enough to night - have to flea comb the cat, or else get eaten alive tonight.


  • At 10:26 PM, Blogger Phil said…

    I'm sad that my kids probably won't know the joy of listening to a complete album all the way through... Everything now is about playlists and singles.

  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Butterfly said…

    I kept my record player and childhood records too. I had one and I agree about the valuable lessons that are handed down.


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