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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Catching up

Im on the laptop - so I cant type too much wihtout becoming really really upset .

Wednesday: Judo guy was back - but my Jj teacher was not. The beginning of June must mark the start of her "vacation". Hope she returns. Anyways, judo guy and the other JJ teacher were there - so we drilled and went for 2 minute matches. It was a blast. Im starting to do judo better - have a better idea of where to grip, and balance issues for footsweeps and throws.

Thursday: Muay Thai class - again, kickin much ass. I bought a pair of paded gloves (really nice) from Ebay for $15 shipped ---and I found a pair of non-padded ones at the thrift store for $4, so Im set for equipment.

Friday: Non-eventful - just relaxed, as did the kids.

Saturday (TODAY)- after what seemed forever, we FINALLY got out of the house for a while. Went to a local park that was holding a Native American Festival. The boy (Logan) got to makea hat with a feather in it, AND ride a pony. Lance was carried around in his mommie's belly pouch, and people commented that he was a little papoos.

They took turns tonight, seeing who could stay awake the longest. Logan won. Kinda. He stayed up till midnight (laying on the floor under a blanket with me), watching the Mummy. He seemed comforted that the monster was frightened off by a cat. (We have 3). Of course, after he went to bed, Darth Lance woke up, and needed held for about 20 minutes. Regardless who won, I think they both have managed to guarentee that daddy wasn't gonna get any tonight. (I wonder, sometimes, if mommy deosnt put them up to it...hmmmmmm).

Ive managed to attend church for a whole month--even endeared myself to it by repairing it. No parades though - not even a thanks. My plan is to let the priest bring up baptising the kids, so it wont look as if that's all im after.

Well - off to bed - night all.



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