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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Wel, yesterday I fixed the gutters of the church. Today, I had to work on ground level. After a fun day with the kids (really, no problems today-just a fun day), I had to take an old couch from the garage, transport it to my moms house, and throw out her old one. While I was there, figured Id mow her the forest she calls a back yard. She's been saying that she can get the mower to start - I found out the problem - you have to pull that cord thingy.

Anyways,, picked up pizza for supper (I was greeted by the biggest smiles from Darth Logan - he LOVES pizza (and loves daddy when he brings it home!!).

RANT OF THE DAY: Im watching tv, and theres this commercial for an attorney - speciallizing in reducing IRS tax debt. They show thhis blue collar construction worker, and he says " I owed the IRS 2 million in back taxes. THey froze my assets and all my accounts. But after I hired thefirm of BLABLABLA, I was able to settle that debt for pennies on the dollar.". Ok, Im not math wizard, but I figure it is mathematically impossible to OWE the IRS more than you actually MADE (gross). SO , this asshole had to have pulled in over 2 mill, and he's bitching about having to pay his taxes. What a putz.

The bike seat is working out great - took the boys for a long bike ride today - Lance fell asleep in the taxi, and Logan got enough fresh air to make nap time much easier.

Cant think of anything else to write - see ya'll tomorow.


  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger Chip said…

    glad the bike seat is working out, I really loved ours. And my daughter (who was a very good and regular napper) would always fall asleep in it if it was around naptime. Sometimes we'd just put her into her crib wearing her bike helmet, because if she woke up while we were trying to take it off, she'd not go back to sleep.


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