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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fleas, 80's music, hulk poop, and Pass the Cold please

I think I read somewhere that you can email your text to yoru blog, and it will post as if you entered it normally. Gonna have to check that out. It still takes for granted that I can actualy GET to a computer during the day.

Let's see-----Fleas - what a pain in the ass. I treated 2 of our 3 cats with Advantage (Only had 2 tubes leftover). Even treated the living room carpet with fleas powder (bad bug powder, as Logan calls it), but these relentless little bastards are hanging tough. I get a bad alergic reaction after popping a few with my nails. Sooo- Ive been waging war with an old plastic container (Egg drop soup container), filled with water. It's so much easier to just drop em in, and swish em around. No squishies on the nails means no sneezing and reaction. We told Logan that daddy was making bug soup, and not to touch it.

Odd, but these fleas have brought up an interesting topic - bugs. We often make a distinction of BAD or GOOD bugs. I want my son to be able to SPLAT a bad bug with the best of em, but I also dont want him WACKING a poor Flutterby or lightening bug. We both have a fond admiration and respect for Dragon flies and Mantisis.

80's Music - Ive been watching this show on TV called HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME. Tey are bring on 5 80's music stars per show, and having them sing the song that made them famous, and then a remake (their version) of a popular more recent song. So far, they ALL suck. Flat notes, too much effort, not enough, Ive been to karaoke bars that have had drunk people sing songs better than these original artists. Yeeesh.

Hulk poop: Ok - one day, while changing Logan's diaper, I commented that he had green poop - I called it HULK POOP. Now, when he has to poop, he calls it HULK POOP as well. Regardless of color. This has actually helped, as well as dropped catpured fleas in the toilet. We are now potty training Logan, who has been doing a fabulous job the last 2 weeks. He gets up, takes off his diaper, and demands "wear". He says: "dad - potty-hulk poop!" Or "Dad - peepee potty - pee pee on bad bugs"(reference the dopped fleas above).

PASS THE COLD: The wife, being a teacher, is privy to any and all cold viruses going aroun. She brought one home, that has haunted the family for about a week now. I thought it was gone, and then BAM - I got hit hard. Throbbing head - sick to the stomache- dizzy- fever - and the most draining feeling Ive ever had. It hit me Monday, just before dojo time - recinded Tuesday, and then kicked my ass on Wednesday. I ended up missing dojo both Monday and Wednesday (Sorry Adam!!). Made it to Muay Thai tonight - awesome workout.

I thought it was gone, but Logan whined alot today, and then threw up a lot after I left for dojo tonight. Hope he's better tomorow.

YMCA--Oh yeah! They have new rules regarding child watch. No longer have to call 24 hours in advance...just show up, and em off. After the crappy sick feeling went away on Monday and Tuesday, I took the kids to the YMCA for swimming. Monday,I dropped Lance off, and took Logan to the pool. He loved it, but complained that he wanted to play (in the child watch area) like Lance did. Sooooo Tuesday, I traded off. I dropped off Logan, and took Lance swimming - he had a blast!! After about a half hour, I dropped off Lance, and took Logan to the outside pool. Success. Upon returning, Lance was screaming - we must have left him there too long. I have this fantastic belly pack for Lance - I dont want to ruin it - so I think I'll pick up a cheapy one at the thrift store for the pool. Still plan to do the SWITCH to give them each "daddy time", but I also want to see how smoothly having both at the baby pool will be. (The baby pool is about 1ft-1.5ft deep, and fenced in.)

BREASTFEEDING in public: Wow - a major topic in the news lately. I feel the same way about breastfeeding in public as I do about short short on teens wih words on the back. Do what you want,but dont bitch at me or staring. When a woman has a baby, her breast enlarge to produce milk. Sweet! But why is it never those awesome looking babes that want to whip it out in public? Never a business woman with silky long brown hair, long legs, and a rack that would make anyone want to breast feed until they were 30. It's always some boney ass looking trailer park ho. You look out of curiosity, like watching a car accident (morbid curiosity), but then fear that your eyes might burn from actually catching a glimps of a flabby mammary gland. YUCK!

BTW _ I, of course, was the only guy in the baby pool area. Some moms were nice, most just ignored me. Even saw a few Queens "holding court". (By queen, I mean the one almighty socccer mom that's ass is always being kissed. She is he center of all the attention, and al the moms gather around HER. I didnt mean queen as in a gay guy).

POWER DARK SIDE: Battling the forces of darkness (I actually mean ethnics - Ive only been to one Booger King with an all white staff), my little Jedi contingency finally achieved sucess on Tuesday!!!! Despite the effort of ignorant staf members, backdealing managers, and timing---we obtained a Darth Vader Happy Meal toy! Darth Logan danced or joy, as did I - right there in the lobby. We had been trying since they started with these toys to get a Darth Vader. They only come 5 per box (packed with shitloads of other figures), and I swear the managers and staff were pocketing them for themselves. Check out Ebay - you can get $20 for one. Considering how often we eat there - they sure turned grumpy as shit towards us recently. Kinda like " We gota our own problems - fuck yours". Any other place may have set one aside for the cute little boy - but not ours! We finall walked in at the right time - they had just opened up a new box - and got busy with something else. They didnt have time to snatch the Vaders - and a new employee was nice enough to chekc the box or us (after the managers told us that they didnt have any). BINGO - found one. Im not bitching cause they would treat us special - they treated us rude. Id ask "Any Vaders?" they'd say "No - are you going to order anything else?" No pleasant conversation or anything...Kinda like "Cut the shit - order the food, and move on". Only through repeated bugging did I find out that they open new boxes on Sunday and Tuesday - and that each box contains 5 Vaders.

HELEN HUNT: How can she go from looking so damn hot in Mad About You, to wretched in As good as it gets AND Pay it forward. She didnt age well. But, for all of us Helen fans, theres always Leelee Sobeisky(sp??). A very cute young looking Helen Hunt .

Ok - hitting the botom of the barel on things to blog about. If you were here, Id be happy to put in a dvd, and pass the Root Beer (Barqs). Since ya'll are in cyberland, I'll have a mug in your honor. Here's to bein a Dad.


PS Dont forget , Fathers Day in on Sunday. The wife is finishin up her college degree, and will be away at classes all day on Sunday. Another Fathers day spent with the kids - sounds apropriate (although I really could use a day off soon!!!). Come to think of it, I think she did this to me last year too - hmmmm.


  • At 1:06 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    Hey, how bad was Flock of Seagulls?

    I thought The Knack still sounded good, but I know they've been touring and recording almost non-stop for 25 years. Some of their recent stuff is good.

    The show made me go on an 80's kick, so I loaded up all the 80's songs on my computer and have been blasting them while the kids play. They seem not to notice my brainwashing.

    You made me laugh with that breastfeeding paragraph. It's like the Seinfeld quote about cleavage. "Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You don't stare at it. It's too risky. You get a sense of it and then you look away."

    There was a Queen Mom at my son's school... President of the PTO, Volunteer of the Year, Planner of Every Classroom Party, etc. Hair always styled, clothes immaculate... We called her Super Mom. Hubby was Super Dad. I'm glad my son is changing schools so I don't have to see her anymore.


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