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Saturday, June 11, 2005

3am posting

I ventured downstairs - just had a weird feeling. I snuck in the kids room, and Logan started laughing in his sleep. Lance started to toss and flop around, and after a few minutes, woke up. Wonder if they can sense me - I knwo I was silent as a ninja.

I had to pick Lance up, and take him to the living room. I started to sing to him - and figured Id write down the songs that came to mind.
1. Are you lonesome to night - Elvis - Logan loved this song when I sang him to sleep with it.
2. Forever in bluejeans - Neil Diamond
3. All this time - Tiffany
4. Favorite things - Sound of Music -
5. Love out of nothing at all - Air Supply
6. Smurf boat - this is anothe reason I wanted to make a quick post. Around 1980 (I was 10), there were 2 albums that came out (cassette as well), that had songs by the Smurfs. One had this sweet song on it called "Smurf Boat". I forgot some of the words, but its a song that stuck with me all these years. If anyone has a copy of it, please let me know. I'll try to post the lyrics later, at least as much as I can remember.



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