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Monday, June 27, 2005

Sorry ---more Monday ranting

Adding insult to injury is Chartway Federal Credit Union. I received my credit card statement in the mail, informing me that I was behind on the payments. I was, but was unaware of it. They have over 25 local locations, but not a one that you can make a payment at. Also received Friday were 2 letters - one stating that my account was closed, another stating that they would take my house, my car , or my first bron child if they didnt get their money.

This morning, I contact them by phone, and they say "Come on down". We enter the bank, put our name on the list, and wait ---and wait--and wait----20 minutes later, they call us up, to ask for details on why we are there..THEN they tell us to have a seat again. Almost an hour later (Lance is getting fussy and Logan is past hyper, and running ALL OVER the place). I stand at the counter for 5 minutes, being ignored,when finally I seize conrol of the sign in sheet. I refused to let anyone else sign in - and they suddenly realized I was there. I asked what the problem was - they had helped over 10 people who came in after me. She said that my name was placed in line, and I had to wait my turn. I bitched, so she went to get the list (to show me I was in line)--and guess what.....I wasn't. Between them asking for info, and my turning around to walk away, they had conveniently "lost" my info. We would have waited all day if i hadn't complained.

We go in, sit down, explain our problem--she takes my "get it current" payment, processes it, then gets on the phone. She tells me that she's very sory, but the account is closed. No shit. I ask her to have it "reopened". Sorry, Im afraid.... bla bla bla. They tell me that I can reappy. Why reapply? The info is the same...address, phone, all same same. They just wanted to be a pain in the ass. I informed her that, if I no longer had an active acount, that I was no longer bound by the terms and conditions of the card holder contract. They would get paid the balance of the account, over time, and I would not accept any interest charges added. She started arguing, I argued back - Logan started to be a brat, I started to yell at Logan, Lance started to cry - it was a scene. I finally calmed Logan and Lance down, told the "lady" that she was useless, and were done. We left, and got some pizza for lunch.

Im no where near close to doing anything rash--or losing it-- or doing anything to harm anyone or the kids. But man, all this bullshit bearing down feels like a lead weighted vest. As if not bringing any money (due to being with the kids all the time) isnt bad enough, now I've got to contend with ignorant fast food service, and banks that treat me not like " a member of the community they serve", but an annoyance to be "filed". I have bad credit (due to disagreements with Discover and Bank One), losing this card is inconvenient and a set back. Not that I use the card recklessly - just got gas and lunches with the kids.

The kids are now --think Ill slip upstairs and see if I can return some work calls.



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