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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Better as the sun goes down

Had a really nice night at the dojo. Didn't do anything spectacular, but it was enough to clear my mind. Tonight, I arrived 30 minutes early, but didnt feel like dealing with anyone, so I waited for the judo guy to arrive. Class time came and went, so I decided to leave - but returned a video to Sifu first. As we talked, judo guy came in. He was a little late, but I was so glad to see him. I am really getting into judo.

Tonight, we did a simple review of techniques covered so far. Ippon saonagi, osoto gari, ogoshi, and a few others I cant spell or remember the names of. We did them across the mat, first only to load, then again wih full execution. Again, I was nervous unil I got flung (ippon seonage), then everything was fine.

We worked on some ground techniques - a scarf hold, and 2 escapes/counters to it. Our randori tonight was light, so it could focus on what we were learning. Excellent teacher.

When we were done, the jujitsu teacher came over, so I toyed with him a bit. No nice o me to pick on the elderly, but the way I see it : If he's wearing a black belt, he's fair game. His techniques are non-commited, so it's easy to resist his throws. Also, I've been working on not only counter balancing a move, but also making it lead into a move of my own. IT's sweet to resist a shoulder throw, and as soon as they ease up ...BAM, you reverse it and hip throw them instead. Sweet.

All this good karate stuff is helping my weight stay down around 232. I got up to around 235, and I got worried, but it went back down. My next goal: get it under 230.

Thats all for tonight - I need a shower and some sleep.


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