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Friday, May 30, 2008

Airbag light on my 98 Blazer

Problem solved. Thank God for Ebay. I didn't actually buy anything, but it's sure nice to be able to SEE what something looks like when it's removed. I got to see what the front airbag sensor looked like. (STILL can't locate it on the truck though)

More importantly, I got to see what the passenger and driver airbags looked when removed from the vehicle. My truck doesn't have a switch to turn the passenger side off. That's pretty much ruled out being able to put the oldest boy in the front seat. I've barely been able (by very limited seat selection) to fit 2 safety seats and the infant carrier in the back seat. SO, I was able to locate the wiring connector, and unplug the front airbag.

Won't that create a problem with getting the car inspected, you ask? WHy yes it will. That damn airbag light in the dashboard is a major pain the ass. I took the truck to get inspected, and that light refused to turn off. As a result , it failed. I read that there is a fuse that you can pull, but that it will make the light stay on , rather than make it go away.

The answer - I took apart that damn dash board, and removed the instrument cluster. Pretty simple, I must admit. I disassembled the cluster, and found 2 led lights that are on a motherboard. So much for just plucking the bulbs out. I was afraid to remove them for fear that it might mess up some other electrical system.

Now I can't say what you should do next if you are having the same problem, but it sure would seem easy enough to cover those lights with some black electrical tape, so when you turn the car on, the lights won't shine through.

This wouldn't 'fix' the airbags, just the light problem. If you WANT airbags, go to a garage and get them fixed. I personally don't want them, and am not at a loss for not having them wired anymore.
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