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Friday, September 28, 2007

Kissing my 2 year old goodbye

Not as sad as the title seems - Lance will turn 3 years old Friday. I realized as I kissed him goodnight (he was already asleep) - that it was the last time I would kiss my little 2 yr old Lance goodnight. Tomorrow, I will kiss my 3 year old good mourning!

Things have unbelievable around here - busy busy busy . I can't make it from one side of the house to the other with the same thought in my head. I'll leave one room to go do something - and end up somewhere else, doing something else. 3 days later, it'll cross my mind that I forgot to do 'something".

Thursday, September 06, 2007

HE is here!

It official - Around 8-9am today, LANDON GABRIEL (hereafter to be called 'Darth Landon'), made his entry into this world!

He is 7lbs 14 oz, and 19 inches long.

Mommy is recovering nicely. Better, in fact, than she ever did with the other 2 c sections.

I have to pick the boys up at preskool, get them lunch, and then we're all heading over, so they can see their newest family member.

(When Logan received the phone call about Landon, he was EXCITED!
"Lance, we have a brother - we have a BROTHER! Im happy - I wanted a brother...(long pause).. So, was it a BOY brother, or a GIRL brother?"

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last few hours

Sewer line is fixed - we can flush and wash now. A while back , we had a sink whole develope in the front yard. The city blew us off regarding fixing the underlying SEWER problem, which resulted in my front yard leaning to the right. I remedied that slightly last night, after I shoveled ALL the dirt that the crew left dugup, after they broke the pipe and went home. They had to bring in a dirt truck to fill the hole today.

First day of preschool went great for both boys.

We're all over the inlaws now, trying to get both boys to go to sleep. Im already dead tired - can only imagine how much my ass is gonna be dragging by 6:30am, when we have to give the hospital a warning call.

We've decided on the following names:

boy: Landon Gabriel
girl: Kylee Rayne (our original girl name from the very first pregnancy)

I'll keep you updated.....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ya'll aint gonna belive this shit

Ok - the boys start preskool Wednesday

The new baby is being delivered on Thursday

My old Firebird stopped running . I suspect it needs a new fuel filter or pump. The inspection was expired, and the tags just expired as of September, so I pushed and pulled the car ino the driveway. And GOOD thing I did.

Today, as we were leaving, a construction crew took over the street. They are tearing down one house across the street, and building 3. They had lumber delivered, equipment to tear down the existing house, Virginia Natural Gas trucks, city inspectors, and (last but NOT LEAST) city sewer workers. If it drove a truck, they parked it in front of our house. (we live on a dead end street - one way out, and the carpeted it)

Our escape was narrow, but we made it out - and went to Burger King. Upon return---

The whole front of our house was blocked off - as were all the neighbors. They were digging a whole where my Firebird had been parked (before I moved it). Had I left it there, they would have had it towed.

I wedged in between two of their trucks, and they didnt like that. They finally opened a spot onto my front lawn, and we parked.

Coming up the front steps. my son spotted a dog layin in front of our door. Not OUR dog. So we had to deal with a stray thinking it was home. Hated to call the doggie cops, but I didn't want the old pup getting hurt.

THEN - the city workers break the sewer pipe. They tell me that we can't do certain things - like laundry, or flush the potty, or run our water, or wash dishes. He says that ehy might be able to get a crew out to fix it in an hour - that was 3 hours ago. They put pallets over the whole (with orange cones), and left for the day.

So on top of all that's already going on - we have lost use of our sink, our dishwasher, clothes washer, AND potty!

Monday, September 03, 2007


There is so much to do today, and instead, Im hiding upstairs for as long as I can. Through the baby monitor in the room below, every 2 minutes sounds like a felony arrest. Funny thing is, I was the one who went through the academy - but the wife has learned a trick or two from me (or all those COPS shows the boy watches.

(read slow, loud, and VERY pronounced...)



oh boy (or oh girl)

The plan

Ok - here's the schedule Im looking at -

The wife went back to work last week. No students yet, just the teachers there to set things up. Monday is a holiday - I must clean the house as I have never cleaned before.

Tuesday - the wife returns to work, and so do the students.

Wednesday - Logan AND Lance's first day of preschool. This will be Logan's 2nd year at this wonderful preschool, and Lance's first.

Wednesday night - take the boys over to the inlaws, where they will spend the night.

Thursday morning - early - and I mean really REALLY friggin early - call the hospital and ask if they have a bed. We are to tell them that we are scheduled to have the baby by c-section. Why we have to ask for a bed...I have no idea!

Also thursday - the boy's second day of preskool - grandpa has to drop them off, and pick them up, as I will be tied up at the hospital with baby#3.

Friday - Deliver the boys to skool - pick kids up from skool - eat lunch - stop at hospital and see the new baby - - - - and I'm kinda lost from there.

Saturday - I have set this day aside just in case I loose my frigggin mind!

So, in short - the new baby is coming on Thursday!! Wish us luck!
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