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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Do NOT install service pack 2 for windows. WHat a problematic piece of shit!! After installing it, I got the following problems:

Both cd drives ( both are dvd-+rw drives) were recognized by Windows, but would no longer acess disks.

Roxio Drag to Disk now stated that "There were no recognized drives on the system"

I lost internet ability after about 30 minutes

Needless to say - this bitch had to go.

I contacted Microsoft, who led me on a 2.5 hr witch hunt - trying to uninstall SP2. After uninstalled, Windows took FOREVER to restart----and with no task bar. Eventually, I was told that she was going to refer it to a higher level tech, and they woul demail me back in 24 hrs.

I am about to try reinstalling Windows from disk. Not looking forward to all the pain in the ass reinstalling of all my programs though. Man - if I'd only have known before I installed that damn service pack.

AND - it was disguised. Windowsupdate never said that it was a whole godamned service pack. It said it was a simple file for Outlook express (which I dont use anyways). It was insistant - so I downloaded to shut it up.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

All in a days work

Saturday (today) went by pretty fast. I had hoped to attend the 10 am or 11am tkd class, but staying up till 4am last night diverted me. I've been tracking down a dvd hack program, that will allow you go copy an entire dvd, and burn it, AND allow you to play the burned one in my dvd player. SO far, only found one that will make a "playable only on the computer drive" program. There is a program that I want...but it's expensive. A court order made the company go it must be good. What sucks is that I found it online, downloade dit, but cant registerit (as is required to use it). It'll really bite to pay $100 for a program that I already have - just need the damn user code to get IN the damn thing!

Today - the wife and Darth Logan went to her parents house for a baby shower. She said it was nice. Sounds like we mostly got "usables" (that we asked for) - diapers, baby wipes, receiving blankets, etc. We didnt need much of anything, cause we still have all from Logan. But it never hurts to have extra diapers! Al mentioned that an older ladyfriend of her family had knitted/crocheted a blanket for the unborn. And, I was glad to find out that a few people (my mother included) thought to buy a little something for Logan as well. Kinda sucks seeing all that neat stuff being unwrapped, and nothing for you! Someone got him a babydoll. Not sure what gender - but also not sure what gender the actual unborn is. Setting the male, macho "My boy aint gonna play with no goddamned doll" , I hope to use the doll after the unborn is born. I've been trying to develope ways of including Logan in the day to day dealings with the newborn. If he has his own babydoll, he can always mess with it, instead of the real one. For example. when the newborn will need a diaper, I plan to make Logan "Diaper King". I will let him get a diaper for the new baby (which of course I'll change). If he can manage (with hlp), I will also allow Logan to "powder" the baby. If he can't seem to be "up to par" with the real baby, I can always let him put diapers (or change diapers) on his baby. Train a little stay at home dad.

KARATE: Going very well. Been trying to memorize all the escapes, the forms, and terms, bla bla bla. I'm really chipping away at it. Seems the more that I relax, and go slow, the more retention im having. And fast retention. It'll help that it's commited to long term memory - and not just crammed in short term memory the week before the test. I think the next Belt Test is in October. Gonna have to mark it on the calander - hate to miss it. Missed one already - but I wasn't ready for it. It'll be faster and less costly if I can take my first test knowing as much as possible (for the highest belt possible). Other schools would start you right back at white belt - and I've been wearing a white belt to show humility. Right now, Im a bit of an enigma. There are other black belts there - mostly young ones (18-25 yrs old). To them, the sight of a 34 yr old white belt, doing some of the things Ive done, is pretty ironic. Once I put on a color belt, I've stepped into the rank system, and am better classified. But for now - it's cool being the hidden dragon! The jujitsu sensei has said that she lans to test people for yellow belt next month. It'll be neat to hold current belts in different systems. The KF sifu has told us the requirments for the first "belt" - a white sash. I got it all - but haven't asked to test. He's said that he's saddened by the TKD peoples lust for belts, instead of knowing the art. I figure it'll be better to let him teach, and me to learn, than to bug him about sashes.

The Car--- Gotta swap the back tires with the front ones tomrrow. Been getting a very strong wiggle in the steering wheel. Not sur eif it's a bad tire - or a suspension part that needs replaced. If I swap the rear and front tires, and it still occurs - then its the suspention (Idler arm, rocker arm, center link). It it stops - then its a bad tire ( I HOPE!!!). I've replaced suspension parts before - no big deal. But you have to get the car alligned afterwards - that means paying someone else money - that sucks.

Well - not much else to say - off to browse the web a bit - catch ya'll later.......

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Trying to keep it all straight

If I can cram and memorize another kata (poomse, form, etc), I can be recognized as a high green belt, and be testing for low blue next. Then, the order is high blue, low red, high red, and the coveted Black! Starting at a higher level will also save some bucks, as testing fees usually increase as you get closer to black. But MAN, all the stuff to memorize. I can fully execute any of the techniques, even those up to and including black belt - but having to remember wrist escapes, and choke escapes, and bear hug escapes - not just "how to do it" , but how to start basic and work my way up to through all 30 of em! This will be one major cram session. Also, there are new Korean words to learn - the Korean flag to translate, bla bla bla. Ive been chipping away at things one ata tim - I have faith that it will all fall into place.

The jujitsu class is fun, but goes by REALLY REALLY fast. It's a 1 hour class - and as we seem to just get going, it's time to end. The sensie seems willing to hang around a bit to answer any questions, but I have to get changed, and over to the Kung Fu master (the title is called Sifu - pronounced See-Fu). His class actually starts at the same time the jujitsu classs does, but because I'm one of only 3 or 4 students so far, he doesn't seem to mind me joining late. We usually get started around 8pm, and go (sometimes) until 10 or later. That's neat. Being so "in to it" that you loose track of time. They finally gave me my own "space" - a blank slot on some shelves at the dojo in the changing area. Figured I'd leave my big bag there, and just bring necessary stuff back and forth (dirty uniforms, personal notebooks that Im taking notes in, and that TKD book that shows all the forms in it). That "leave it" bag was starting to get really heavy. Let's see - the contents: (This may be a boring list, but I figure I'll list from memory in case someone swipes something - I can refer to this list!)
2 heavy weight judo gi tops (on white and one blue)- and I mean HEAVY WEIGHT !
2 cups (and I don't mean Dixie cups) with breif styled supports
2 TKD Dobock tops ( the pull over uniform)
1 medium weight karate gi top
Sparring equipment : Chest protector, head gear, hand covers, shin& instep guards, forearm pads, 3 mouth guards
1 Black Kung Fu uniform
2 uniform belts (one green, one white)
Breath mints ( 4 different kinds - so I don't knock someone over by breath alone)
Deodorant, body spray
Notebooks - a composition notebook for each of the martial styles (3), the TKD book, my " dojo book", with all the rules and requirments of the current dojo, and a folder with all my "rank and awards" (previous rank certificates since I was 14, and all my tournament and national awards.
AND here's the capper!---------ONE pair of white pants. THis is rather ironic, considering all the tops I have. BUt you see - my top size is a 6 or 7 - and my bottom size is a 5. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is ever willing to break up sets (of uniforms ) when they sell em. SO I have a huge supply of white gi pants (usable for karate, TKD, and jujitsu alike) that are WAY too big for me. Gotta figure out a way of hemming them. I do have 2 pairs of lightweight (size 5 ) pants - but they are too light to wear in the dojo. Neat story on THAT to follow:

Im on Ebay - find a great deal on size 6 uniforms. I buy 2 (or 3) of em, and when they arrive, they are SOOOOOO lightweight, that I can't use them for class. Instead, I use them for pajamas in the winter. I contacted the guy, who apologiezed, explained that for THAT BRAND, they were medium weight (I can imagine a lighter weight though), and made amends by sending 2 gi tops in a heavier weight (which are STILL a bit too light, but do-able in a pinch. You see, when you do martial arts (cept for Kung FU), I prefer to have a heavier uniform. It holds its own form, makes a POP when you throw a strike, and gives a bit of padding when you get hit, or thrown to the ground. Lightweight ones just kinda droooop on you, making you look like your mommy dressed you for class.
(had to run out and switch laundry - betcha didnt even know I was gone, huh?)

UNBORN BABY: 6 more weeks - I cant believe it. It's approaching so suddenly. I feel a little bad - while she was pregnant with Logan, I waited on her hand and foot. Then, after the birth, she started to "bitch out" - so while I haven't been neglectful ( by any means), I also haven't exactly "followed" this pregancy as closely. For Logan, I could tell you (each week) how the fetal deveolpment was going, what would develope the following week, and so forth. Not so much with this baby. Maybe , because of how new it was - it was like standing in line for the newest baddest roller coaster. The wait is memerable, and you cant wait to ride! Then you do...and you love it. But you dont remember the next 5 times of standing in line - only the thrill of the coaster. Well, the first pregnancy was like standing in line. The first birth (and knowing that I can care for an infant) was the first ride on the coaster. Now, the line part is boring - Im anxious and nervous about having to handle an infant AND a toddler - but hopeful that I will be as capable as I was with only 1 child. I'm all like "Bring it on!". I'm up for the challenge.

Wow - long Blog tonight - guess I was on a roll (which is much better, but not as funny as one of my rants).

Night all....

oh - almost forgot - next time, remind me to tell you about the dog barking, the frog pond, and my 2 sets of wigged out neighbors that I declared war on. This is destined to be entertaining.

My wife turns 34 !! Now she really IS my "old" lady !! Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hey - where'd the week go?

This week has just flown by.

Today was the wifes birthday. We had plans to go to the beach, but it as we prepared, the rain storm rolled in. No beach trip. We had pizza for lunch. Logna was so tired at the end of the meal , that he actually was using his right hand to push his jaw up and down (to help him chew). It was so cute once we figured out what the hell he was doing!

Later, we went to the Grate Steak for dinner. Fantastic plce - they bring you a cut of steak, and you take it over to the fire pit, and cook it yourself. Had a good time there.

Had an Elvis telegram to deliver tonight, so after dinner, we headed home. I raced all over looking for costume parts ( and even ran out of helium for the balloons after the third balloon --I use 6 per telegram). I ended up having to blow up 3 balloons by mouth, and tie them to the other helium balloons, so they kinda would float. The telegram went off without a hitch (cept for me being 20 minutes late - but I phoned ahead, and they were ok with it) but if they could only have seen the 'behind the scenes' of it all. Whooboy.
It never seems ot fail - if I have a fully packed bay - with minimal time to travel between parties, I somehow pull it off. If I only have 1 party - I screw it up somehow - and get there late.

I'm having a blast at the dojo. The jujitsu instructor is talking about having a test for first belt next month. That'll be cool. The TKD class is pretty much a self study at this point. They do have TKD classes, but most are little kids. Also, I'm starting to think strategically. They said that they would honor my rank from previous training. They estimated that I am to start as a green belt, and test for low blue, hi blue, low rd, hi red then black. What they require for testing is the same stuff that I have been working on at the YMCA class. So - if I can speed learn a few more of the forms, I can "enter" as a higher level belt - maybe a blue or even red - this will save me time and $50 per belt test. The quest for black belt surges onward.

The Kung Fu - this is some neat stuff. The Sifu (pronounced Sea-fu) has a leaning toward snake style, so we've been practicing that. A few classes already, I've been the only student that showed up - so I get 1 on 1 training. That is way cool! Also, at first I thought that what I learn from KF would be opposite of my karate training, and in some ways it is, but i have so far been successful at 2 things:
1. Incorporating the newly learned KF techniques into my knowledge base, and use them with karate moves as well.
2. I've been able to also keep the KF moves seperate - and been able to switch back and forth between styles (karate/jujitsu/TKD/ KF) without too much difficulty. I do admit, it really helps that I have a uniform for each. A pull-over styled TKD uniform for TKD, a cross chest uniform for jujitsu, and a kung fu uniform. It helps me not only seperate what Im doing at the time - but the time it takes to change clothes also helps me get into "character" . From TKD man, to Samurai, to Kwai Chang Caine. I'm hoping tht the Sifu will start calling me grasshopper.

Tomorrow is Sunday - the wife and baby will probably go to the inlaws for the day. I've GOT to do some cleaning around here.

Till next week - this is Mork - signing off. Nanoo Nanoo

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Decent Monday

Got up early, called the bank - and all the money is there. All of MY money, that is. Turns out a glitch in the bankcard software or something caused the problem. They "fixed" my card (the one the ATM ate), and I picked it up.

Al went to skool ( her work) today, to get her room ready. That left Darth Logan and I to do whatever. We played with the dog a bit - went to the bank - visited the dojo - stoppped at Wendy's for some food - then it was nap time. He crapped right out - even slept thru being reloacted from the car to the house. Later, we went to Lonestar for a steak dinner - then it was off to the dojo for me. Having just eaten, I decided to skip the 5-6pm TKD class, but jumped right in on the 6-7pm sparring class, the 7-8pm Jujitsu class, and the 8-10pm Shaolin Kung FU class. It's like a dayspa! No mud packs - but bunches of kicks, strikes, rolls, theory..LOVE IT !! The schedule even seems to flow nicely. Start off my jumping around, trying to open a can of whoopass - this tires you out. Then, the next hour is wrist locks and adult tumbling - flowing moves, circles, no hopping around. Finally, the Kung Fu is very very circular, and more mentally demanding than physical (at least at this level). I expcted it to be difficult for me to go from the hard karate (or TKD) (linear) style to the fluidity of KF, but I'm holding my own. Guess you really can teach and old dog a new trick.

THE DOJO: Oh, by the way - I took the leap and signed up for 2 years. They didnt seem interested in a trade - and the diversity of styles (under one roof - with one monthly fee) can't be matched in the area. I still think that my quest for my shodan in TKD will be a self directed search - but obtainable.

As soon as my head hits the pillow, I remember about how I wanted to talk about the babys breathing and aligning myself with him. I had a cousin that died from SIDS (Crib death back then), and I've ben afraid of that happenign to our little bundle of joy. Each night, I'd roll out of bed, and just watch him. Make sure that he was ok. I check on him less now (than when he was under 1 yr old), but I still check nevertheless. Each night, I partake in what started out a security check, but has developed into the joining of 2 souls. (I should mention that my lower back bothers me from time to time). I enter his room, and turn off any fans or the ac unit . Thi sleaves only the sound of trickling water from the fish tank. I walk up to his crib, and bend forward, reachign for my toes. At first, nothing. But then, with patience, I crack the lower part of my back (feels really good at the end the day). Also, and this part is the magic, little by little, the "house sounds" fade away, leaving me with only one - one that Im am desperately seeking - the only sound that will allow me to sleep tonight - the sound of my baby breathing. Until you relaxe a moment, you are still listening to all the sounds of the house - the frigde motor - fans, etc. But one by one, they fade away - and there is only the sound of him breathing and the sound of my own heartbeat. It's silly perhaps - but at that moment - I feel connected to him. It tells me that he is ok - that I am ok- and that we have made it through another day. It allows me to let my guard down a bit, enough to rest, and prepare for the next day.
Caine from TV's Kung FU once said "Each morning, when I awake, I treat the new day as if it were a blank slate, on which to write. " Hearing my own heartbeat - and his breath - it quite an eraser for my often crowded slate.
Time to feed the fish - and listen for breath and beats. Night all.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Am I poor?

MY MONEY: Still no clue about what happened with the bank. I purchased a few things ($10 sparring pads - I was gonn aneed them anyways) from Ebay, and used Paypal (transfer from bank account) to pay for them. They both went thru. So either the money is there, and the card was bad. Or the money is gone, and I got some explainign to do to 2 Ebay sellers on Monday. A trip to the bank is in order first thing tomorrow mourning.

MY KARATE: Tomorrow, I will go to the dojo and see if they will accept my trade offer. If not, I will sign up, and se if they will accept a 3 month contract. I figure, it'll give the new baby time to arrive, I can se how it'll fit into the schedule, and (they may like this) it will at least allow them to recover the cost of that free uniform they gave me. I also have that nasty letter to the TKD beotch from US TKD center to mail on Monday. Hope she blows a fuse when she reads it. Serves her right - you can't talk to people like that.

MY CAR: Tires on the right really need air. Bad rain and wind causing it to swurve a bit at high speeds (or when going forward). No service engine light - so I think it was a fluke.

MOVIES: I can't find the Karate Kid 2, 3 or 4 on dvd locally to rent. SO I signed up for Netflix, and am expecting KK2 and 4 (as well as a Wigggles dvd) in the mail on Monday. Hopefully, I can copy them, and send em back in a day or so. They also have the Battlestar Gallactica series - that may end up chewing up the 2 free week trial, but $22 for 1 month aint too much to pay for all that I may end up with. I intend to cancel after a month regardless.

THE WIFE: She's been pretty pleasant lately. She still hasn't asked anythign about my search for a dojo since that fateful day with the Crazy TKD lady. If you remember, I came home, and she yelled at me for misplacing the phone. So I never told her what a disaster the meeting was. Gonn ahave to at least tell her the location of the new dojo. It would suck if she went looking for me, at the Crazy lady place, and I wasn' t there. No need to hide what Im doing - or where I am. But it sure would be nice if she'd ask about it. It's fostering a seed of a discontentment tree.

MY BEDTIME: It's here. Night all !

Sunday, August 15, 2004

What will he be when he goes up?

Yesterday, Darth Logan ran laughing into the room, right arm cocked back, and let go with a pitch the likes of Bob Feller would have been proud of. I was in awe of my creation - my son - my starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.....that the though tof "DUCK" or "BLOCK" didn't quite occur to me untiul I heard the CRACK. Not of a baseball bat, mind you......oh no...of that hard ass little solid plastic ball coming in contact with the bridge of my nose. Man did he ever bean me! I grabbed my nose - and rolled over in pain! The shot was so fast, and so unexpected..and such a straight, good , hard , fast throw...that I layed there on the floor, hands clenched to my face, yelling OW OW OW OW and laughing so hard, that I could't tell if the tears in my eyes were from laughing or pain! It's still sore today - but what a memory! That'll teach me for not investing in Nerf !!

Lotta rain today - hurricane Bonnie, or Charlie, or something. We saw on tv that the power company stated that 10,000 people were without power. It was bittersweet. We wanted to applaud that it wasn't us (it is ALWAYS us..ALWAYS. If the birds fly overhead to fast, we lose power. And just our circuit. WHich is us, and 3 other houses. Everyone else gets power...and they have porch lights that border on the edge of flaunting it - "we got power and youuuu dont". Also, the Power company is slow to fix it, cause we are just 4 houses. It sucks!) .

Odd event today - still worried:
Put a decent deposit into the bank - had a really good weekend, and raked in some good pay. Friday night - lotsa money in bank. Saturday morning - bank card declined for $5 in gas at 3 different stations. THEN the friggin ATM at the bank EATS the card, gives me no account balance, and says the card is expired. EXPIRED? I just got the damn thing! Is it Aug-2007 already?? Good thing that had some extra money in the car for gas - I was on the way to a job.
I return home, try to check balance at the bank website...and it's down for repairs. SH*T! It finally comes back online, with a note that "We realize that accounts havent been updated since the 11th - we are workign on it". SO now, Im online, in my account, and it will only tell me how much money I HAD, no thow much I HAVE. I don't know if it's just a computer error...somethign wrong with that magnetic strip on the card -if someone stole my numbers and emptied my account - or if, that day when I thought I was in the Twilight Zone episode (being the only 34 yr old in a kiddie karate class), I actually WAS in a Twilight Zone episode, and it hasn't ended yet - only broken away for a commercial.
Well - off the the kitchen to enjoy some soothing cold Minute Maid Fruit Punch. A refresing beverage for those thirsty moments - hey! Wait a minute! ROD!! Get outta my fridge!! Put down those cookies too!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Another day of "not much"

I meant to go to a lot of different places today - and just didn't seem to get to any of them. Logan went down for an early nap - I went out for McFood. When he woke up, we had a Dr visit for the unborn. Dr checked heart rate, said it was great, then we left. As much as CAN go wrong with a pregnancy, I guess I should consider myself fortunate that our doctor visits are so short.
Quick trip to the grocery store for som supper - then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Oh - the neighbor had a boxer dog (from when he was a puppy). I used to play with him, give him bisquits..I even taught him to fetch. When I bought an air powered nail gun, I build him a dog house with 2 by4's, and framed it like a real house. It was sweet. Then, after a year or so, her son moved away and took the dog with him. Sad day - walking out the back door was so lonley. We now have Sandy (our flea bitten refugee), but it sure was nice to see Bogger again. I even came in to get Logan, and we both played with Bogger for a while. It seemed that Sandy and Bogger were gettign along, so they may keep each other company. THe thought has crossed my mind of either bringing Sandy in the house more ( to habituate the cats to her), or going to the shelter and getting 1 more dog (of her size and temperment). I feel bad not spending more time with her.

Well - 1:30am - gott awork tomorrow , so I'm off to bed. Remind me to talk about the nightly "becoming in sinc with the baby" next post. It's cool - heartfelt - touching - but too much to go into tonight..Im sleepy.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Not much goin on

The wife had to go off this mourning (stuff to take care of at her job), so the baby and I had some time alone. We watched Karate Kid again (we have GOT to find 2, 3 and 4 !!) Gonna try to get him to watch the Lion King, or Beauty and the Beast. If he don't like those..there's always Top Gun. At least he kinda allows me to watch my Kung Fu season 1 dvd's occasionally. (I ordered a black Kung Fu uniform from Ebay.....gotta find a way of getting a grasshopper patch, or embroidery on the chest!!)

Today - Darth Logan and I just chilled round the house till about 11 or so. Then it was off to Boston Market for some lunch. I got 2 kids meals..and we split them. Works great. Gonna be hard to split things 3 ways once the new baby arrrives...but at least for a while he'll/she'll be on formula.

Went to China Sea Buffet for dinner ( chinese food and all you can eat crab legs.). My mom came along. Good food, pleasant conversation..all went well.

Just came in from the car - earlier, I was off to my Kung Fu class.....when the check engine soon light came on. I was only a block from home - and got a weird feeling to to risk it. So I returned home and played a bit with the baby before his bed time. The trouble light won't come on now. Maybe it was a fluke - maybe iut will return tomorrow....or maybe divine intervention . Who knows. I missed a night of martial arts class....but had fun with my son and kissed him goodnight. Everything takes a back seat to Darth Logan.

Not to leave you stuck sharing my boring day - I leave you with this quote:
TIME -flies like an arrow - - - - - - - FRUIT- flies like a bannana

(Think about that one!)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Remnants of yesterday - and hope for tomorrow

In my rant about the RKD lady , and the Karate Kid, I forgot to mention that I had a root canal done yesterday. The hype is really overrated. The trouble of having to smell burning tooth was nothing compared to the pain the tooth ache gave me. Gota go back in a wek for a crown ."OH I just can't wait - to be king!"

Tonight was again a bundle of mixed emotions about the Chuckie Cheese Karate do. I show up for free lesson #2 - starting with a sparring class - and there is no sparring class. There's a weapons class - one teenage blackbelt talking to 2 12 yr olds. (Some class). They told me there was no sparring - that it was on Wednesday. No shit - TODAY is wednesday! My Jedi logic had no effect on the feeble minded. They sugested I suit up and join the "class". They said they'd loan me a staff. HEHE they gave me this teeny tiny little toothpick of a bo - not more than 4 ft long - and weighs less than my class ring. I serioulsy wonder what these people are thinging sometimes. So we stood around - talking - with my toothpick. Then class was over - and the jujitsu class started. I LIKE the jujitsu. Arm bars - wrist locks - take downs - grappling. When I started in karate - I was afraid if anyone got too close. Once I learned jujitsu - they couldn't get close enough! Jujitsu class went very well.

"Do you see the grasshopper at your feet?". said blind Master Po. "Old man" posed Caine "How is it that you can see such things?". "Young man", responded Master Po..."How is it that you cannot?".

Im diggin this kung fu Totally different than anything I've ever studied, but fascinating. Learning to move in ways so fluid, so graceful - I explained it to the helps if you've seen CONTACT with jody Foster...

Karate and Taekwondo teach to to act, respond, and think linear. Front - back - left - right. Jujitsu and Aikido teach you to think in circles. Smooshes - fluid loops. This Shaolin style Kung Fu Im learning seems be like the machine that they built in Contact. Fluid movements - but not just on one linear plane - like a globe, and you can go up , down, angles, all over. Hard to describe - another example would be like drawing. Karate and TKD , you draw with straight lines - JJ and Aikdo, you draw a circle. Kung Fu, you get that old Spiralgraph out, cause its a fluury of circles! Neat. I expect to have difficulty with conflicting styles - but we'll see how I do.

Having said that - I think I will park my butt at this dojo/dojang/studio for a while. It will be so neat to be so well rounded (In martial arts experience...Im already well rounded thanks to this belly I got!). My goals: 1. Get a blackbelt in something..ANYTHING! 2. Make my son proud (when he's old enough to know what Im doing). 3. Start my OWN martial arts studio (a small modest one). 4. Pass all this knowledge on to my children. It would mean the world to me, for my little ones to think of dada as a combo of Mr Miagi and Kwai Chang Caine. With maybe a touch of Robin Williams thrown in for fun!!

Wanna watch Babar? Wiggles? OUCH ! MY SHIN !!

I couldn't be more proud of the baby. He can tell you if he wants to watch Babar the elephant by saying Ba-ba-ba-ba-babar. Or the Wiggles by wiggling his fingers. But WATCH OUT if he wants to see The Karate Kid. He starts kicking the hell outta anything in reach with his right foot. And says "Kick - kick - kick". It warms my heart! After watching it today (and I'll return to movie issues in a sec) - we (Darth Logan and I) visited the Chuckie Cheese Karate dojo. Had about 3 minutes to talk to the director before a bus load of children pulled up and filed in. Long enough , at least, to pick up a free uniform that their website offered (along with 3 free classes). Logan loved it there- all the pictures of Spiderman, baby hulk, Daredevil..all the kids to chase after. Got me thinking - maybe this aint such a bad idea. It seems like there are 2 options in my area - 1. Train at a place that is strict, and may overlook you for testing, and focuses on one style. or 2. This place - which doesn't seem like it will "teach" me much (in Taekwondo) - but will allow me the flexibility to practice whatever I want to (open mat for adults is wherever we want). Teaching will be in Jujitsu and Kung Fu styles. Once I get Shodan (black belt), I may consider opening my own small dojo. (Just dont feel right doign it without earning a shodan - credibility and all). They even say that they will teach weapons - and actually called it a SAI. God, that urks me thinking of that beotch from the US TKD center insisting it was a Chinese Fork. Someone should strap her ass to a chair and make her watch the Ninja Turtles Movie - over and over and over. SAI dammit! Okinawan! Not Korean! Not Chinese! Duh. **Warning - the rant you are experiencing is about to come to a stop - please remain seated***
I offered a trade to the Director - since they are non -profit - and seem like a day care - I offered to give them moonwalk rentals and DJ their events in exchange for free tuition. For the life of me, I still can't remember which way her head rattled! She said something about the owners having a comic book store behind the dojo....then a swarm of kids flooded in. Holding this womans attention is like holding a handful of sand - it just sliiiiiips away. She gave me a medium weight (yeay!) uniform - but the wrong size pants. (I wear 6 top- but 5 bottom). When I told her just to keep them, that they wouldn't fit - she declined - and explained how to hem them. That's so odd - they are offering a free uniform - gave me a MEDIUM (not a lightweight) one - then declined when I tried to give part back to them. It didn't seem business savy - but it did seem very polite. [US TKD Center charged me $39 for 4 classes (now $59 cause they raised their rate) , and gave me this cheap ass uniform that is so scratchy (canvas type material) that I cant wear it.] I may not get direction from these people - but they are friendly.

Im considering singing up. I'll go for another free class - then see if they are willing to trade - or at least do a short term (3 month) contract. That way, I can get a better feel for it - and not be locked in for a year. Still need to see how Unborn Baby Frye will change the family schedule/dynamics. 7 weeks to go! Boy? Girl? I don't care - it will enjoy 80's tunes and learn karate like Miagi did ...."Father teach".

Oh - movie rant from above : In The Karate Kid - they move from New Jersey to Raceda cause the mom has a new job. He tells the "gate guy" - the one he hits with the kick to open the gate door - that his mom got a job in computers "Building rocket ships of something". Next scene - she a lowly waitress! Talking about how she's being considered for "manager trainee". Hello! Is there a Directors Cut somewhere that explains how she lost the other job? Or did I just miss something.
ALSO - there are basically 5 bad kids (Cobra-kias). Johnny, Dutch, Tommy, Bobby - and who the hell is Tony O'Dell? He plays a character named "Jimmy" according to a cast list - he's the silent, forgotten Cobra Kia. He can be seen dead center of the group, when Daniel tried to get the teacher to tell them about the indians. Other than that - I got no clue where he is. The skeleton scene is a blur to me - they all got the same outfit on, and are built alike. Johnny is the chief bully. Dutch has the Elvis hair. Tommy is the tall smiling dork. And Bobby wants to stop the asswhoopin- and is the one who pegs Dan's knee in the tounament. I guess Jimmy is the forgetfull one who forgot his lines too damn many times 0 and had his Big Line taken away from him?
On a KK search - I found a site with someone as bored as I am , and he has some intereting questions as well..

Well - enough for tonight. Tomorrow , the Emporess and the Wicked Witch of the west have a lunch date to shop for clothes. Good riddance. It'll give the miniature Dark lord and I a change for some serious play time - ball in the house - coloring the wall with crayon - and of course, watching the Karate Kid.
Night all - good night Grant - good night saga - good night John Boy...

Monday, August 09, 2004

Journed to Korea, Japan, China, and the twilight zone!

Where do I start this entry? I went to the new dojo to check it out - and sign any paperwork that was needed for me to try it out. They said to come back later - and try all the different classes. From 5-6 was Teakwondo. Let me set the scene. I asked many times if there were adults too, and they said SURE there are. So here it is, 5pm, and here I am, 34 yrs old, and sitting in a class with 21 kids under 11 yrs old. I had to laugh in spite of myself. Thought of leaving - but stayed just for the humor of being abe to say I did it! What a bust! 18 yr old teacher - wearing a sweatshirt - acting like he was a bouncer at Chucky Cheese. Unbelievable. Then------then I thought the next class (Jujitsu) starts at 6, but it don't. No no no - at 7. Miscommunication. But they had an adult sparring class from 6-7, so I took that. It was ok. The Jujitsu class was a blast - brought back some fond memories . The sensei went thru things kinda fast, but it was enjoyable. Then, I joined a Shaolin Kung Fu class (already in progress) from 8-9. The day started off (at the skool) as a friggin joke...then turned around and was very pleasant. I'm still in awe that ther eare Japanese and Korean arts taught at the same place...but I'll get over it.
Overall, I think the dojo is a big front for a day care center. Walking in, you';d swear you walked into a Superman comic book. Not that that's entirely bad - but some more traditional stuff would have been nice. I created the term "Chuckie Cheese Karate-do". Sooo - as it stand - the tkd is a joke - the jujitsu is fancinating - and the Kung fu was different (first time I ever taken a chinesse martial art class). But it Kwai Chang Caine (TV-Kung Fu) did it, it might too.
Still think Im gonna go check out the Aikido dojo - just for my own piece of mind.

Well - off to either play games or watch Rocky 3. "I pity da fool!"

20 hours in a fur covered bucket

What a weekend - and man am I glad it's over. In the last 3 days, I've spent a combined 20 hours wearing a complete fur bodysuit, with a fur covered bucket in my head - and walked aournd the mall (up and down and back up then back down..bla bla bla) - waving at people and giving hugs. I know - you're thinkin "Oh yeah - real tough job", and it really is - but after all that time in costumes, your feet hurt - your neck hurts - and your've vision takes a while to return to normal. Each of the costume (1 new one each hour) allows you to see out of it at different angles. Only 1 allows you to see straight ahead. All other require that you turn your head from side to side to see. Didnt get to spend much time with the little one - and that sucked. But tomorrow is a whole new day ( and one that Im not dressing up in fur for !!)

I get to try out the new dojo tonight - tkd class - juijistu class - kung fu class. The website says that you get 3 free classes to try them out. I hope they don't count Mondy as all 3. It really does help to go a few night, and see how things are before making a commitment. If you only go 1 night - and it sucks - you may have a wrong view of the place. Or the opposite - you may have been there for the 1 good night in a whole suck year! But we shall see........we shall see.

Denstist appt on Tuesday to start work on this toothache (actually - bad tooth - it's been pretty timid since my first visit - I think it's scared). After the dentist appt - if he don't mess my mouth up too bad - I hope to check out the Aikido dojo class.
Well - Now Im off to bed..
PS. thanks for the kinds words of encouragement Grant .

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ray of hope

Was on my way to a telegram, and came across an aikido dojo not far away. Taekwondo may be the most commercial art, but I think that jujitsu and aikido are the most effective and deadly. May take a look into that dojo. Also, by cruising the web, I came across a place called American Gold Martial Arts. I call to th director gave me some interesting info. 3 free classes - they teach Taekwondo, jujitsu, and kungfu. This blows my mind. I never liked Kungfu - and am shocked to find Korean TKD coexisting under the same roof with Japanese Jujitsu. Have to check this one out.
Everywher around here, the prices are about the same. About $100 a month. Various contract lengths - pay more per month if you want a month by month contract (if offered). $50 Registration fee. $50 per belt testing fee. This Am Gold place says that it was founded as an alternative for people who were tired of being ripped off at other martial arts places. They charge comparable - but say that they are a non-profit organizzation. They said the fees collected are used to further the dojo, and the Competition Team that they have. Let's see if they can be more respectful than that bitch over at the U.S. Taekwondo Center (see earlier post).

Today was a very pleasant day - the wife left early - and the baby and I played all day long. We played inside - we played outside - went to Mcdonalds for lunch - then we went to a park - he exhausted himself - crashed out for a long nap - stayed up late, and went to bed without any problems.

Gotta get a buncha costumes ready for tomorrow. Big day at a local mall. Hope to make enough to pay off this karate endevor for a few months.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Playing in the puddles! Posted by Hello

Fun Tuesday!

Lots of rain today - the wet welcome of hurricane Alex. Only windy and bad rain here. But we still got out to play a bit. Stomped in puddles - played with the dog - threw rocks. We even ventured out to Chickfila for lunch (and their playground!). Later, grandma calld, and wanted dinner - so it was off to Boston Market. (No ham on the menu - what are they thinking!!)

Too rainy to do much else. I booked some work, downloaded some pics, and am now gettign ready to say goodbye to Tuesday. If it stops raining tomorrow - maybe we'll go to the zoo.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Monday monday monday

A tropical storm front is headed our way - so lots of rain today. We all went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch - then to thrift store, and Target afterwards. I finally got "Tarzan- the Legend of Greystoke" on dvd!
The baby's got a new hero - Schrek! Loves the big green guy. SO we bought him the dvd of the first movie, and he is captivated by it. He watches - he laughs - has a blast. And we have a blast just watching him!

Uhoh - just remembered that I need to run to Walmart for milk. 1:30 am Walmart run..saddle up!
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