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Thursday, September 30, 2004

End of day 3

I saw that the previous post said Sept 30th, but that was only because it was posted after midnight. Today is actually the 30th, being day 3 in the life of Darth Lance.

Took Logan to the hospital today in the mourning. He got a bit antsy, so we left for home, and took a nap. (Nap was supposed to be for him, but I crapped out next to him as well). We gathered up 4 rolls of film (some from Lance - some from previous zoo trips) - got them developed, and took them to the hospital to show momma. Logan did pretty good, only occasionally getting fussy at not being able to touch things. We eventually came home, watched WHeel of Fortune and Jeapordy - then I put him down for the night. I've noticed that he doesn't wake up around 1am if he is allowd to stay up till8-9, instead of putting him to bed around 7 like his mom does.

Another night of missed classes at the dojo. Testing for white sash is going to be soon (undetermined day as of yet) - hope he didnt decide to test early! It's weird - only been back into training "fullforce - and full spirit" for 2 months now (at this dojo), but when I miss class, it makes me feel very lacking. Not just a matter of "I have to go to class", but rather a feeling of knowing that some piece of wisdom was made avaliable for me, but I wasn't there to bring it home with me. A discussion was made recently on another blog I follow -( about how you perceive your training. Do you go to class when you don't feel like it - do you take a break - and such. That's a wonderful thing about cross training like I am. It's never boring. The jujitsu class is only for 1 hour, and goes by SOOO fast. The Kung Fu class is always making me look at my abilities, and go one step further than I ever had before. . The open mat time allows me to get ready for the TKD test coming up in 2 weeks. Gonna need the grandmas (both of em) help over the weekend when Im out working. Gonna also need them to stop over come Monday, so I can sneak off to class! (The wife had a c-section - and will need help not only with the new baby - but with 21 month old Darth Logan as well, when it's nite nite time).

I bought a neat blue racecar bed off of Ebay - a toddler bed. Once I post this, I have to dig to the back of the garage and bring in the bassinet for Lance. Think I might bring in the toddler bed for Logan as well. That way, if he craps out when Im not home, it'll be easier to put him on a low laying bed, rather than lift him into his crib.

Well, having said that, and havin heard that growlign from my tummy, Im off to the kitchen for a late night TV dinner, then off the the garage to bring in those baby beds.

New baby - day 2

Thanks to all who offered their congrats!

The inlaws brouht Darth Logan to the hospital today - and what a scene it was. He was happy to see me, of course, but then we introduced him to his new baby brother. He was sooo taken by him. He was so gentle when he touched the baby, and even wanted to hold him (although we didnt let him - each are too young). He eventually climbed up on the bed with momma. When everyone broke out the cameras, he threw a fit, hopped down, and brought me to the baby. He motioned for ME to take the baby, and then drug us both back to the bed. The little guy wanted us ALL to be in th picture. I tell ya, how a 21 month old can act like a 4 yr old amazes me sometimes. Logan wanted to tour the whole floor, and then we had to drag him away from the "new baby" window. We told him that we had a new one already.
TROUBLE IN PARADISE: I spent last night at the hospital with the wife and newborn. Around 12:30am, a new nurse came in and said she was going to take Lance down to the main station (check vitals, weigh him, ect). She asked if I'd like to come, so I did. Once there, Lance started chewing on something. (He had done with a few times already in the room, with no major incident - it was just some 'stuff' that newborns have in their stomaches). First , she grabs the towel/blanket he's on, lifts one end, and rolls him forcefully to his side. Then , she sits him up, and starts wacking him on the back. (Mind you, he had just nursed not too long before this journey). He spews up all over himself. So she lays him down, and grabs a suction blub thingy, and tried to suction his mouth out. Meanwhile, he's now turning blue. She freaks - and calls out for "some help over here". I also freak out, and the rest was a bit of a blur in my head. Something like....grab the suction blub, snatch the baby away, sit him up, tilt his head to the side, suction out his mouth, and said " touch him again, and YOU"LL need the help over here". (Also neat to mention was that I brought along my black kung fu uniform as pajamas). The other nurses took the baby, cleared any obstruction..then put him in a table/bed - put a tube down his throat to vacuum out any remaining "stuff" (Lance was very unamused, at this point) - then monitored him for an hour and a half (pulse ox/heart rate/body temp) on a heated bed. For the next hour and a half, Bruce Lee never left his side. When they gave Lance the OK, they weighed him - and then I (myself) wheeled him back to the room. Alicia said that she was gettign concerned, and the nurses had told her that he threw up a bit, and needed to be watched. It's very possible that what happened was a natural occurance, and would have happened anyways. However - seeing my newborn whacked like that, then throwing up - then choking put me into severe defensive mode. When I got back to the room, I was sooo drained. I had a make shift bed, and when I hit it, my lights went OUT. I was awoke around 6am or so, by my darlign wife throwing things at me. (pillows and boppys). She said that baby had been crying (needed fed), the nurses weren't answering the "i need a nurse" button, and she had been callign me with no answer. Let me tell ya, she could have had an air horn, and I don't think it would have done her any good. From that moment on, Ive had an intermittant major headache today (A real one -head throbs and all - not just saying that as a figure of speech).

To give him and I some time together, I kep thim after the inlaws left. We went for a bit of dinner with my mom, and came home to watch Scooby Doo 2. He fell asleep at the end, so I put him in his crib. I've ben racing around the house, trying to straighten this, and clean that. I've done 2 loads of dishes so far (only pots and pans to go). Guess I'll head off to bed. Tomorrow, we'll go for breakfast, and then over the hospital, to check on the wife and baby. I told her that the baby doesn't leave the room with that nurse (without me).

For the next few weeks (maybe months), the wife won't be able to pick up the baby (either one). That means that we'll have to have some help from the family (on nights that I have KF or TKD or JJ class). She won't go back to work till after Christmas. So 2005 is going to be VERY VERY interesting for yours truly. When Im left alone with them , I'll have a 2 yr old and a 3 month old. Oh boy!

Darth Lance and Mommy  Posted by Hello

The red marks on his face are called "Stork bites". Looks more like a stork tried to eat him! (poor thing) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

IT"S A BOY !!!!

Lance Alexander Frye was born this morning (Tuesday, Sept 28th, 2004) at 10:13 am. He weighed in at 7 lbs and 4 (actually, 3.5) oz. 19 inches long, and as pink as can be. More details fo follow - pics too - but gotta run. Going over to see Logan for a few hours at the inlaws.
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Monday, September 27, 2004

Last blog for tonight

Well, we're back home. Darth Logan is fast asleep over the inlaws house. The wife is resting in the living room. I'm about to do one last check to make sure I have what I'll need tomorrow. We've had almost 9 months to prepare for this moment, and still I find that Im not ready. The basinet is not in the living room - it's buried under a bunch of stuff in the garage. The house was supposed to be straightened out - the rooms moved around - all sorts of stuff. But I guess when it comes down to it - none of that matters. The Unborn is healthy, and will arrive in our arms in about 10 hours.

Knowing that it all happens tomorrow has made ht take a glimpse at the last 2 years. Not knowing what to expect, being the nervous first time dad. And imagine how I felt at knowing that I was to be a stay at home dad. Here I am almost 2 yrs later - an old pro at what I do - saying "bring it on, I'll take one more please". Gonna be hard on the wallet having to buy formula again -and 2 different size diapers. I just hope that I can give/devote as much time to the nborn as I have to Logan. I hope that neither one will feel gyped.

I wish I wasn't having as much trouble with the credit card companies..but with that exception, I'm pretty happy about "where Im at". The company brings in money for diapers, so far Ive done ok with Logan, (both my hearses currently run!!), and Im on a good path with my martial arts training. (Although, it may sound bad to say, I was trying HARD to get away for a few hours tonight, so I wouldn't miss class at the dojo). But as it turns out, my talents were needed elsewhere. Darth Logan was not abot to go to sleep. He fought the wife and grandma, cried, screamed...the works. Finally, it was turned over to DADA, who had him fast asleep (and happy) in about 15 mintues. Never send an amature to do a dada's job.

So, having said that - I have about an hour or two to do some things. Plan to go over some of the Kung Fu patterns - check the multimedia bag to tapes and batteries, pick my clothes for tmorrow - and pop in either The Last Samurai or Blade Runner to sleep to. Big Big Big day tommorow!


Day of preparation

Went to Walmart today, and got all the last minute "gonna need em's". Mostly just things like infant socks and an outit to bring the baby home in. The master plan for tonight is to end up over the inlaws around 6pm (close to Logan's bed time). Hopefully, he will fall asleep without too much fuss. That way, he can spend the night there, and we can get a good start in the mourning. We're scheduled for 9am, but they want us there around 7am. It just hit me though, that if we both go over to the inlaws, I'm going to miss jujitsu and kung fu class tonight. That part sucks. But, martial arts teaches us "balance".

That's all for now. I'd put pics of the unborn up sooner if the hospital had WIFI (too much to ask for , I guess). So I'll be taking them and uploading them in a day or so [after (s)he's born.]

Sunday, September 26, 2004

I made it thru the weekend!

Still no baby - but I feel like "I" gave birth! Im pooped. Almost fell asleep in the chair while manning the moonwalk today. In the past 2 days, I've DJ'ed a four hour lawyer company picnic, delivered a moonwalk to a church picnic (and then dj'ed their event too) , been "moowalk man" for a 2 hour birthday party -a balloon animal making jester, a famous brown detective dog, and once again, moonwalk man, followed by a magician (1 hour magic show). It was hectic, but man, what a weekend! If only other weekend could be so neatly scheduled.

On the "debt" topic - I got an offer from one bank card today - a 50% settlement offer. Im seriously giving it some thought. Still going the distance with Bank One, but Chase at least made an offer. TO accept it, though , will take all of the money I made this weekend. Gotta think on it a bit. (How much was actually chartged on the Chase card - how much I've paid off since charging it - how much of the total balance is accumulated finance charges, and how much it late fees.

UNBORN: Not much info to post yet. Still on schedule for Tuesday morning. Although, it did feel kinda strange today (Sunday) knowing that if I hadn't had work, we'd have had the baby on Saturday. According to the Mother Goose rhyme, the Unborn will be Full Of Grace. Logan was a Monday's child: Fair of face.

Monday's child is fair of face,Tuesday's child is full of grace,Wednesday's child is full of woe,Thursday's child has far to go.Friday's child is loving and giving,Saturday's child works hard for a living,But the child born on the Sabbath Day,Is fair and wise and good and gay.

A quick trip thru Google turned up some interesting stuff: Both my son and I (both Saggitarians) were born on a monday. The wife was born on saturday. I hope I didnt mess things up by postponing the birth!!

MARTIAL ARTS STUFF: Found a really good deal on a blue kung fu uniform on Ebay. IT's a large though - pants will fit - just hope the tops does after it is washed.

Well- that's all for now. I hav some dvd stuff to do.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

On the ball

Ok - today I got my act together. I got the MULTIMEDIA MAN bag together. Cameras, camcorders, tapes, film, memory and hold onto yoru seats- I have ALL the batteries charged (and bought AA's for the cameras). It's all together in one bag, and ready to go.

Tomorow should be very intersting. Dj-ing a picnic at shelter #1, and renting a moonwalk to shelter #2. Shoudl bring in enough this weekend to pay off that damn Citibank card. For the last 3 hours, I've been downloading and burning music cds..just to make sure I got enough for 4 hours of dj-ing. And I'll bet you the entire profit that before 15 minutes goes by, some jackass will come up and ask about some weirdo group , then complain when I dont have the song. Never fails. Just concerned at how Im going to fit everything in the car!

Im having a pissing contest with Bank One. They bought out 4 of my credit cards (from other companies) - then started to occasionally send me a statement late. This meant that they tacked $39 onto the bill as a late fee. I'd call, explain that it wasnt my fault - they would take it off. after 3 times, they jacked my rate from 8.9% up to 24.9%. I called - I explained - they didnt care. I got tired of being told "Sorry - nothing we can do for you". So I declared war, and stopped paying on it. First came quaint calls - then came unfriendly reminders - now we're up to the real hemeroids. Those pains in the ass that call 4 times back to back - are rude, agressive,
and make you thank God that they aren't within reach - lest they have the shit choked out of em. Buncha real winners have been calling - playing every card form the "pity me card" to the "Im going to scare you into doing what I want" card. What sucks is before this - I had an excellent credit rating. But at 28%, there was no way I was going to be able to ever get out from under the debt. This seemed the only way.
So far, my favorite is "I've just received a folder on my desk concerning a matter that Im not sure you're aware of". Not aware of? Duh!! But these bastards are more resourceful than I expected. They call the house - they call my work - that was expected. When they called my sister in law - who is now married, and lives out of got me thinking. These bastards found a link somehow that lead them to her - why don't we send THEM after Osama? "Mr. Laden - I've just received a folder on my desk that Im not sure you're aware of - I need to you to return my call today, before 5pm".
Well - off to bed - if all goes well, i'll pack the car up to the brim, play pretty music, make a little money, and have a fun day at work tomorrow. Let's hope that the Unborn is amused with my schedule, and will wait till tuesday (hush hush - voices carry!).

Friday, September 24, 2004

Another false alarm

The monitor at the hospital confirmed that she was having contractions - but not having a baby anytime soon. They sent us home - and told us to come back on Tuesday.(scheduled C-Section).

Darth Logan is spending his first night away from home (inlaws came and got him ). Feels weird not havin him here. Tonight will be the first night that we've been apart.

Well---we got Taco Bell to always, I'll keep ya'll updated.


ps. good kung fu class tonight - tell you about it tomorrow
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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Baby alert #2 under way

Had errors first time posting this - baby alert - I just got back from Kung FU class, and she says that she may be having 10 minute apart contractions.

Ill kep you informed..


Baby alert #2 under way

Here we go again - just got home from Kung FU class, and the wife says that she may be having contractions that are about 10 minutes apart. Small ones though. I'll keep ya'll informed


I enjoyed Community College better than Old Dominond University

As soon as I posted it, a little voice said "here we go pissin off the community college people". Sure enough. It was just something that struck me as funny at the moment.

I attended Tidewater Community College, and loved it. I enjoyed that the classes were taught by actual "in the field" people, and not a stuffy professor ( who was only interested in tenure). The students, however, were some of the most upity, stuck up snobs that I've ever met. They reeked with "Im better than this place- and Im better than you". You'd think that the people at a CC woudl be nicer - we have less money, we still wanna go to college - we may even transfer to a big college, but it's economically better to bump out your prerequs at a smaller college.
Once I got to Old Dominion University, it drastically switched. Teachers got stuck up and stuffy - and the students were nice as can be. Very unexpected.

Bottom line: Community college good - ODU sucks. My apologeez to any CC students who read the caption.

Ok - the C in Certificate is a fake - the C in College (was a K) is a G in disguise - and the T in sTudent is 2 L's, inverted. Must be a community Kollege!!! HAHAHA Posted by Hello


I'm so bummed! I saw something funny, and waited a day too long to get my camera to take a picture. Ryans Steak House (Chesapeake, VA) had a message on their board by the road. Something about giving gift certificates or something - for KOLLEGE grads. With a K !! I haven't seen somethign that damn funny/retarded since I was in Kmart and saw hand written signs in various departements that said SAIL !!(And you wonder why they went bankrupt).
By the time I went there today to take a pic - they had changd the K - to a G !!! GOLLEGE!! But at least they had some tape, or a bandaid over the cross in the G to make it look somewhat like a "C". I'll try and post the pic when done with this.

Class was fun tonight. Small class for the Jujitsu, so she showed us some knife defenses and hip throws. She also showed us what we'll need to know for our next belt. Just hope I can remember all of it!
Kung FU class was also interesting tonight. He ran a practice test for white sash. He was pleased with my performance, and even said that my 5 animal fist/stance form was close to flawless (at least for my level). I really like this Kung Fu stuff.
We had some kids join the class tonight. It was nice to have little ones in the class - I think it made the adults push themselves harder to set a good example (of course, there are always goof offs who ham it up regardless). This last remard was referring to the adults - not the kids.
After running us through a mock test, we worked on more IRON BODY exercises. Holding stances for extended lengths of time, and taking strikes from fellow students ( philosophy = When confronted with an enemy - you can think "You cant do anything to me that I haven't already done to myself". Sifu said that traditional Shaolin training is brutal, and all us idiots are asking him to bring it on. ALSO worth noting - thre is a student in the KF class who has taken TKD for a longer time. It's interesting to see him mention a kick, or strike in TKD - then have the KF sifu show us how stupid that move is - how to avoid it - how to counterattack it - and disect it like no TKD teacher has ever done for us. He is not a TKD hater (that's my job!) - just that he can show me a different prespective . For example, wrist grab escapes. We learn them in karate, and a few in TKD. But the method of striking is SOO different in KF, that when I grabbed my partner wrist, and he tried the jujitsu escape, he couldn't do it. If I had held on like a karte person, he would have gotten free. STRONG - HARD - GRAB HOLD! But instead, when he twisted, I let him take the arm - and turned it into an elbow strike. Very hard to properly describe. But by changing styles (jujitsu to KF) I was able to react differently thatn was expected by my partner. There is a "freedom" at knowing that in KF, there is no RIGHT way - and no WRONG way - thre are just moves. The key is to make those moves achive your goal (block/strike/whatever) . So many times in karate, or TKD, you practice and practice and practice something - untill you "get it right". And there's nothing wrong with that. Now imagine a sensei saying " I'll show you one way - I want you to be creative and show me some other ways to do this".

It sure is nice being able to cross train in different styles. As I go along, im sure I'll go back and forth on "which one I like better". I hope I keep the present mentailty - that they ALL have a piece to play in my experience - in my learning - in my art. After all - are we not martial artists? Think of each are as being an artist "medium" Let me tell you, it really nice to color with crayons, markers, AND watercolors at the same time.

Hope this rambling made sense.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Star Wars compared

I've watched the first dvd (Star Wars), and it is pretty clear. Of course, I compare it with my memory, not side by side with the vhs tape. But I found a few websites that are really neat - they have a side by side comparison of all 3 versions (original vhs, special edition vhs, and new dvd release). Drunk Uncle George even changed the damn movie again - so the dvd version my son will watch is not the same as what I saw as a child. Ex: Greedo still fires first, but the response shot is much faster. I'd recommend searching google for the web sites that show the quailty difference, as well as the CONTENT differences. I watched my original vhs copies to death. I bought, but never bothered to open (or watch) the special edition. The dvds will never be more than 4 ft away from the player.

I popped Star Wars in this mouring - and the baby was captivated! I was 7 yrs old when it came out - and if captivated me. He sat there, on my lap, entranced at 21 months old. Touching moment for me. We also re-enacted some of the scenes with my 12 inch action figures that I let him play with. The Jawa atttack was the most fun - R2D2, C3PO and the Jawa chased each other around the living room while he laughed and giggled. The Force is strong with this one....

TODAY: We (all 3 of us) went out to Wendy's for lunch, then played at a local park for an hour or so. I got snubbed by the moms group. No biggie. Then off to McArthur mall for a dads club meeting (that I was the only person to show up for). But the play area there was really nice. Gonna have to go back to play there again some time (they charge for parking). A quick stop off home for a nap, then to Pizza Hut for dinner, and then fast asleep. I booked 2 telegrams for tomorrow - got the costumes and paper work in the car ----just gotta get up early and blow up all the balloons. Hard to do when you're still half asleep.

No karate/kung fu/tae kwon do today - needed to rest a bit . Knee's hurting a bit, as well as a thigh muscle. I must have overdone it a bit last class.
******************Less than 1 week to go for the unborn arrival!!*******************

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


It was released at 12 midnight. At 1201 I had mine. I got there a few minutes early, and was waiting in the video section. A few others were there too. Then, I look over and see this guy pulling a pallet jack with the STAR WARS display on it. As it passed, I thoguht - to hell with this section - FOLLOW THAT MAN! AS I rounded the end of the isle, I was that about 20-30 other people had the same idea. It was like a Pied Piper, but with dvds instead of a pipe! We all followed this guy from the rear - to the front of the store. As the pallet jack lowered, the first guy grabbed one. They were still rocking slightly from being lowered when I snagged mine. Merry early Christmas to me!! Probably be up all night now!!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday countdown

Now much going on today - went out to Boston Market with the family for lunch (which later served as dinner as well). CompUSA has a neat dvd burner on sale for $100, but you need new, hard to find (and expensive) dvd media for it. Aint worth it. Washed my KF and karate uniforms - then off to the dojo. Decent jujitsu class tonight. Sensei went over some of the requirements for my next belt (orange). This class was followed by an equally neat KF class. We haven't tested for our white sash yet, but he was showing us a few things that we'll need to know for the sash past that. Some harsh stuff. Then again, the things that I can do now were considered some way otu stuff when I started. Instead of looking at things like " wow - I cant do that"....I now see it as "hmm....cant do that yet-----but give me a week or two at it".

STAR WARS comes out in 45 minutes on dvd. Drunk ass Uncle George finally must have stopped making money, and decided to scam us with the old stuff. I grew up with a love for Star Wars - but the new flicks suck, and I cant stand how he bullied theatres when the re-releases came out. George Lucas acts like some nerdy ass little bastard that got picked on all thru school, and now has to bully others to make himself feel big. I'm hoping (HOPING) that the dvd releases are of the old versions - but it's unlikely. Guess we'll see in 45 minutes and $40 from now. Could be worse, I guess - could be $20 a dvd (for a total of $60 for the set). You'll forgive me if I end this posting abruptly - it's cause Im off to Walmart!

Good day for Logan - and no magical appearance of the unborn yet. Booked extra work for saturday (forecast calls for no rain) - so I fel les bad about having the date of the C-section moved from the 25th to the 28 (September). Either way will give us a little Libra. Shoudl be interesting - although the sign is supposed to be the most compatable with any other sign. Woudl have been nice to have a Leo. Logan and I are Saggitarius. Al is a Leo . We'll see how a little Libra fits in. Could have been worse - could have been a Scorpio! (Very incompatable with Leos and particularly Saggitarians).

As fate would have it, someone booked a moonwalk at the same park (and almost same time) that I am already DJing an event. 2 seperate pavilion areas though. And I only have one generator. The profit of the moonwalk will be $50 less than the cost of a second generator. Gotta decide tomorrow whether to give the guy a reduced rate, and let him bring his own generator.....or get a new one for a little effort and $50. Don't use them a whole bunch - but when we do, it's a lifesaver. Im leaning towards a second one. We'll see.

Tomorrow, the baby and I will go to a dad's meeting. Supposed to be a local mall, but I think only 1 or 2 other dads will show up. I signed up at a web site, and THEY made the meeting. Only 3 of us from the area signed up at the site - and both the others are a pretty decent distance away. I've been trying to get a dads group going since the baby was 6 months - (he's now 21 months) --with no luck. Maybe this will open some new doors.

Well - off to Walmart (with my CompUSA ad for a pricematch.) Normally, I like buying the item from whoever has the lowest price - to reward them ---but Im not sure how fast these dvd sets will sell out.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Your Majesty!!

Today, I officially declare myself the KING of "oops - gotta make it happen". I had a telegram booked - for almost a week now. It was for late today. Yesterday, I got a last minute call for a birthday party for a 4 yr old. They wanted a character and a moonwalk. I worked it out - and had time to get to the telegram afterwards. WOULD HAVE had time, if I hadn't have prepped the wrong damn telegram! The lady wanted Father Time (like a grim reaper), and for some reason, I had it stuck in my head that she wanted Elvis. SO there I am - flying down the interstate - headed to the telegram, when it occures to me that I got the wrong costume. And the style of song I wrote is for Elvis - not Fr Time. ZOINKS !!

I got off the interstate, and hauled much ass to the nearest Walmart - $16 for black robe costume - $8 for plastic axe/spear thingy - $6 for bald cap with long white hair attached. Being able to get all the costume that you needed because it's the right season---priceless!
THEN - I get to the party -dress up - and see that my grey sneakers are visible and in very much contrast. Enter the gift of procrastination. I did a pirate about 2 weeks back - and have been meanign to take the black leather boots out of the car. I keep putting it off. SO I put the boots on, and completed the outfit. I have been writing telegram songs long enough that I was able to "wing it", and pulled it off without anyone noticing. Ended up about 15 minutes late - but it would have been over an hour late if I had to go back home and start from scratch! Gotta start paying closer aattenshun to detales.

WEATHER - Windy and cloudy, but no rain. Blue skies with fast moving white clouds. Nights are starting to get cool.

UNBORN: Still "on schedule" i guess. I had figured that the baby would come the 18th or 19th. 5 minutes to go, and it'll prove me wrong. We both think that the Dr is a bit off when predicting "delivery date". Even so - he predicted Oct 3rd at delivery, and scheduled her C-section for Sept 28th (a week earlier).

DARTH LOGAN: Went to breakfast today IHOP. He was as polite as ever. Waving at everyone, and flirting with all the pretty girls. Gonn ahave a real lady killer on my hands when he grows up.

EMAIL : I tried to contact other Shannon's on the internet who shared my last name as well. Found the 1. musician that I had read so much about, and 2. a very pretty girl whose father had been a musician, and past away not too long ago. When that damn SP2 was downloaded, it messed up my computer, and I lost all my email addresses. I knwo that I sent her (the pretty girl - not the musician) my blog address. Shannon Frye, if you're reading along - please email me!! Daddy at Loganfrye dot com.

Well - that's it for tonight. Gotta see how the Browns did.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Someone at the baby shower for the unborn got his a baby doll. It's getting him used to there being another baby in the house. He'll carry it around - and even share toys and food with it. Posted by Hello

Early bog today

Had some time, so I figured I'd post early today. The rain washed out a $400 event. It got postponed, and downgraded to $175. That sucks. Still have an hour party today - and a telegram tomorrow -so the weekend isn't a total loss. I just hope we don't have bad weather next weekend. Lotta work booked - and all of it's outside!

Went to breakfast with the family this mouring. Fed birdies - and now it's nap time for Darth Logan. Wife said that her contractions are definitely becomign stronger when she has them - but they are not happening faster (like what would indicate actual labor - baby time).

Well - I have a bit of time before work - gonna go study some TKD stuff.

Ohh - wife just walked by and said that they little one is fast asleep ---but won't let go of his baby. Gotta get a pic of that..

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Ordinary Friday

Pretty eventless day - spent the day with Darth Logan. Went out on a few errands, like ot pay this months fee/dues/tuition at the dojo. Later we all (Logan, Al, me and my mom) went to a buffet for dinner. Rain is comin - hurricane warnings have started. Looks like my work for the weekend will be rained out. It sucks when moonwalks get rained out. Easy money, but only if the sun shines.

I gotta start hunkering down on the TKD stuff. If I can get my act together - I can test for a pretty high belt in October. Gotta figure out what I definitely know - to see what belt I should start with, and cram all the info to be able to test for the next highest one. Gotta learn 1 or 2 new forms - and memorize (in order) a buncha self defense techniques. Shoud lbe easy - but it's a lot of stuff. Also, I've learned the self defense techniques before - but with more detaisl/more intracses(sp?). Gonna be hard remembering to stop with a block and a kick , when you're used to doing a 7 step combo! So for anyone keeping track, I've passed the yellow belt test in jujitsu, will be testing for my white sash in Kung Fu in a month or two (when he decides to test us), and need to cram for the TKD test on Oct 9th. After the TKD test, I will be either a low blue or high blue belt, with only 2 degrees of red standing in the way of my black belt. Weird though - I joined up because I wanted my black belt. I wanted to finally have it - to be able to say "YES - I finally made it". After seeing the requirments for TKD, and compared it with what Im learning in the KF and JJ, the black belt in TKD seems almost too obtainable. But , one way or another, I will need one if I plan to start my own dojo some day. Most people don't care WHAT your black belt is in - as long as you have one. I used to care - now I just want one. Not purchased from Ebay or anything - actually earned. Just wish (in a weird kinda way) that there was more required for the black belt in TKD. I have years of experience - but will now look at a black belt holder in TKd with less , i dunno, respect? Maybe respect is not the right word - with less "awe". HAving a shodan in TKD will certainly mean less to me than if it were in Kenpo - or, when I test for my belts or sashes in JJ and KF, they will mean more to me. Weird feeling. Almost like a black belt in TKD is like a lifetime achievment award. You've done abunch of stuff - so here's a reward.

No offense to any of you TKD people out there.

Snake has a good night

In case anyone is lost at the constant snake refernces - my kung fu teacher is stressing snake style to us. Instead of "punches", we are learnign "snake strikes". A lot of terms related to strikes can be described through the actions of a snake. Snake strikes the vitals - snake hides in teh mist - snake attacks from a cave, and so on. I've started to refer to my KF training as a snake - and tonight, class was good. The scheduling geniouses at the dojo have introduced another class there - Adult Karate - unfortunately twith a conflicting time slot. Gotta pick either KF or karate. For now - decided to stay with KF on Thursdays. The only students who attended the karate class were 3 18yr old black belts from the TKD section. And all they did was work drills on heavy bags. I had hoped it would be a nice, traditional styles class - but (if first glance was correct) it's a glorified sparring class.

Did I mention that I got to spar the sifu (KF teacher/master) last night and held my own. He toyed with me, of course. Bu tI got a sense that I gained some respect from him. Coming from a karate background, and taking TKD and jujitsu (which I just passed a belt exam in), I felt that he was holding back a bit. Like he'd show things, but perhaps think that I was watching with curiosity, rather than genuine desire to learn. But I'm really diggin this KF stuff! Got me doing things I didnt think possible, moving in ways (and fluidly) that I didnt think I was capable of. And after last night - I think I broke that invisible barrier (if one existed at all) of showing that I am dedicated to learning what he has to teach. I went back to martial arts traing for a few important reasons - one was that I wanted to DO something that I could pass on to my kids. Secondly, a reason that can simply be called stasis. I'm 34 yrs old, back pain, a bad knee, poor eating habits, overweight, and need to do SOMETHING before I start to atropy (is that the right word? to become dried and brittle from non -use.) The TKD is good cardio - the jujitsu is goo dself defense - and steeped in the traditions that I've been missing. The kung fu is like nothign Ive experienced before. Maybe it's best that I "found " it later in life - if I had taken it earlier, maybe I would have missed out on the appreciation I have for it now.

(UNBORN) BABY UPDATE: Another eventless day.

Darth Logan and I went to the Zoo again today. We have a year long pass, so it's fun just to get out of the house and run around there. I brought the video camera along - and got some interesting footage of the apes (monkey business, if ya know what I mean). No telling WHAT you will see at the zoo (hehe).

ALmost 2 am now - gonna head off to bed. Garbage is out for pickup - dogs are fed (we are babysitting the inlaws dog for a week - the two get along fine) - time to recharge MY batteries!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Some late night enlightenment for my martial arts readers

Passed my belt test tonight in jujitsu. My technique is pretty good - but I think my breathing can use some work. There are times when I am focusing on the technique, and realize that I'm a bit winded. I have good recovery once I realize - just a bit embarrassed at realizing I'm messing up something so simple as "breathing".

Some enlightenments that I may be able to share tonight ---- when practicing jujitsu - always start with a relaxed state. It is easier to move from, and presents a more deceptively advantagous situation to the attacker. If you look big, your opponent will expect strength. If you look meek and relaxed - your opponent will expect nothing.

If anyone has/or IS taking Snake Fist boxing - or Shaolin Kung FU - it occcured to me tonight that you can use "numbers" to practice Following my thinking for a moment. You learn the "floating snake" - you learn snake both with paml down - and with palm sideways - snake goes both high and low - SOOOO if you envision a BIG number in front of you, trace that number with your hand, while holding the form of the snake. The number 3 (for example) if started at the top, like you would draw it, would start with your hand on theupper left - and make 2 circular motions from right to left - just like if you had a pencil and wrote the number down. A number 7 would have a swift motion from left to right - then drop at an angle.

Another thing that I thought of was that it would be really neat to create a form (kata or poomse - all the same thing) coreographed to a few songs. I was driving, listening to "Slow" by Kylie Minoug(sp?) and also a song called "My immortal" by Evanescence. For SLOW I thought of a bo staff form - ---for My Imortal" I thought of a slow , flowing kung fu form. On a side note, when I had heard the song My Immortla before - its an ok song. But I pulled up the lyrics and read them as I listened this time. Enlightenment. Sounds like the song was sung buy someone who lost a loved one (perhaps by death). But the on thing that struck me was the following line:
You cried , I wipe away all of your tears,
You 'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears,
I held your hand through all of these years
but you still have all of me.

If you were to change BUT in the last line to AND, it really sums up how I feel about Darth Logan. Wipign his tears when he cries - assuring him when he is scared - holding his hand - and giving him all of me. I actually started to cry when it thought of it that way. Little man is such an important part of me. Of course, to any macho readers , I can simply explain this touching sentimental moment as a bit of "chi" leakage.(hehe). I have 2 headbands that I wear when I practice the arts. Each has japanese characters (symbols) on it. One is for Ronin (water people) - lordless Samurai - a term/title passed on to my buy my first sensei. It reminds me that I have no master - that I am to act honorably - and that I am to act alone (responsible for my own actions - but also to acheive to any and all costs - total commitment to a cause). The other is for Dada - this is what my son calls me. It is to remind me of my duty - my commitment - that it is important for me to walk a path worthy of walking with my son down. When I see the kanji /katakana in a mirror - it reminds me why Im there - to better myself not just fo rme - but for him too. Tonight , I think he would have been proud of Dada.

Well - enough ranting from Grasshopper - --Master Po says "lights out" - so till tomorrow - may your cups never be empty, may your path always be enlightened, and may you never be behind some jackass at 7-11 who wants the only damn brand of cigarettes that are currently out of stock.

PS --heres to hoping that Im not woke up by a phone call tomorrow like the one I got today - telling me that "It's time for baby!!". I still need a day or so to charge all the camcorder batteries!!!

I got a minute to update

Well - things have settled down quite a bit. Al took the day off from work, and it relaxing in the miving room. Darth Logan is off with a grandma, and due to return later today. I've successfully located all the things I need to be "MULTIMDIA MAN". Still gotta remember to charge the extra camcorder batteries.

As soon as we got into the Dr office, it started pouring down rain - and hasn't let up yet. I guess we're getting some outskirting rain from one of those hurricanes (Ivan, Jeanne, etc). OOpps I 'll be damned - just looked outside, and its bright and sunny - no rain. Flash flood is over.

I saw a recent comment posted asking about martial arts. If you've found this blog searching for martial arts - you got the right place! Gonna be lots of good info and ranting bout different styles on my blog. I started off at age 14 (now 34) in a Kenpo (karate) system. It added components of judo and jujitsu. I later trained in Tang Soo Do, aikido, more jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, 2 other styles of karate-do, and kobudo (weapons). I'm currently training in jujitsu (again), Tae Kwon Do (again), and have taken up Shaolin 5 animal style Kung Fu as well. Im hoping to take up Kendo and Aiado (but the instructor for those is a bit of a putz (please refer to previous post - the Honey moon is over)

This blog is a mixture of a few things - a way for me (and my kid(s) ) to look back and see what was on my mind - a way to post martial arts enlightenments - vent about anything that bothers me - and keep track of my adventures as Darth Daddy. Darth Logan is 21 months old - and we are expecting another baby in a week or two (not today, apparently!).

Sooooo - if you just got here - welcome aboard. If you've been here (HI GRANT!! ), drop me a line - No lurkers please - let me know you're out there.

BTW - there is a belt test for the jujitsu class tonight - guess I'll be able to make it afterall!

Back to work ------

False alarm sorry!

We got to the Dr office, he checked and said that her water hadn't broken. She has some kind of yeist infection, and that caused the "leak" that she experienced. I'm relieved and dissapointed all at the same time. I had to hunt around for all the camera stuff (video, extra tapes, battery, 35mm camera, film, ect). Definitely wasn't prepared for this to happen today. She's taking the day off from work, and plans to get her "to go " bag in order. After publishign this, I plan to get all MY to go stuff ready.

Blog ya later.....


8am - wife just called - her water broke ! We're on the way to the hospital to have the baby!

SHannon & Logan

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I guess the honey moon is over

Well - the shiney finish just peeled back from the coin.

The dojo people decided to screw with the schedule. Which wouldn't have been a horrible thing, cept that now they scheduled Monday night sparring to start when monday night jujitsu does. WHen I told them that they had both going on at the same time, they vacantly said "Well - we can have 2 classes at the same time". I guess it takes a bit of brains for them to realize that I can't be in two places at once. They now make you decide between the two classes.
To add fuel to my pissy fire - when I signed up, they said that they have an Aiado class (Sword drawing class - that leads into kendo). All I had to do was tell "Coach Jett" (how's that for a name?) that I was interested. Let me speak a minute of this guy. 6ft - 200lbs - white guy - shaved head, cept for this dumb ass looking spiky blond patch on the top of his head (Im guessing he's in his late 30's/early 40's). He's the "head guy" around there - and I was the one who had to introduce myself to him. Got a weird sense that somehow, I had pissed him off. Ever get the feeling that you rubbed someone the wrong way? Even when you haven't done shit ? That's the feeling that I'ev got from him, since I first met him a month ago.
Anyways - in anticipation of joining the Aiado class - and then kendo, I purchased a hakama and top (samurai looking outfit). Saw a grat deal on kendo armor, but figured I ask about the Aiado class before buying it. So I ask again about the class (I had previously told him that I was interested in it) -this smug prick tells me that "My class is hand picked - made up of black belts and team members". Their team members are kids 13 yrs old and under. SO there are kids in the class - and a few adults (the office staff), but I can go screw myself ? Im very pissed. I'll wait till I get to where he asks me (if ever) to join the friggin class - and get taht same smug ass look on MY face, and tell him "Sorry - I hand pick my classes. Maybe I'll be interested at some other time". prick.

On to better things - the unborn is proceeding just fine. Wife's belly is getting really really big! We had a Dr appt today , to check on things. Everything went fine . Still scheduled for the 28th of this month (Sept 2004). I still think that the baby will suprise up by coming early - I just hope not on a day that I'm working!

Well - gotta get going - I have a telegram to deliver to the Eastern Shore in the mouring . Gonna be a good 1 to 1.5 hr trip to get there.

Night all

Saturday, September 11, 2004

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Friday, September 10, 2004

"snake learns humility"

Tonight, I was the only one that showed up for class. We ended up having a great class anyways, not having any clowns to chew up the clock by fooling around. I love these one on one times I get with the Sifu.
Tonight, to mix things up a bit, and as a form of evaluation, we tried something new. He wanted me to shadow box (simulate attackers), while rotating attachers to the right. So - I take out the front attacker - then turn to the right side attacker - then the one behind me - and so forth. I really did suprise myself with the stances and flexibility that I had. But I still displayed the "block first - then strike" mentality that karate has instilled in me. I've wanted to practice with a partner, but don't have anyone to practice with. This would have made a difference. Anyways - I forgot a few concepts (one or two I thought I had done, but he said otherwise). At least the things that I was lacking was because I didnt incorporate it - and not because I did it wrong. Mental notes were taken, and the next time will be better. Next time, snake will float - the snake in the myst will attack simultaneously when the Cobra defends- both wil attack more than once before dismissing the attacker.
I've been trying to tell him - that it would be nice to have a few set patterns - forms - whatever. He's blended a way to demonstrate all 5 animal fists with 5 different stances. That was neat. He even made it a white sash requirement. But tonight, he shared a pattern with me that gave semed simple - but I can tell has sooo much that I can take from it. It apperas to be a simple pattern of hand movement, and strikes (no footwork). He showed/taught it to me - then broke apart sever pieces of it, and showed how just that simple move could be applied in numerous ways. It was suprising. Karate teaches you to punch. Enter with one strike. Kung Fu is teaching me to enter with 3 strikes - and exit with 1 or 2 for good measure. Having a decent background in japanese martial arts, I am learning tremendous respect for the amount of body conditioning, dedication, and ability to move and strike in directions that seem otherwise unconventional. The movies are still fluff - but the real training (and I realize that Im not learning it hard core, like others have) is tough. Tough on the body to do things that I didnt think this 34 yr old body could do - conceptualize combat moves on several levels ( all at the same time).
Only problem (or enlightenment, if you will) is that I've been getting into the 5 animal style so much, that I have a hard (very hard) time holding a close fist during the monday sparring class in TKD. But hey - Daniel-san did the crane technique - shouldn't be that odd for me to break out some snake or leapord.

Great day for the baby (Darth Logan). I think he's teething again - so he's been very tempermental lately. Also approaching the terrible 2s. (21 months old now). But, I gotta admit - thngs have gotten a bit better since the wife went back to work. Only thing is - the unborn is due in about 3 weeks - then she's back home till after xmas. At least the dynamic will change. We'll have the unborn to take care of - and Im sure Logan will need some "get out of the house with just one parent" time (as will I !!).
He's ben complaing about even the slightest bit of wetness in his diaper lately. So, when he starts to complain, Ive been putting him on the potty. Al's been doing the same, and said that he actually peed the other day. Hope he stays interested. It may be too early to realistically train him - but diapers for 2 kids is gonna kill my bank account! Ever think that you had much money in yoru account, and it turns out you're down to $40? Happened to me today. Guess that's what happens when you don't get much work booked, but keep spending (duh). Today, I hit the phones - and booked a bit of work. Hope it don't rain on saturday - one booking alone will bring in a few hundred bucks.
Well - it's (to quote a song) After Midnight. TIme to check the email - and head off to bed.

PS. One false click on a Google Image Search ended up leaving me with some damn Trojan horse virus that rose from the grave every time I thought I had it gone. troj_agent.el Real bitch. All it did was hijack my web browser - and kept popping up ads to annoy me. It took 2 hours to gt id of it. Had to locate, ID, and manually delete all the infected files. If you get this pain in the ass virus, don't be afraid to email me - I can maye help you get rid of it.

Monday, September 06, 2004

He was napping, and just rolled over - and rolled off! Stayed asleep though. (and yes, I now see that the couch really REALLY needs cleaned!) Posted by Hello

A few things Ive been forgetting

What the hell happened to that green katsup? That was the neatest thing. I've long since used up my own supply, and want some for my son. The purple didnt amuse me, but the green was way cool! Not avaliable locally anymore. Unless Im looking in the wrong places?

When it comes to shavers (non - electric for your face) - 4 blades is, in fact, too much! They should have just stopped at 3 blades. With 3 blades, the shave is good, and the hair quickly swoooshes off the razor, between swipes. I tried the 4 blade one - and the blades stay clogged.

That's all for now - the popcorn is almost ready - GOTTA GO!

Labor Day 2004 (at least, I think that the holiday today)

If today is Labor Day, then it's right on track - considering what's on my mind 23 hrs a day lately. When a woman is pregnant, they always want to knwo "When was your last period?". As a guy, this question mystifies me. My wife never had "regularly scheduled " ones, and that was pretty much my only experience with them. Sure - a few bitchy girlfeidns a long time ago - but I never allowed "bitches" to be written off as "period". I took it personally, and blamed them for being tempermental . But - Im off topic - lets get back.

The Dr figures a Due Date based on when your last period was. If you don't keep track, then you have NO Idea when it was - therefore, no idea when to expect delivery! You can guess - and I figure that's what they did in our case. Oct 3rd is the Due Date for the Unborn baby Frye. They tried to schedule the C-Section for the ONLY DAY I have work scheduled - and had to move it to the 28th (Sept). Alicia is now waddling more then ever - hip pains - Braxton Hicks - all the signs of "baby coming very soon!". I've started to doubt that we will make it to the 28th. Or even would have made it to the 25th (previous schedule delivery date). I'm thinking that any day now, Im gonna get a call "Guess what?!". I realize that delivery prediction is just a guess - but she never had all these signs (symptons) with Logan. The last month, she had headburn , she got BIG, and that was all. They tried to induce labor - Logan refused - they went in after him. All in a days work. With this baby, all these symptoms are new. The heartburn is normal, but if you saw her, you'd swear she's ready to pop any day now.

Tomorrow, gotta remember to get "Panic bags" ready. Bag for Logan ( take with him to Grandmas house when the new baby comes). "To the hospital bag" for Al. "Gotta get this documented bag" for me. Fresh batteries - film, camcorders (1 dv - 1 vhs-c), digital camera, 35 mm camera.....the works! Just like when we had Logan, I plan to be a walking multimedia experience. Just a shame that the digital camera that I had for Logans birth was only 1 meg - the pics are grainy - but now I got a 4 mg camera ( OH YEAH!!). For anyone interested (like anyone ever reads this, pic of Logan can be viewed at his own little domain

No dojo today - closed for the holiday. Missed a TKD class, a jujitsu class, a Kung Fu class, and an hour of "free mat" time. Holidays suck! But I made the most of it. We all went to a new park close to home. The park isnt new - we hadn't been there before. Logan got to play with lots of other kids - see doggies - climb on the playground - - run his little tushy off in any directions he wanted to! Al came along, but just sat on a bench and watched. We buzzed her occasionaly, to make sure she didnt feel left out. Then, it was off to the inlaws house for a picnic. Never ask for a hamburger! Go for a hto dog. They gave me this burnt ass hocky puck piece of meat - I was scared. Felt like I was on Fear Factor or something! When no one was looking, I put it back on the pile, and snuck a hotdog instead. Southerners always burn the damn food! Hey..that reminds me - Im hungry.

Later all........

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Still here

Damn Windows SP2 !!! My system is better now, but Microsoft doens't get any thanks for it. SP2 trashed my operating system. What I ended up doing ( to save all file on the hard drive) was to install a second hard drive ( a new empty one), and reinstall windows from cd to the new drive. All my old stuff is there, just on a different drive. And it actually runs a bit faster now. Tomorrow, I start the long task of backing up all the files that should oughta been backed up already.

DAMN HOLIDAY !!! The dojo was closed after 6pm today - just as I got free to go there. Closed Saturday and sunday AND MONDAY too. Dammit! I enjoy my time there.

Took Logan to the zoo today . He ran ALL OVER! We had a blast - and it pooped him out real good for his nap.

As fate would have it: I only have 1 job (ONE JOB!!) booked for this month . A dj job on the 25th. A Saturday. And DAMn if that aint the day the doctor scheduled us to have the baby. Pissed me off! We've been asking for 2 months now " When will we schedule the C section?". We keep getting "We do that later". Then, with NO 25th burned into my short term memory, he says "Ok we have baby on 25th." I told him we NOT have baby on 25th, unless we have baby after 7pm when Im done working. For a few days, I carried around a bit of guilt - at having to rearrange my childs birth ( a very important day - that I MUST be in attendance to, by my own standards) for work reasons. But then I got to thinking- my problem isn't with "baby time" - it's with the Dr.'s schedule. If he'd have taken the tim eto listen - or kep me "in the loop", we wouldn't have had to switch days. They phoned yesterday, saying that they were able reschedule us for the 28th. (Imagine someone huffing and puffing, like they just mowed your back 40 acres with a push mower). Glad to have a date set - pissy to me made to feel bad at moving it around due to work. We're all taking bets on whether or not the baby will wait that long. Full term would be Oct 3rd. I just hope it doesn't decide to POP out on the 25th, just to spite me!
Oh tat reminds me - I gotta take a look at the horriscope month charts - and se if my moving it from the 25th to the 28th changes anything.

Off to Google - night all
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