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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just Darth Lance and I

Yesterday, due to circumstances beyond my control, we weren't home when the MIL came by to pick up Logan for the day. She had called the day before, and it was all scheduled and everything, but shit just happened.

Anyways, she picked him up today (as a 'make up day'). That left Lance and I to hang out. We played a bit, then headed off to Chickfila for lunch. When we got back, he napped, and that gave me some time to catch up on some reading. A publisher had contacted me, and wanted me to read a book - then to submit a review on my blog. The topic was about Little League - something that I know almost nothign about, cept that little kids play baseball. FIguring that I had better catch up on the finer points of the sport that my son might soon be playing, I accepted the offer and have been plugging away at the book ever since. Fogive me, but I can't remember the name of the author or the book at the moment - but I promise to post them both shortly - as well as a review of the book. I get no bonus for ranting and raving about the book, so if I give it a good review it's not a disguised sales pitch.

Our family truck is out of commision (temporarily), pending an inspection by the DMV. (Department of Motor Vehicles). Something about the title being listed as a "salvaged" vehicle. The current tags expire tonight, and they won't issue new ones (or renew) until a DMV inspector looks the truck over and says that it's safe to drive. Oh, and they want $125 to remove SALVAGED from the title. It can make a big difference when we go to sell it, but personally I could give a hoot if they wrote "Nincompoop" in the title. As long as it gets us places and back - like playground, the club, Chichfila, and Walmart.

Being down to only one car tonight, I had to skip both dojos. I'm sure that'll be a big heartbreak to the aiki dojo. From comments on my martial arts blog, I get the impression that oine of em found the blog, and spread all the remarks around. I used that blog to rant and vent what I didn'[t like about the class. If something really pissed me off, or was minorly annoying - rather than cause any trouble the dojo, I'd bitch on my blog. Most things either solved themselves, or occured over and over again - meaning that it really would have been useless to say anything at the skool. I figured it was better to bitch on the web, than to cause an argument in class. And I said some pretty mean things - called people inflexible (physically AND mentally), described how I was embarassed or frustrated when I was working on one part of a technique, and was corrected on another part. You name it. I even vented about a clasmate that blew me off after I offered (for purchase at cost) him a uniform. It wasn't that he didn't want it - it was how he snapped "NO" when I bought up the subject. BUT, since everyone wants to act like the dojo is 5th grade, and is giving me the silent treatment, I can say that it's definitely more SHOW then TELL. If someone has issue with something I wriote, I don't mind at all being called on it. Friends say things all the time that other friends forgive them for. But TYPE it, and holy hell - might as well forget the entire last year that you spent making aquaintences.

At least some good has come of it. I was friends with a newcomer, who later started to strong arm his techniques for lack of skill. He tore apart other people in the dojo (verbally to me), about how unfriendly or stuck up, or forcefull they were, and how he didn't like to work with them. Man, he's in the cat bird seat now. Everyone's best friend. Now that they have me a a whipping boy, his status has risen from "Superficial, money seaking prick" to 'one of the gang".

As both my blogs are linked, I'm suprised that they haven't left comments on here yet. But Im sure it's coming.

I've often gotten compliments from people who say they admire how I write it "the way it is". I don't sugar coat anything - I seldom pull any punches - and bitch is I feel like bitching. Others have said how they are afraid that personal information would be avaliable to just anyone. It wasn't until this dojo cold shoulder (and those remarks from classmates on the other blog) that I began to feel a bit nervous. Now , not just anyone, but people who are pissed at me, have a free pass into my past. Into my life. There are already thing (non dojo related thing) that I've held back from posting - just because I dont' want it falling into the wrong hands.

Perhaps the lesson is :Watch what you type. Or maybe it's "Just tell people why they piss you off to their face - better than have them read it months later"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bad ukemi

Ukemi (oo-kem-E) is basically "the art of falling". Today, Darth Lance performed bad ukemi off of the couch, and ended up with rather large goose-egg on his forehead. I heard him and his brother fussing, and entered the room to see the tail end of the fall. A rather graceful twist, but a rather ubrupt ending to it. His hair fell over the bruise, so although I comforted him, I didn't see the goose egg till 30 minutes later. And I freaked. Logan had been running around with just power ranger underwear on (he has changing in and out of different costumes from his costume box), and I told him to go find clothes and get dressed. I was paniced a bit. I raided the shelf to find my wallet, and the Dr card , and the phone - called the dr and was only able to leave a message for a triage nurse.

The bruise was over his right temple area - was the size of my thumb - bloody red splotches on top, but was outlined from underneath with purple. I thought "OH SHIT _ he's cracked his skull open and has a brain bleed!!". He did not. From the impact moment (or at least a minute later when he calmed down), he had been in great spirits. No dizzyness, or vommiting, or any sign of concusion.

Anyways, by the time (20 minutes later) a triage nurse had called, I already saw that the purple swelling was subsiding, and that I had paniced for nothing.

But the real attention of this story should go to Darth Logan. I told him that we needed to take baby to the dr, and to get dressed. He saw that I was paniced. When I hung up the phone from leaving my voice message, I saw a fully dressed 3 yr old, with shorts/shirt/socks AND shoes sittng on the floor in front of the 1.9 yr old. Big brother was putting sandals on his little brother, and saying (in a soft voice), "You be ok baby - it gonna be ok - we take you to dr."

I've had moments of medical emergency before, with adults or myself, and I've always been able to keep emotion out. Guess something was off today, cause although I was able to get done what needed to be done, I've never felt that paniced before.

But seeing how my 3 yr old acted in the midst of all that - that made me proud! I'm reminded of a line from New Jack City "Am I my brother's keeper?". This boy is.


Back in 2003, when that dreadful Hulk movie was released, Hershey's made a 3 lb bottle of GREEN colored chocolate syrup avaliable in stores. One night, on our way over to a friends house ( we were to pick up desert), we snagged a bottle as ice cream topping. My buddy's kids loaded up their bowls with it, then bitched that they didn't want to eat it.

Anyways, Logan loves the Hulk - and some mournings, the only way to get him to drink his milk was to make "Hulk milk". Green chocolate milk. For over a year now, he's enjoyed Hulk Milk, but today I noticed that we are SERIOUSLY low on green chocolate syrup. They no longer make it, and not even Ebay has any for sale.

If anyone happens to see any (preferably unopened) for sale, please let me know.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Join me - and together we can end this destructive conflict

Haven't been back to aikido since I walked out an hour early on Monday. Was planning on going tonight, but plans with the family take priority. As for the title above, the karate instructor has expressed his gratitude for all the times I've stepped forward to help out, teach class, etc - and has asked that I join him as an apprentice. This is very flattering, considering how highly decorated/ranked/respected he is amoung other respected martial artists. Until now, I have only attended for the samurai sword class, but came on other nights as needed.

I had been tryign to starts a childrens martial arts program with the local YMCA, but they pissed me off when they called me. The guy in charge (Brad Barnes) didn't even bother to red my email (chock full of questions). He called (instead of returnign my email), and treated me like I was bothering him. I asked about their martial arts programs - if they sought out teachers, or if teacher approached them, and this prick asks me if I wanted to know the schedule for the karate class. DUH! There's more to the conversation than just this, but I asked several questions that were ignored, and he seemed eager to get me off the phone. If the Y is going to be a prick about me offering my services for free, fuck em. I'll give my attention to the other martial arts group that already considers me a part of their family.

Anyways - Darth Logan has asked if he can go to the dojo with me on Thursday, so we'll go to the karate one, and blow off the aikido one for another night. I really like the aikido - Im leanring and feel challenged there. But if the students want to be assholes, and ttreat me like I'm a leper, there's no use me going very often.

Ya know, they thought had occured to me - it's a shame that I don't know anyone who would be interested (and could fit it in their schedule) to learn aikido with me. I'd LOVE to have a friend sign up, and partner EXCLUSIVELY with me. I only need 1 person to help me train. Have to see if anyone from the karate dojo wants to try out aikido for a month or so. Hell, at this point, I'd even pay for their tuition just to have someone to practice with.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, that's it - period. No baby.

Got the official word from the wife today - with the arrival of her period, she has deduced that we are not pregnant.

So many other things I wanted to blog about - not to remember them, and try to make them interesting.

Darth Logan: Recently, he has been going thru a bit of a stingy phase. Mostly aimed at Darth Lance. He won't want something until baby brother picks it up, then he takes it (or makes some half ass attempt at trading, like: "Here, I get the nice toy and you get this shoe"). Some mourings he throws a fit just because he he doesn't want baby to wake up yet. For the most part, it's under control - but when it happens outta nowhere, it is really something to deal with.

Darth Lance: I swear, that little boy has grown up so much in just the past 3 months. Still not using words like he's "supposed to", but he's at least progressing in the right direction. At the table the other night, as we set a plate of food in front of him, he started saying "ka-chup". And whenever we go to Chickfila, he has to see the huge cow stand ups, and stats saying "MMmmm-ca" for "moo-cow".

THE FIRE: At the beginning of the year, I fell a tree in our backyard. It was a pretty decent sized one, and it's been sitting back there in a pile ever since. My chainsaw works ok for about 5 minutes, then won't cut worth a damn, even with a new chain. I need a new one.

Anyways, I've been whacking away at the tree with an axe, and created a rather inpressive bonfire to get rid of the wood. So far, it's been buring non-stop for 3 days. I'm glad no one has called the cops or the fire dept on me!

Today, I threw a BUNCH of dead grass and leaves on the fire, and the smoke poured up into the air like it was caramel. I saw it start, and said to Logan "Uhoh- if that blows our way, we're in trouble." He turns around and I hear "Oh SHIT! Dat lotta moke, da". I suppressed the irge to stop-drop-and roll with laughter long enough to correct his foul mouth. I said "We don't say that. Try 'Holy Schnitzle', to which he responded "Nah, I just say 'Holy smoke'.

Whatever works (and doesn't get us sent to the principals office)

Man, I tell ya, I'd have a better chance of getting laid in a convent than finding a practice partner recently. I took 2 weeks off because of my ankle (which still has a slight "tweak" at times, but has gotten much better). When I returned, I was treated like a leper. 1 yudansha (black belt) and some new guy were the only ones who would partner with me (out of a class of 8). The last class I attended, I got the cold shoulder from most everyone. No one offered to partner with me, people avoided even making eye contact with me. I black belt that I really like got pissy with me, out of nowhere, saying"What do I know? I don't know a damn thing". This was his response to me asking him if he felt I was doing the technique right. He was the guy I was appying it to. He SHOULD know if it felt right or not. He seemed in a bad mood - couldnt tell if what he said held some hidden clue as to what's going on in the dojo, or if he was just in a bad mood. But the next person he partnered with, he got all happy and laughing and playful. I don't get it.

KARATE: Now THIS , on the other hand, it going pretty damn well. The instructor (and all but one black belt) were going out of town, so I took over the Thrusday night class for one week (one class, actually). ALl the adults blew it off, but 9 younglings showed up. After allowing the other co-teaching black belt to try his way for about 20 minutes, I (asked) took over, and it as great! When I was done, these new students (most had only 3 classes under their belt) knew 3 stances, how to bow properly, a block, and how to count to 5 in japanese. Hate to blow my own horn, but I was amazed at how well it went. These are kids who usually run all over the place, or are busy playing in class, or not paying attention. I just wish the other instructors were there to see me work my magic. I even got compliments from the parents, that the kids had just changed their clothes, and were so excited about what they had learned in class.

One mom said " They were so excited - I asked them 'What did you learn tonight?', and she said 'I LEANRED TO COUNT!'"

Side note ( all the kids were between the ages of 4 and 10)

Well, I've got to go check on my fire - make sure it hasn't spread . Night all.

Monday, August 14, 2006

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Some artsy fartsy shots I took, trying to be artistic. Enjoy. Posted by Picasa

A few months ago, Logan and I planted 4 sunflower seeds in front of the house. They got kinda big! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Test #1 - negative

Well, the wife decided to buy Clear Blue Easy tonight, and after 3 minutes, the test came back "not pregnant". Only one red line appeared in the veiwing window.

However, it still may be too early to get a positive. Guess we'll have to wait another week, and test again. Unless, of course, she gets a "visitor" that tells us it's a definite no.

And of course, in true Sith fashion, I had to have some fun with this - so, as she tucked the boy into bed, I snuck back into the bathroom (with a red marker), and created my own "second red line". Then, I brought it out and showed it to her from across the room. It was worth all time I'm going to spend in the dog house!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To add to my last post...

I should emphasize the "might" or "maybe" part of the post. We can't find out for sure for another 2 weeks.

And to correct my quote at the bottom:

"OH BOY (or girl)!"

"We need to have a talk about something"

And here I thought I was in trouble for something - or it was the start of one of those long, drawn out marital talks - and here she just wanted to tell me that she thinks she pregnant again.

I looked at her - and said "Is that all? WOOHOO! I thought I was in trouble!"

Truth is, it still hasn't sunk in yet (for ME, not for her).

We have 2 weeks to wait before we'll know for sure.

To quote Dr. Sam Beckett.. "OH BOY!"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

big big BIG insect!!!

Huge flying insect attack:
If only it would have stood still for a picture. While digging out a fence post hole today, I discovered a monster. actually, IT discovered me. I had dug the hole, walked off, and when I returned - there was a very big wasp flying around in the hole. It was, I swear to God, the size of my pinky finger. Not including wings. I thought it was stuck, so i lowered the shovel head down to help it out. It grabbed onto the shovel, so I raised it up - and the son of a bitch atacked me! It hovered over the newly dug hole, leaving it only to fly at me. I KNOW that I didnt dig this bug up. it had to have flown over once the hole was already dug, but I have no idea where it came from - and what it was. I searched Gogle images, and came up with nothing. I found pictures (and articles) about bald wasps and giant wasps, but they looked small by comparison. I battled it for a minute or two with my shovel - until I got the water hose and showd it who was boss. I got it to fly off - I would have hated to kill it.

Anyone ever seen a wasp with a head+body length the size of a grown mans small finger?

Went out with the family the other night (to the silver Diner- Logan calls it the Rosk and Roll place) - I wasn't too hungry, so I just got a milk shake. It wasn't bad, but the cost was $4. Let me tell you, it didn't even come close to being as good as the new shakes at Chickfila ($3). So far, we've tried the Chocolate (my favorite), the Cookies and cream (wifes favorite), and the strawberry (I'd stay away from these - it tasted funny).

Also, the other day, we went to Wendies and saw that they now have Vanilla frosties. Didn't try one yet though.

Office Depot and the new laptop:
Went to Office Depot (for back to school stuff that was on sale), and saw a bullitin board with a few hand posted ads on it. One was for a laptop for only $400. I have on already (a humble Gateway 9150 solo, no cd burner, 400mhz, 20 minnutes to boot, and a failing hard drive). My Solo was bought from Ebay, as a back up for my business stuff (like telegram song writing programs and credit card processing program) for only around $150. It is near death, so Ive had my eye out for a newer one. But most of the "cheap" ones at the stores start at $600. Ones that appear cheaper are jacked up by shipping charges, sales tax, mail in rebates, or hidden charges. So when I saw a 1.6 ghz for a flat $400, I checked it out. With only 1 left, I snagged the ticket and brought it home. Before I opened it, I cruised the web, and wasn't able to find not 1 review about it. It's a Toshiba m55-s1001. Finally decided that it was the best deal I was bound to find, so I opened it and am typing this entry on it. Much nicer than siting upstairs in the heat! I watch The Last Samurai on it, and it played it smoothly. My old one was very choppy with videos. And skinnny! This new one is so small and barely weighs 5 lbs. Sweeeeet.

Gorilla and the missed.
Gorilla was what I had to dress up as for a telegram today. The MISSED refers to everything I was supposed to do today (the family is away for the day). I was supposed to work on continuing the fence, putting sealant on the kids monster fort, mowing the grass (but I ran outta gas), and changing the front brakes on the truck. Gonna have to get to the brakes soon. They are squeeking only slightly - but better safe than sorry.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dr Google and my wasted dr visit

I did something to my right ankle. The tendons got pulled or something. And occasionally, ther eis a shooting pain going striaght up my heel. I noticed it after a bit of a pissing contest at aikido class. I was being a non-resistant (but realistic) partner, and my partner started getting pissed off because he couldn't do the technique properly. Imagine someone pushing you backwards, and then getting all pissy because you didn't fall forwards.

Anyways, after 2 weeks of this come and go "OUCHIE", I decided to make an appt to see the dr. The night before, I googled all sorts of ankle pain sites, and red up on what may be going on. The day of the visit, I had no pain, and when he applied pressure to my foot, nothing happened. He seemed happy that it wasn't a constant pain, and that it was lessening as the days past. He recomended that I give it a break, and not go to the dojo for about 2 weeks.

In essence - (and much more simplified)----

ME: "Dr, it hurts when I do this."
Dr: "Then don't do that. And try not to do that for 2 additional weeks."

On one hand I'm glad that he didn't find any cause to lop off my foot - but also, aint the internet wonderful? 15 minutes of web surfing and I got all that I needed (without the 45 minute wait in the lobby).

Not sure about aikido class tomorrow. The main teacher is away anyways - no use going (and only going half speed) when it's a guest teacher. Sith lords need only one master at a time. Mines on vacation - perhaps my ankle will join him.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Night time story read by mommy Posted by Picasa

Here, Gabe, you missed spot. Posted by Picasa

Shot of my little artist hard at work on his newest masterpiece Posted by Picasa

Everyone gets into the spirit when we watch a kung fu flick Posted by Picasa

While making pancakes, I noticed the face of a Samurai warrior in one. Fierce eyes and flailing beard. Too bad it wasn't Buddha - I'd have stuck it on Ebay! Posted by Picasa

Surviving the heat

Still hot as hell here. Figured I'd post some pictures to tide ya'll over till I can sit and write something worth reading.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Temps have been going slightly above 100 here. Ac window units are doing fabulously downstairs, but temps up here soaring. IT's almos tmidnight, and this little lizard temperature gauage says it's 95 up here.

Been keeping the kids cool, drinking lots of liquids, and nursing this bad ankle. Serves me right for fighting with a Buhddist (hehe)

Keep cool ya'll
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