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Sunday, August 06, 2006

big big BIG insect!!!

Huge flying insect attack:
If only it would have stood still for a picture. While digging out a fence post hole today, I discovered a monster. actually, IT discovered me. I had dug the hole, walked off, and when I returned - there was a very big wasp flying around in the hole. It was, I swear to God, the size of my pinky finger. Not including wings. I thought it was stuck, so i lowered the shovel head down to help it out. It grabbed onto the shovel, so I raised it up - and the son of a bitch atacked me! It hovered over the newly dug hole, leaving it only to fly at me. I KNOW that I didnt dig this bug up. it had to have flown over once the hole was already dug, but I have no idea where it came from - and what it was. I searched Gogle images, and came up with nothing. I found pictures (and articles) about bald wasps and giant wasps, but they looked small by comparison. I battled it for a minute or two with my shovel - until I got the water hose and showd it who was boss. I got it to fly off - I would have hated to kill it.

Anyone ever seen a wasp with a head+body length the size of a grown mans small finger?

Went out with the family the other night (to the silver Diner- Logan calls it the Rosk and Roll place) - I wasn't too hungry, so I just got a milk shake. It wasn't bad, but the cost was $4. Let me tell you, it didn't even come close to being as good as the new shakes at Chickfila ($3). So far, we've tried the Chocolate (my favorite), the Cookies and cream (wifes favorite), and the strawberry (I'd stay away from these - it tasted funny).

Also, the other day, we went to Wendies and saw that they now have Vanilla frosties. Didn't try one yet though.

Office Depot and the new laptop:
Went to Office Depot (for back to school stuff that was on sale), and saw a bullitin board with a few hand posted ads on it. One was for a laptop for only $400. I have on already (a humble Gateway 9150 solo, no cd burner, 400mhz, 20 minnutes to boot, and a failing hard drive). My Solo was bought from Ebay, as a back up for my business stuff (like telegram song writing programs and credit card processing program) for only around $150. It is near death, so Ive had my eye out for a newer one. But most of the "cheap" ones at the stores start at $600. Ones that appear cheaper are jacked up by shipping charges, sales tax, mail in rebates, or hidden charges. So when I saw a 1.6 ghz for a flat $400, I checked it out. With only 1 left, I snagged the ticket and brought it home. Before I opened it, I cruised the web, and wasn't able to find not 1 review about it. It's a Toshiba m55-s1001. Finally decided that it was the best deal I was bound to find, so I opened it and am typing this entry on it. Much nicer than siting upstairs in the heat! I watch The Last Samurai on it, and it played it smoothly. My old one was very choppy with videos. And skinnny! This new one is so small and barely weighs 5 lbs. Sweeeeet.

Gorilla and the missed.
Gorilla was what I had to dress up as for a telegram today. The MISSED refers to everything I was supposed to do today (the family is away for the day). I was supposed to work on continuing the fence, putting sealant on the kids monster fort, mowing the grass (but I ran outta gas), and changing the front brakes on the truck. Gonna have to get to the brakes soon. They are squeeking only slightly - but better safe than sorry.


  • At 6:09 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    A Milkshake sounds quite good about now. Haven't tried the Chic's new one yet but will this week! -Margie


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