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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The calming cow

Regarding other Blues brother songs - I'd have to say that Logan (or myself for that matter) isn't a real big BB fan. They're ok - but nothing wow for us. It just happens that the version of the "deer song" was performed by the BBs. The deer speaks an intro, and then sing various songs, like Rawhide, Friends in Low Places, LaGrange, On the Road Again, and Sweet Home Alabama.

I've blogged a while ago how, when Logan was a baby, I would calm him down by sitting on the porch swing with him. With Lance, this Walmart deer head is the trick. When he is overly fussy, one push of a button and he'll stop whatever tantrum he was involved in to stop and watch (sometimes even dance to ) the deer.
That damn deer may be the bestest $35 we spent, with regards to childrearing!

It was another hot day today. All this heat sucks!

At least when it was cold I could bundle the kids up and let them run around outside. As hot as it's been getting lately, we're pretty much limited to 15 minutes outside before having to come in for rest/drinks.

I've got a lot of projects planned - some arts and some home construction related. I'll post pics as we go along.


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