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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well, we have decided to enroll him in preskool. $365 a month! The wife is full for it, and I think I am too. Putting him in preskool will get him better socialized with other kids, and give Lance and I time to do things while he is at skool. One thing that sucks is that while the skool is open from 6am-6pm, they charge the same dollar amount whether or not you are there the full time or not. We aren't really looking for day care/after skool care. What we really wanted was something more acedemic oriented than just "daycare". We don't NEED daycare - we already have that (and then some). But my son is kinda screwed in that he has a "late in the year" bday. THis means that regardless of how smart him am (joke), he will automatically be put a grade behind due to his age. Back in Cleveland, (and back in the 1970's), I was able to take an "early entrance exam", which allowed me to skip kindergarten and go to first grade. I was always the baby of the class, regarding age, but in the top 3 in grades. In Va, they have decided not to allow early entry, and just make kids wait another year before starting skool (that sucks!). And here I was happy that we had the same astrological sign.

Lance has not yet turned 2, but has definitely entered into the "terrible" part of them. Temper tantrums , gettign pissy, throwing things when he deosn't get his name it. On the good foot, he has really taken to the swimming lessons and LOVES the water.

The new lawn mower is kicking much ass! I'm almost afraid to allow it near the older one, for fear it (the older one) may try to corrupt it. I tell ya, it incredible how much larger yoru yard can look when it is mowed.

Tomorow is Sunday - the wife and kids will float away to the inlaws, leaving me with some time on my hands to do absolutely NOTHING!! (or, more accurately - time to change the brakes on the truck - replace the remaining 4 plugs and wires on moms car, finish the wooden fence project, bla bla bla -


  • At 8:15 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    sounds like the way I do nothing.

  • At 2:02 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    Hey, according to my in-laws, I've been doing nothing for eight years!

  • At 8:59 AM, Anonymous chip said…

    hey, my wife and kids just yesterday floated away to the inlaws down your way. And I'm already thinking of how to use all my now-freed up time... should I put in a patio, or refinish the basement?

    As for preschool, we found that a few hours a week was great even though by that point my wife was at home full time with the kids. It gave her a breather, and/or one on one time with the other kid. And the kids met other kids who they are still friends with.

  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger KC said…

    I about fell out of my chair when you posted the price. Is that for 5 days a week and weekends too?


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