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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another neat learning happening

I just thought of another neat thing that happened today. Some random info follows that lead to making it a neat moment---

Each time to go past the eagles area at the zoo (they have 2 eagles), the boys love to see them. I started calling them "Glenn" and "Don", after the Eagles band (Glenn Frey and Don Henley).

Logan's favorite song right now is The Heat is On, by Glenn Frey. He thinks the song goes "I'm 3 years old" - and he is, so we sing it that way.

We found the video for "The Heat is On" on Youtube a few days ago.

Logan's other favorite song is "You spin me round, like a record " by 80's groupo Dead of Alive. Because of this song, Logan was introduced to actual records, and we play them on our stereo.

We bought a deer head from Walmart that moves and lipsinks "Rawhide"

Logan like RAWHIDE so much, I burned it to cd for him - the version by the Blues Brothers.

NOW THE GOOD STUFF: We are eating lunch at McDonalds today, and on the wall they have a display of musicians. They have a poster for an Eagles concert, with pictures of all the band members. Next to it, they have a frame containing a gold record, and a photo of the blues brothers.. Logan looked up and asked who those people were. People thought I was nuts, but I got up and started talking, and pointing to the pictures, and acting like it was learning time!

I reminded Logan of the links between the bird names and the band members names. And that one of them just happened to be Glenn Frey - AND that the blues brothers sang the "Deer song". It all tied together so nicely!! All those zoo visites with me calling the birds Don and Glenn - him asking for the Glenn Frey "3 years old" song, and all those times of singing Rawhide really paid off.

(I was going to explain how Don Henley had a song called the Boys of Summer, and that's what WE were - but I figue I'd save that for another day.)


  • At 6:58 AM, Blogger Steve said…

    80's songs live on forever. Nice tie in to all your explanations.

    LOVE the names of the eagels, btw. Not so excited on the deer head from Walmart, however. :)

  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Publisher, The Whited News said…

    I'm wondering if Logan likes any of the other Blues Brothers songs...perhaps "Shake Your Tailfeather" or "Minnie the Moocher"?

  • At 2:17 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    Have you played the Blues Brothers' "Rubber Biscuit" for your kids yet? Absolutely hilarious! Bow bow bow...


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