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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just Darth Lance and I

Yesterday, due to circumstances beyond my control, we weren't home when the MIL came by to pick up Logan for the day. She had called the day before, and it was all scheduled and everything, but shit just happened.

Anyways, she picked him up today (as a 'make up day'). That left Lance and I to hang out. We played a bit, then headed off to Chickfila for lunch. When we got back, he napped, and that gave me some time to catch up on some reading. A publisher had contacted me, and wanted me to read a book - then to submit a review on my blog. The topic was about Little League - something that I know almost nothign about, cept that little kids play baseball. FIguring that I had better catch up on the finer points of the sport that my son might soon be playing, I accepted the offer and have been plugging away at the book ever since. Fogive me, but I can't remember the name of the author or the book at the moment - but I promise to post them both shortly - as well as a review of the book. I get no bonus for ranting and raving about the book, so if I give it a good review it's not a disguised sales pitch.

Our family truck is out of commision (temporarily), pending an inspection by the DMV. (Department of Motor Vehicles). Something about the title being listed as a "salvaged" vehicle. The current tags expire tonight, and they won't issue new ones (or renew) until a DMV inspector looks the truck over and says that it's safe to drive. Oh, and they want $125 to remove SALVAGED from the title. It can make a big difference when we go to sell it, but personally I could give a hoot if they wrote "Nincompoop" in the title. As long as it gets us places and back - like playground, the club, Chichfila, and Walmart.

Being down to only one car tonight, I had to skip both dojos. I'm sure that'll be a big heartbreak to the aiki dojo. From comments on my martial arts blog, I get the impression that oine of em found the blog, and spread all the remarks around. I used that blog to rant and vent what I didn'[t like about the class. If something really pissed me off, or was minorly annoying - rather than cause any trouble the dojo, I'd bitch on my blog. Most things either solved themselves, or occured over and over again - meaning that it really would have been useless to say anything at the skool. I figured it was better to bitch on the web, than to cause an argument in class. And I said some pretty mean things - called people inflexible (physically AND mentally), described how I was embarassed or frustrated when I was working on one part of a technique, and was corrected on another part. You name it. I even vented about a clasmate that blew me off after I offered (for purchase at cost) him a uniform. It wasn't that he didn't want it - it was how he snapped "NO" when I bought up the subject. BUT, since everyone wants to act like the dojo is 5th grade, and is giving me the silent treatment, I can say that it's definitely more SHOW then TELL. If someone has issue with something I wriote, I don't mind at all being called on it. Friends say things all the time that other friends forgive them for. But TYPE it, and holy hell - might as well forget the entire last year that you spent making aquaintences.

At least some good has come of it. I was friends with a newcomer, who later started to strong arm his techniques for lack of skill. He tore apart other people in the dojo (verbally to me), about how unfriendly or stuck up, or forcefull they were, and how he didn't like to work with them. Man, he's in the cat bird seat now. Everyone's best friend. Now that they have me a a whipping boy, his status has risen from "Superficial, money seaking prick" to 'one of the gang".

As both my blogs are linked, I'm suprised that they haven't left comments on here yet. But Im sure it's coming.

I've often gotten compliments from people who say they admire how I write it "the way it is". I don't sugar coat anything - I seldom pull any punches - and bitch is I feel like bitching. Others have said how they are afraid that personal information would be avaliable to just anyone. It wasn't until this dojo cold shoulder (and those remarks from classmates on the other blog) that I began to feel a bit nervous. Now , not just anyone, but people who are pissed at me, have a free pass into my past. Into my life. There are already thing (non dojo related thing) that I've held back from posting - just because I dont' want it falling into the wrong hands.

Perhaps the lesson is :Watch what you type. Or maybe it's "Just tell people why they piss you off to their face - better than have them read it months later"


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