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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Join me - and together we can end this destructive conflict

Haven't been back to aikido since I walked out an hour early on Monday. Was planning on going tonight, but plans with the family take priority. As for the title above, the karate instructor has expressed his gratitude for all the times I've stepped forward to help out, teach class, etc - and has asked that I join him as an apprentice. This is very flattering, considering how highly decorated/ranked/respected he is amoung other respected martial artists. Until now, I have only attended for the samurai sword class, but came on other nights as needed.

I had been tryign to starts a childrens martial arts program with the local YMCA, but they pissed me off when they called me. The guy in charge (Brad Barnes) didn't even bother to red my email (chock full of questions). He called (instead of returnign my email), and treated me like I was bothering him. I asked about their martial arts programs - if they sought out teachers, or if teacher approached them, and this prick asks me if I wanted to know the schedule for the karate class. DUH! There's more to the conversation than just this, but I asked several questions that were ignored, and he seemed eager to get me off the phone. If the Y is going to be a prick about me offering my services for free, fuck em. I'll give my attention to the other martial arts group that already considers me a part of their family.

Anyways - Darth Logan has asked if he can go to the dojo with me on Thursday, so we'll go to the karate one, and blow off the aikido one for another night. I really like the aikido - Im leanring and feel challenged there. But if the students want to be assholes, and ttreat me like I'm a leper, there's no use me going very often.

Ya know, they thought had occured to me - it's a shame that I don't know anyone who would be interested (and could fit it in their schedule) to learn aikido with me. I'd LOVE to have a friend sign up, and partner EXCLUSIVELY with me. I only need 1 person to help me train. Have to see if anyone from the karate dojo wants to try out aikido for a month or so. Hell, at this point, I'd even pay for their tuition just to have someone to practice with.


  • At 9:45 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    I'd send him another email again with the questions outlined and request that he forward the answers over to your Secretary and cc them to you. (Find one, make up one, use wife's email addy.) Tell him you're going out of town for a convention or something. That way he won't call. Persistance is the key but yes... if you already have a place that is offering, jump on that too. I can't believe the Y is being such twits over it.

  • At 9:12 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    Oh Margaret, that is one of the best ideas I have read in a long time. Can I use it sometime?

  • At 4:50 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Of course Mike! Sometimes you have to play the professional for anyone to pay you any nevermind. They're always expecting a "Business Plan" or something along those lines.

    But Darth Daddio here, can't form a Business Plan if he first has questions.

    I do know the "Y" is non-profit and supports non-profit community ventures even religious oriented ones. Yet, I think they charge rent too! Darth Daddio, you can also contact another "Y" out of town and get some answers. Most rules should apply to all "Y's"

    Either way, if you dream it.. make it happen. Don't let the fact that this Goober at the "Y" isn't getting anything from his wife.. stand in the way. Roll him over.


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