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Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, that's it - period. No baby.

Got the official word from the wife today - with the arrival of her period, she has deduced that we are not pregnant.

So many other things I wanted to blog about - not to remember them, and try to make them interesting.

Darth Logan: Recently, he has been going thru a bit of a stingy phase. Mostly aimed at Darth Lance. He won't want something until baby brother picks it up, then he takes it (or makes some half ass attempt at trading, like: "Here, I get the nice toy and you get this shoe"). Some mourings he throws a fit just because he he doesn't want baby to wake up yet. For the most part, it's under control - but when it happens outta nowhere, it is really something to deal with.

Darth Lance: I swear, that little boy has grown up so much in just the past 3 months. Still not using words like he's "supposed to", but he's at least progressing in the right direction. At the table the other night, as we set a plate of food in front of him, he started saying "ka-chup". And whenever we go to Chickfila, he has to see the huge cow stand ups, and stats saying "MMmmm-ca" for "moo-cow".

THE FIRE: At the beginning of the year, I fell a tree in our backyard. It was a pretty decent sized one, and it's been sitting back there in a pile ever since. My chainsaw works ok for about 5 minutes, then won't cut worth a damn, even with a new chain. I need a new one.

Anyways, I've been whacking away at the tree with an axe, and created a rather inpressive bonfire to get rid of the wood. So far, it's been buring non-stop for 3 days. I'm glad no one has called the cops or the fire dept on me!

Today, I threw a BUNCH of dead grass and leaves on the fire, and the smoke poured up into the air like it was caramel. I saw it start, and said to Logan "Uhoh- if that blows our way, we're in trouble." He turns around and I hear "Oh SHIT! Dat lotta moke, da". I suppressed the irge to stop-drop-and roll with laughter long enough to correct his foul mouth. I said "We don't say that. Try 'Holy Schnitzle', to which he responded "Nah, I just say 'Holy smoke'.

Whatever works (and doesn't get us sent to the principals office)

Man, I tell ya, I'd have a better chance of getting laid in a convent than finding a practice partner recently. I took 2 weeks off because of my ankle (which still has a slight "tweak" at times, but has gotten much better). When I returned, I was treated like a leper. 1 yudansha (black belt) and some new guy were the only ones who would partner with me (out of a class of 8). The last class I attended, I got the cold shoulder from most everyone. No one offered to partner with me, people avoided even making eye contact with me. I black belt that I really like got pissy with me, out of nowhere, saying"What do I know? I don't know a damn thing". This was his response to me asking him if he felt I was doing the technique right. He was the guy I was appying it to. He SHOULD know if it felt right or not. He seemed in a bad mood - couldnt tell if what he said held some hidden clue as to what's going on in the dojo, or if he was just in a bad mood. But the next person he partnered with, he got all happy and laughing and playful. I don't get it.

KARATE: Now THIS , on the other hand, it going pretty damn well. The instructor (and all but one black belt) were going out of town, so I took over the Thrusday night class for one week (one class, actually). ALl the adults blew it off, but 9 younglings showed up. After allowing the other co-teaching black belt to try his way for about 20 minutes, I (asked) took over, and it as great! When I was done, these new students (most had only 3 classes under their belt) knew 3 stances, how to bow properly, a block, and how to count to 5 in japanese. Hate to blow my own horn, but I was amazed at how well it went. These are kids who usually run all over the place, or are busy playing in class, or not paying attention. I just wish the other instructors were there to see me work my magic. I even got compliments from the parents, that the kids had just changed their clothes, and were so excited about what they had learned in class.

One mom said " They were so excited - I asked them 'What did you learn tonight?', and she said 'I LEANRED TO COUNT!'"

Side note ( all the kids were between the ages of 4 and 10)

Well, I've got to go check on my fire - make sure it hasn't spread . Night all.


  • At 8:41 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Awww, I was hoping for a Princess Lea. Still trying here and no luck. The clock is ticking for we have 1 year and 3 weeks before we turn 40.


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