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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Back in 2003, when that dreadful Hulk movie was released, Hershey's made a 3 lb bottle of GREEN colored chocolate syrup avaliable in stores. One night, on our way over to a friends house ( we were to pick up desert), we snagged a bottle as ice cream topping. My buddy's kids loaded up their bowls with it, then bitched that they didn't want to eat it.

Anyways, Logan loves the Hulk - and some mournings, the only way to get him to drink his milk was to make "Hulk milk". Green chocolate milk. For over a year now, he's enjoyed Hulk Milk, but today I noticed that we are SERIOUSLY low on green chocolate syrup. They no longer make it, and not even Ebay has any for sale.

If anyone happens to see any (preferably unopened) for sale, please let me know.


  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Maybe some green food dye mixed with the Nestle Quik Vanilla dry mix? Just a suggestion. You should be able to save the Hulk container and clean it out well.

    In a separate container stir up a mixture of water and the Vanilla Quik mix to a syrupy consistancy and add drops of color until it "looks right". Then pour this into clean hulk container.

    If you have to change up all together you can always buy the strawberry and print out your own labeling to stick on there.

    Call it Bug Juice or The Juice of the Jedi Force. Use your imagination any which way from there.

    We have our own Nestle's "Oooo Oooo Juice." Don't ask because all I'm going to say is that it has something to do with monkeys.


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