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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last few hours

Sewer line is fixed - we can flush and wash now. A while back , we had a sink whole develope in the front yard. The city blew us off regarding fixing the underlying SEWER problem, which resulted in my front yard leaning to the right. I remedied that slightly last night, after I shoveled ALL the dirt that the crew left dugup, after they broke the pipe and went home. They had to bring in a dirt truck to fill the hole today.

First day of preschool went great for both boys.

We're all over the inlaws now, trying to get both boys to go to sleep. Im already dead tired - can only imagine how much my ass is gonna be dragging by 6:30am, when we have to give the hospital a warning call.

We've decided on the following names:

boy: Landon Gabriel
girl: Kylee Rayne (our original girl name from the very first pregnancy)

I'll keep you updated.....


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